Optimizing omnichannel experiences with customer feedback: A guide for retailers

optimizing omnichannel experiences with customer feedback

Today’s customer expects a seamless omnichannel experience. According to Google research, omnichannel drives as much as 80% of store visits. But while many retailers understand its importance, many struggle with optimizing omnichannel experiences and turning them to their advantage. Some common issues may include the diversity of the customer base, the complexity of integrating an omnichannel approach, and the always-evolving customer preferences. Fortunately, simple tools such as customer feedback and data can help retailers improve omnichannel service delivery and attract and retain more customers. By collecting and analyzing feedback from their audience, retailers, and eCommerce professionals can leverage the learned insights

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Webinar: Unlocking Black Friday Success – Insights Across Retail Sectors

contactpigeon black friday webinar

UPDATE: Please note that registration is now closed due to capacity. Black Friday, Cyber Monday (BFCM for short), and the holiday period that follows are the Holy Grail of the retail and eCommerce sectors. While it marks the most profitable and busiest time of the year, retailers also face significant competitive and logistical challenges. To help navigate the turbulent waters of this stressful period, we’ve gathered three seasoned marketing experts, each representing a distinct retail sector – fashion, pharmacy, and maternity & children. In this engaging webinar, our panelists will share their predictions, invaluable lessons learned from past Black Friday

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Walmart Marketing Strategy: Decoding the Success of the US Multinational Retailer

walmart marketing strategy

The Walmart household name has made an enormous impact in the retail world of hypermarkets and experienced immense growth since its humble beginnings in 1962. Operating approximately 11,000 discount department and grocery stores, Walmart is the largest company by revenue worldwide, with almost US $570 billion annually and 2.2 million employees. The brand’s presence extends to numerous countries and various retail formats, like warehouse clubs, eCommerce websites, and supercenters. Without a doubt, these insane numbers and facts have made this retail Goliath a worthy candidate for a dedicated case study and a deep dive into the Walmart marketing strategy. By

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Black Friday Checklist: A 52-Spot Last-Minute Audit for Retailers

black friday checklist

There aren’t enough words to describe accurately the importance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday for retailers, and the last few years have proved it through and through. The fast-paced landscape of the retail and eCommerce industry is evolving day by day, and the challenges are never-ending. The only constant remaining untacked is that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most significant periods for the retail sector globally, and none of them misses out. Industry professionals, e-shop or physical store owners, and marketers are making significant adjustments and improvements to their business plans to prevent chaos from reigning. In

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Analyzing Lidl’s Marketing Strategy: How the Discount Supermarket Leader Scaled


The fierce competition in the FMCG world has brought forward many big brands that have achieved global awareness and continuous growth. One of the biggest names that have shown immense success for almost 100 years, with approximately 12,000 locations in 30 countries, is, of course, none other than Lidl. The household name has impacted the FMCG retail industry, and Lidl’s marketing strategy has skyrocketed the brand to unyielding success in Europe and in the United States. This article focuses on the key factors that made Lidl a leader in discount retailing, delving deep into exploring the brand’s journey through time.

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Shopify Success Stories: From Retail to eCommerce Triumph

shopify success stories

With over 4 million stores actively using the platform, Shopify has become one of the most popular ways for merchants to do business online. Retailers globally use Shopify to take their physical stores online and connect with customers. The site offers eCommerce solutions to all industries, including popular beauty brands like Coulourpop and Kylie Cosmetics. Owners of non-retail businesses are also leveraging Shopify to sell related merchandise online. To achieve success for your brand, use these Shopify success stories and strategies to launch a new store and sell items to customers across the globe. Table of Contents > 10 things

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Extended Reality in Retail: How XR is Evolving Customer Experience

extended reality

With the uptick in digital shopping, retailers have gotten creative in offering a full-service experience to customers. Many have achieved this by integrating extended reality into in-person and online shopping platforms. extended reality offers retailers a method to replicate popular facets of the in-person experience to online shoppers, and it helps make the in-person shopping experience more immersive. By adopting these tools, retailers can enhance customer service while keeping up with the competition. Table of Contents > The extended reality definition: What XR means > Benefits of using extended reality in customer engagement > Challenges and limitations of extended reality

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How to Use Zero and First-Party Data for Marketing Personalization in eCommerce

first party data

Brand loyalty is hard to come by, even harder to maintain, but so easy to be destroyed. The ever-changing environment of marketing and eCommerce has had a long-lasting battle with accumulating data in lawful and non-intrusive ways, given the scandals that have emerged from misconduct. Couple that with multiple regulations on a global scale, and it’s evident that marketers need to steer their ships to less volatile and turbulent waters. To achieve a tailor-made shopping journey and keep your customers close to you instead of turning them away, retailers need to respect their information and cater to their needs. Zero

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Direct Mail Marketing in Retail: Best Practices, Guide, and Mistakes to Avoid

direct mail marketing

Although email and SMS marketing campaigns make it easy to reach potential customers in a flash, there is still a benefit to including direct mail marketing as part of an omnichannel strategy. It’s an affordable way to reach potential customers in their homes and serves as a cost-effective alternative to digital outreach, which is becoming more expensive. Consumers still read direct mail, with 68% of millennials stating that they’ve read physical mailers from retailers. Therefore, this tried-and-true advertising channel is a must for retailers.  Table of Contents > What Is Direct Mail Marketing? > Direct Mail Marketing Metrics and KPIs > Advantages

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The Anatomy of The Perfect Campaign Performance Dashboard


An omnichannel marketing strategy is a must in today’s marketplace. But with the volume of marketing channels, business owners need data to make clever decisions. Using a campaign performance dashboard offers valuable insights into each campaign so business owners can leverage that to change their marketing strategy for increased success. With this information, a business owner can allocate resources to their most successful marketing channels and refine their messaging with each new campaign to best resonate with their target audience. A campaign performance dashboard presents valuable metrics in one location, saving time spent sifting through multiple analytics reports. It is

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GA4 Migration for eCommerce: A Comprehensive Guide for Successful Transition

GA4 Migration

We are in the final month until Google officially phases out Universal Analytics (UA). If you have yet to make plans for a GA4 migration of your eCommerce site, you risk losing valuable web insights after July 1st, 2023, when Google UA will stop collecting data. Furthermore, unlike the previous version, this migration isn’t quite straightforward since not all features of UA are present in GA4 and vice versa.  But fret not. There’s still time. This guide provides a practical step-by-step walk-through on migrating your eCommerce business to Google Analytics 4 to ensure a smooth transition. Table of Contents >What

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Future Retail in 2035: All the Retail Insights You Should Know

future retail insights

In the last few years, the world has faced volatile economic conditions, intense competition, and extreme turmoil, that have evolved customer shopping behavior into an ambient experience. Spanning and emerging digital, physical, virtual, and social platforms, 73% of shoppers anticipate brands to comprehend their uniqueness and needs. All these changes have made future retail less about consumers choosing which channel to engage, and more about retailers reaching customers in the places they spend their time. In hindsight, the key to these challenges has been adaptability, data-driven decision-making, and, of course, a keen eye for new emerging trends.  Table of Contents

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Gap Marketing Strategy: How the American Clothing Retailer Scaled to Over 3000 Stores

gap marketing strategy

The story of how Gap Inc., a leading global fashion retailer, took the world by storm is worth paying attention to. From its humble beginning, the company has attained impressive feats. However, it has also had its fair share of challenges. In 2021, the company recorded $16.7 billion in net sales, which represented a 21% increase from 2020 and a 2% growth from 2019 revenue. We explore the Gap marketing strategy that allowed the brand to penetrate different segments of the clothing market and achieve a widespread customer appeal. You will discover the strategies that made Gap the global fashion retail brand and

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20 Best Omnichannel Retailers and What You Can Learn From Them

best omnichannel retailers

Whether you’re looking at in-person customers who did research online before they came into the store or online customers who are shopping after receiving an SMS message about a sale, there’s a good chance that you already deal with omnichannel customer engagement. Harvard Business Review discovered that 73% of customers prefer shopping through multiple channels rather than one. Looking at the best omnichannel retailers can give your brand valuable insights into techniques and strategies to level up your omnichannel customer engagement. Let’s look at the 20 best omnichannel retailers and what you can learn from the strategies they employ. Table of

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The Body Shop Marketing Strategy: Disrupting the Beauty Industry Since 1976

body shop marketing strategy

The Body Shop International Limited is a British beauty brand specializing in cosmetics, skincare, and perfumeries, founded in 1976 by Dame Anita Roddick in Brighton, UK. Since then, The Body Shop marketing strategy hasn’t stopped challenging the world of the beauty industry, holding up the sector to high standards, and encouraging radical changes. It is no secret that the brand’s positioning in beauty and personal care was different from the start, and it was a critical factor in making it one of the most renowned companies with ~3000 stores worldwide in more than 65 countries. To fully understand the components

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Phygital Retail: What It Is and What You Need to Know

phygital retail

Although eCommerce is still strong, accounting for 21% of all retail sales in 2022, today’s shopper seeks an omnichannel experience. Many customers love the convenience of online shopping but also want the perks of an in-person experience, such as trying on the merchandise and seeing it in real life. To meet this need many brands are experimenting with phygital retail, a method of combining elements of the digital and in-person shopping experience, personalized to each customer. Retailers that once operated purely in the digital space now have physical stores in which customers can look, touch, and feel the product.  Even

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CMO Dashboard: KPIs, Key Components & Examples for the Perfect Template

cmo dashboard

In the digital marketing age, a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) juggles multiple tasks, tracking many marketing channels and outreach efforts. A CMO dashboard is valuable for monitoring dozens of campaigns across platforms and other crucial marketing activities. A robust dashboard gives CMOs all the data they need to determine which marketing channels are working and which may need attention. They don’t have to sift through multiple reports and piles of information to make marketing decisions, and they can create performance-based marketing strategies faster than ever. Table of Contents > FAQ to get an in-depth understanding of a CMO dashboard >

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Tommy Hilfiger Marketing Strategy: How the Fashion Retailer Evolved Into a Lifestyle Brand

tommy hilfiger marketing strategy

Founded in 1985, the Tommy Hilfiger name has been associated with the preppy lifestyle for almost four decades all over the globe, and, of course, this wasn’t by chance. What started as a line of men’s clothing has now grown into one of the most recognizable brands having 2000 stores in 100 countries. With 4.7 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2021 worldwide, the Tommy Hilfiger marketing strategy revolves around a brand-focused, digitally-led approach that has enabled this retail giant to stay competitive even in the most challenging times. This case study examines the disciplined marketing execution of the fashion

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