A One-Of-A-Kind Customer Data Platform (CDP) for Retailers Has Arrived!

ContactPigeon product updates

Since day one at ContactPigeon we have been talking about the importance of having a single and comprehensive customer profile. We have done that by consolidating message interactions, web behaviors, and the entire eCommerce history of every customer with a retail brand individually. We have been doing this as a necessity to power your segments and your personalized messages, delivering conversion rates beyond any expectations. In the process, we collected troves of data, since the amount of touchpoints the platform collects on any customer is enormous. That is why it has always been high on our feature wishlist to add

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Webinar: Unlocking Black Friday Success – Insights Across Retail Sectors

contactpigeon black friday webinar

Black Friday, Cyber Monday (BFCM for short), and the holiday period that follows are the Holy Grail of the retail and eCommerce sectors. While it marks the most profitable and busiest time of the year, retailers also face significant competitive and logistical challenges. To help navigate the turbulent waters of this stressful period, we’ve gathered three seasoned marketing experts, each representing a distinct retail sector – fashion, pharmacy, and maternity & children. In this engaging webinar, our panelists will share their predictions, invaluable lessons learned from past Black Friday campaigns, and innovative strategies tailored to their respective industries. Get ready

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ContactPigeon’s Donation Project is Spreading Joy to the Children!

Every year, the Pigeons always aim to do something special for both our clients and the community. This time, we embarked on a significant project that was out of the ordinary. By combining our love for Christmas with our expertise in eCommerce and our desire to give back, we decided to donate gifts to children in need. Our goal was to bring smiles to the faces of our little friends, and we achieved it by teaming up with our clients to donate books and toys to Greek NGOs that specialize in helping children. Setting up our very own e-shop To

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Let’s Welcome Summer With A Big Splash!

welcoming summer

Summer is here, and you know how we like to stir the waters! We believe that summer is for swimming on sandy beaches and sipping refreshing cocktails, but the tireless Pigeons wanted to wish you a happy summer with new features and announcements, both as hot as the summer sun! Let’s learn together how to predict the gender of a subscriber and target with Instagram Ads in seconds.

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ContactPigeon partners with Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) for the second year in a row

aueb partnership contactpigeon

After last year’s successful collaboration between ContactPigeon and the Athens University of Economics and Business, the two organizations renewed their partnership for 2022. During the spring semester, the esteemed faculty of AUEB welcomed the Pigeons into their classrooms once again as our omnichannel customer engagement platform remains in the curriculum of the Marketing and Communications Department for the second year in a row. Students had the opportunity to explore our platform and use advanced marketing automation tools in their digital campaigns during the Digital Content & Omni-channel Marketing course.  Table of Contents > AUEB & ContactPigeon: Educating the students to

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Santa Claus brought a gift: Samaritan, the ContactPigeon Omnichannel Chat!

Samaritan, the Omnichannel Chat

As the year comes to a close, the Pigeons took a moment and decided to enter 2022 all guns blazing! By now, it is pretty much obvious that our nest is full of surprises and our work is never done. With that in mind, we celebrate the end of a challenging year, welcoming the new one with open arms, and a brand new feature we have been working on for most of 2021. Brimming with excitement, we wish to proudly announce the release of our new product, specifically designed for retailers of all sizes, Samaritan,  the ContactPigeon Omnichannel Chat.  What

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ContactPigeon at Xenia 2021 Hospitality Expo (Highlights)

xenia 2021

The highly anticipated Xenia 2021 Athens Hospitality Expo is a premium exhibition designed to showcase the leading and most important companies in the construction and supply market. The unexpected recovery of the Greek summer tourism after the Covid-19 crisis was all the more reason for this convention, as it brought a sense of optimism for the future of the industry. Moreover, this year’s Xenia expo was a significant occasion for ContactPigeon, since two executives were there, invited as guest speakers. Xenia Expo: One of the top hospitality exhibitions in the Mediterranean Xenia 2021 took place on 27 to 29 November at

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ContactPigeon recognized as a top brand by Superbrands and retained its nine accolades by G2

ContactPigeon wins Superbrands Status and G2 awards

After a successful summer, and a thriving Black Friday, we are thrilled to proudly announce that we were recognized as a top corporate brand by Superbrands Greece while retaining our nine G2 awards through Fall 2021!  We couldn’t be happier for this new distinction, so a big thank you is in order! Again! 😀 During the first few days of December, our brand claimed the “Superbrands Status” and was acknowledged, once more, as a top brand at the Business Superbrands Greece 2021-2022 Tribute Ceremony. Additionally, for the third consecutive quarter with a continuing high performance, we maintained our nine awards

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ContactPigeon wins nine awards by G2, thrice for High Performer


Everybody loves kind words and a pat on the back, but we really did not expect to be awarded nine times for Summer 2021 by G2, one of the most trusted peer-to-peer review software!!! A big thank you to all the people that made this happen 😀 Everybody knows and trusts G2 because it’s reliability lies in unbiased, real-time customer reviews, providing a database of verified testimonials on multiple operating systems and services. ContactPigeon’s Omnichannel Customer Engagement platform has received stellar reviews, both for its advanced features and the crown jewel of our company, our Customer Success Team. ContactPigeon is

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ContactPigeon partners with Athens University of Economics & Business to Bring Real-World Practices To Omnichannel Marketing

ContactPigeon Omnichannel Marketing Education

We are thrilled to announce that ContactPigeon Omnichannel Platform will be offered as part of the new digital marketing & communications curriculum at Athens University of Economics & Business. As digital marketing trends and technologies evolve rapidly, the traditional classroom teaching of marketing theories and concepts are no longer sufficient. In recent years, universities worldwide are renovating their marketing curriculum to include innovative new technologies and real-world projects to produce market-ready graduates. The department of Marketing and Communication at Athens University of Economics & Business recently overhauled its curriculum by introducing courses emphasizing Business Analytics and Digital Marketing. The new

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Acquire New Customers with ContactPigeon’s Facebook Ads

Introducing Facebook Ads Integration

We have always been advocating that one of the main pillars of a successful business is getting the customers to return, thus maximizing the lifetime value of every single customer. With ContactPigeon demonstrating outstanding results on website conversion we have supported this approach since day one. Of course, at the same time, we have been urging our clients to explore ways to increase the traffic to their site. After all, it’s all a numbers game. The more people visit your e-shop the more first-time customers you are going to get. Actually, if I had a dollar for every time a

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Introducing Predictive Insights with Real-Time Customer Predictions


It’s no secret that better insights to customers lend an edge to your marketing success. After all, who wouldn’t want to know each customer’s lifetime value (CLV) or when the next order will be? Every day, your online business generates a massive volume of data from a wide range of sources – online and offline – at a faster pace than you can interpret with traditional methods. The dataset is a treasure trove that’s waiting to be mined, and the only way to tackle it is through advanced data science.  That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of

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Introducing Direct Mail: A Modern Twist to the Age-old Messaging Channel

Direct Mail Postcards

At ContactPigeon, we love the thrill of getting a beautiful message, and in our quest for that feeling, we thought: “what’s more beautiful than an actual paper postcard that you can touch and admire all you want?” It will be a message that truly stands out in a mailbox full of bills. So, starting this month, we are excited to launch the Direct Mail postcards as an additional messaging channel for connecting with your customers. The only exception is that this message is delivered with actual pigeons (okay, postal offices, since we believe in animal rights)! What’s truly innovative is

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Introducing Personalized Mobile Messaging Campaigns

mobile messaging campaigns product update

We have a new year tradition at ContactPigeon, we kick off the year with brand new offerings (see 2018). So, Happy New Year with fully personalized and automated mobile messaging campaigns (including SMS/Viber/Whatsapp)! 🎇 Mobile messages make it easy to reach customers with real-time personalized updates when they are out of reach through email. This addition opens up a new messaging channel within the ContactPigeon platform and adds greater versatility to your campaign strategy when combined with our existing channels – email, push notification, pop-ups, etc. Let’s take a look at the mobile messaging feature in-depth and how you can set it

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Product Update: Enhanced Dashboard for Better Decision Making

Product update: Dashboard Enhancements

Terabytes of data, from website behavior stats to eCommerce transactions and campaign performance metrics, pass through retail businesses each day. Getting more out of the massive dataset to create a clear and compelling view of the metrics (KPIs) that matter is foundational to decision making for any enterprise. That’s why we decided to perform a major facelift to enhance our reporting capabilities through intuitive dashboards, as well as introducing new views, to help boost your marketing planning and execution. All the changes are live as of November, so you may have already noticed some of the enhanced dashboards within your

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Introducing the Wheel of Fortune and a new way to add advanced pop-up triggers in seconds

Spinwheel Pop-up Template

April showers bring May flowers. Here at the Pigeon nest, the spring bloom produced many new and nifty capabilities within ContactPigeon that make reaching and engaging with your target audience easier. Over the past couple of months, we have not only released many small (but super helpfull) changes to the interface of ContactPigeon, but also two new features for growing your contact lists. We proudly introduce one of the most requested features, the Wheel of Fortune template for pop-up and since we are on the topic the new pop-up conditions that give you more flexibility in engaging with your visitors.

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ContactPigeon Wins Superbrands Greece 2019

ContactPigeon wins Superbrand Greece

ContactPigeon is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious Corporate Superbrands 2018-19. Superbrands is an international institution established in 1995.  They are part of the world’s largest independent adjudicator of branding and prides themselves on commissioning independent research to identify each country’s exceptional corporate brands. Participation with Superbrands is by invitation only. Each year, Superbrands selects only the most outstanding companies in their field in each country to participate for the Superbrands Award. They have been rewarding companies in Greece for their commitment to outstanding quality, consistency and creating trustworthy brands since 2005. Consumers and suppliers worldwide look for the

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Grow Conversions with New Pop-up Triggers and Email Statistics for Lists

Product Update - Advanced Pop Up Triggers

Happy New Year! At the pigeon coop, we like to kick off 2019 with a bang, and this means rolling out shiny new features on our platform. This month we introduce two exciting features that are designed to increase your website and campaign conversion rates: Advanced Pop-up Triggers and Campaign Statistics for Lists. In this post, we will explain the changes that are already live in your ContactPigeon account and discuss situations where they come in handy for growth. Let’s get started! Table of Content Introducing an easy way to add more advanced Pop-up triggers 1. Based on the time

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ContactPigeon: 2018 In Review

New Year 2019

Happy New Year! 2018 turned out to be an amazing year of change and growth at ContactPigeon. We expect 2019 to be just as awesome, as we have already set our sights on conquering new frontiers in order to introduce even more features that enable meaningful connections between eCommerce businesses and their customers. As we welcome 2019, our team at ContactPigeon is excited for this opportunity to take a look back and share with you our many achievements of 2018, including our top milestones. We’ll let you in on the great lessons we have learned along the way. We also

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Email List Organization Made Easy with Folders and Favorites

December Product Update - List Folders

At ContactPigeon we take Christmas wishes really seriously. After all, we still believe in Santa Claus! ? This December we decided to bring on the Christmas spirit early by releasing a long requested feature, Email List Folders. This new enhancement is designed to make your list management and email marketing easy peasy. Chances are, you already have many lists in your account (an average ContactPigeon user loves to segment their customers), which is why we bet you’ll start believing that Santa takes the shape of ContactPigeon’s product team this year. So go ahead and create that extra segment variation, we’ve got you organized! 

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