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Chatbot Best Practices for Omnichannel Retailers

chatbot best practices

Discover essential chatbot best practices for omnichannel retailers. Dive deep into strategies and refine your approach with these chatbot best practices.


Hyper-Personalization in Retail: Definition, Examples and Key Trends

hyper personalization in retail

Hyper-Personalization in Retail: A deep dive into the realm. Learn what it is, key trends and best practices to achieve retail hyper-personalization.


Creating the Best Abandoned Cart Email for Your Retail Venture

best abandoned cart email

All eCommerce retailers experience customers abandoning their carts before completing a transaction. It’s common for shoppers to change their minds midway through the checkout process. Although abandoned carts are frequent, they’re also costly...

75 Halloween statistics and facts every retailer should consider

halloween statistics

The spirit of Halloween should include bewitching themes, ghoulish vibes, jack-o’-lanterns, and costumes. But besides a fascinating and thrilling holiday, Halloween is also a very profitable event for retailers and eCommerce businesses. In 2022...

Optimizing omnichannel experiences with customer feedback: A guide for retailers

optimizing omnichannel experiences with customer feedback

Today’s customer expects a seamless omnichannel experience. According to Google research, omnichannel drives as much as 80% of store visits. But while many retailers understand its importance, many struggle with optimizing omnichannel...

Webinar: Unlocking Black Friday Success – Insights Across Retail Sectors

contactpigeon black friday webinar

Black Friday, Cyber Monday (BFCM for short), and the holiday period that follows are the Holy Grail of the retail and eCommerce sectors. While it marks the most profitable and busiest time of the year, retailers also face significant competitive...

Walmart Marketing Strategy: Decoding the Success of the US Multinational Retailer

walmart marketing strategy

The Walmart household name has made an enormous impact in the retail world of hypermarkets and experienced immense growth since its humble beginnings in 1962. Operating approximately 11,000 discount department and grocery stores, Walmart is the...

Black Friday Checklist: A 52-Spot Last-Minute Audit for Retailers

black friday checklist

There aren’t enough words to describe accurately the importance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday for retailers, and the last few years have proved it through and through. The fast-paced landscape of the retail and eCommerce industry is evolving...

Drip Marketing for Retailers: The Art of Nurturing Leads and Maximizing Customer Engagement

drip marketing

Discover the power of drip marketing, how to nurture leads and boost customer engagement. Explore how drip marketing is used by big retail brands here!


The Rise of Sustainable Retail: How Brands Can Embrace Eco-Friendly Practices

sustainable retail

Discover how brands can embrace eco-friendly practices and thrive in sustainable retail. Learn the challenges & solutions for sustainable retail here!


Analyzing Lidl’s Marketing Strategy: How the Discount Supermarket Leader Scaled


The fierce competition in the FMCG world has brought forward many big brands that have achieved global awareness and continuous growth. One of the biggest names that have shown immense success for almost 100 years, with approximately 12,000...

Shopify Success Stories: From Retail to eCommerce Triumph

shopify success stories

With over 4 million stores actively using the platform, Shopify has become one of the most popular ways for merchants to do business online. Retailers globally use Shopify to take their physical stores online and connect with customers. The site...

Extended Reality in Retail: How XR is Evolving Customer Experience

extended reality

With the uptick in digital shopping, retailers have gotten creative in offering a full-service experience to customers. Many have achieved this by integrating extended reality into in-person and online shopping platforms. extended reality offers...

How to Use Zero and First-Party Data for Marketing Personalization in eCommerce

first party data

Brand loyalty is hard to come by, even harder to maintain, but so easy to be destroyed. The ever-changing environment of marketing and eCommerce has had a long-lasting battle with accumulating data in lawful and non-intrusive ways, given the...

Direct Mail Marketing in Retail: Best Practices, Guide, and Mistakes to Avoid

direct mail marketing

Although email and SMS marketing campaigns make it easy to reach potential customers in a flash, there is still a benefit to including direct mail marketing as part of an omnichannel strategy. It’s an affordable way to reach potential customers...

The Anatomy of The Perfect Campaign Performance Dashboard


An omnichannel marketing strategy is a must in today’s marketplace. But with the volume of marketing channels, business owners need data to make clever decisions. Using a campaign performance dashboard offers valuable insights into each campaign...

GA4 Migration for eCommerce: A Comprehensive Guide for Successful Transition

GA4 Migration

We are in the final month until Google officially phases out Universal Analytics (UA). If you have yet to make plans for a GA4 migration of your eCommerce site, you risk losing valuable web insights after July 1st, 2023, when Google UA will stop...

Future Retail in 2035: All the Retail Insights You Should Know

future retail insights

In the last few years, the world has faced volatile economic conditions, intense competition, and extreme turmoil, that have evolved customer shopping behavior into an ambient experience. Spanning and emerging digital, physical, virtual, and...

Gap Marketing Strategy: How the American Clothing Retailer Scaled to Over 3000 Stores

gap marketing strategy

The story of how Gap Inc., a leading global fashion retailer, took the world by storm is worth paying attention to. From its humble beginning, the company has attained impressive feats. However, it has also had its fair share of...