5 Halloween Email Campaign Ideas to Hallo-win the Impressions this year

Halloween Email Campaign

Is your e-business ready to get spooky efficient? Every year there are many initiatives and promotions revolving around the celebration of Halloween. It is no longer just a matter of pumpkin carvings or ‘tricks or treats’ but also of a significant sales increase for retailers and e-businesses. When it comes to online holiday spending, Halloween is the third on the list for bringing in the most revenue behind Christmas and Easter. About 171 million Americans celebrated Halloween in 2016, a number that increases every year. Sending out a creative Halloween email campaign to help boost sales is one of the best ways to capture a shopper’s attention.

Before we get into the Halloween campaign ideas, we would like to reiterate the basics. Your Halloween email campaign should be:

  • To the point
  • Opt for a creative content
  • Personalized for your audience
  • A/B tested

1. Halloween Email Campaign Idea #1: Give your products a Spooky spin

Halloween-related marketing campaigns do not necessarily require selling costumes, party supplies or pumpkins. Let’s say you are selling candles online. A special Halloween email campaign can feature the ‘spooky scents and colors’ for the promotion of candles. The subject line should also be Halloween-ish – for example, ‘Create the perfect atmosphere for your spooky gatherings.’ Emails and products should be given a Halloween spin. This can be as simple as adding a spooky subject with some supporting copy and a Halloween-inspired image.

2. Halloween Email Campaign Idea #2: Be creative with your email subject lines

Be playful with your e-mail subject lines.  It’s a good opportunity to add in a few Halloween emoji rather than sticking to the traditional text. Be daring and throw in some goblins, spider webs. See what’s eye-catching and start progressing your strategy in that direction.  Remember that using emojis in your email subject lines can be a successful and attention-generating technique to increase your email open rates. It’s the first step towards getting more people engaging with your campaigns.

3. Halloween Email Campaign Idea #3: Make your Halloween email campaign more personal

Segmentation is the best way to achieve a more personalized email. Halloween requires its particular targeting criteria as it is celebrated differently based on age group, which means that purchase needs will also vary. In the past, Halloween was mainly aimed at children, but in recent years the situation has changed greatly. Nowadays, eCommerce vendors target both children and adult audiences. From Halloween party items to decorations, the ornaments on doors, walls, and curtains to the appropriate video games and pet costumes, there are many options of categorization. Your emails promoting children’s custom to a parent will vary significantly it was promoting Halloween masks for adults of course.

4. Halloween Email Campaign Idea #4: Embed Upselling & Cross-Selling in your marketing mix

Make the most of this Halloween by directing your consumers’ to consider complementary products. Offering more relevant products during this period to your customers and offering holiday bundle deals works well to increase your average cart value. If you’re looking for immediate benefits then upselling and cross-selling are always the best sales techniques that you should consider. If you’re using ContactPigeon, just remember to set up the product recommendations to promote Halloween themed product that goes together.

5. Halloween Email Campaign Idea #5: Ensure user-friendly Mobile experience

According to a study by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), an adult in the US spends approximately 2.8 hours daily browsing online with his/her mobile devices. Over the past 5 years, email opens on mobile have grown 30% to the point where they now dominate both desktop and webmail clients. It is a good idea, therefore, to optimize your Halloween email campaigns and all of your email campaigns generally, for the optimal mobile experience. This means shortened subject line (50 characters or less), write compelling preheader text and use images in your campaigns that are mobile responsive to fit on a small mobile screen. Finally, don’t forget to see a preview of what the email will look like across desktop and mobile before clicking “send”.

And last but not least, 3 fun Halloween Email templates to inspire your next campaigns!

3 scaringly good Halloween Email Campaign examples we’ve seen

Below, we’ve gathered 3 excellent examples from impressive Halloween email campaigns that we spotted and you could grab some inspiration from, for your future Halloween newsletters:

1. Liquor

Liquor’s Halloween Email Campaign example


ASOS Halloween email campaign example
ASOS Halloween email campaign example

3. New Look

newlook halloween email campaign example
New Look’s Halloween email campaign example

3 Free Halloween Email Templates for scaringly effective Campaigns

Below you can find the free Halloween email templates that are also included in all ContactPigeon’s plans, waiting to save you time and skyrocket your sales this Halloween.

Email Template #1: The Purple Monster

Start Editing In ContactPigeon (Required Account Login) | Download HTML

Halloween Email Campaign Design - Purple Monster
Halloween Email Campaign Design – Purple Monster

Email Template #2: Trick or Treat

Start Editing In ContactPigeon (Required Account Login) | Download HTML

Halloween Email Campaign - Trick or Treat
Halloween Email Campaign – Trick or Treat

Email Template #3: The Treat

Start Editing In ContactPigeon (Required Account Login) | Download HTML

Halloween Email Campaign - Treats
Halloween Email Campaign – Treats

10 fang-tastic Halloween Email subject lines for retailers to borrow

We’ve also prepared 10 creative Halloween subject lines to boost the open rates of your Halloween email marketing. Enjoy:

  1. Trick or Treat: X awesome Halloween sales
  2. Hallo-win a lot via our Halloween offers!
  3. Boo! Halloween deals are here!
  4. Z scaringly good Halloween deals just for you
  5. XX Hooky-Spooky offers till midnight
  6. Ghostly Greetings! [+offers]
  7. Y fang-tastic Halloween deals you should not miss
  8. Boo! That’s for you…
  9. ZZ Spell-tastic offers just for today
  10. These Halloween offers expire today….

Other useful Halloween Marketing resources for retailers

Good luck with your own Halloween Campaign!

We hope that with the above Halloween email marketing ideas you now have enough resources and insights about what works and what doesn’t to create your own effective Halloween Email campaign and totally crush it. You can also check some Halloween promotion ideas to get more inspiration. We would love to hear how your campaign performs with any of the ideas, write us back with your campaign metrics afterward. Good luck!

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