A One-Of-A-Kind Customer Data Platform (CDP) for Retailers Has Arrived!

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Since day one at ContactPigeon we have been talking about the importance of having a single and comprehensive customer profile. We have done that by consolidating message interactions, web behaviors, and the entire eCommerce history of every customer with a retail brand individually.

We have been doing this as a necessity to power your segments and your personalized messages, delivering conversion rates beyond any expectations. In the process, we collected troves of data, since the amount of touchpoints the platform collects on any customer is enormous. That is why it has always been high on our feature wishlist to add an innovative way to access this trove of data for insight generation. Seeing that all our power users have been asking for it, we had to make their dream come true!

Dear user ________ we heard you loud and clear, everybody at ContactPigeon is proud to introduce our crown jewel, a CDP finally built with the retailer in mind. An AI-powered CDP that serves one primary purpose: to help you generate more revenue. 🙂

New challenges, new tools

The adoption of business intelligence (BI) and AI within the retail sector has surged in recent years, particularly in the realm of marketing. Their potential to automate tasks and decipher data has given rise to newfound inspiration, efficiency, and productivity. But, in tandem, they’ve also raised the stakes in the competitive landscape.

In response to these trends and challenges, ContactPigeon unveiled two game-changing features that aim to revolutionize the way you understand customer insights and content generation.

With our CDP and AI content assistant, we are delivering on our promise that data is ContactPigeon’s blood and AI will always be the very core of our platform.

Data is the new fuel of the digital economy

By incorporating the BI element into the ContactPigeon platform, we are ushering in a new era of data analytics, modeling, and visualization. The result? You gain access to advanced, centralized data analytics and visualization dashboards, built upon ContactPigeon’s entire dataset of your business.

ContactPigeon’s CDP tool is designed to provide businesses with an unmatched level of flexibility, precision, and control over their customer data. It enables you to harness data from various sources and tailor it to your specific needs, making it a powerful asset for enhancing your decision-making and marketing strategies.

In a nutshell, we help you “drill for oil” and reap the rewards of your discovery!

What makes ContactPigeon’s CDP stand out?

ContactPigeon’s CDP tool offers distinct advantages that set it apart in the market. Here are some key features that differentiate our solution:

No more data silos

You don’t have to do anything to combine data from your messaging, commerce, or even analytics platform anymore. Everything is there for you without time-consuming and error-prone implementations. Powered by Google’s BigQuery acting as a data warehouse, you have scalability, unlimited access, and the ability to take advantage of Google’s advanced AI tools simultaneously.

Built for eCommerce & retailers

Out of the box, ContactPigeon’s CDP tool is tailored to meet the specific needs of eCommerce operators and marketers. It comes equipped with comprehensive dashboards designed to provide insights into various aspects of your business. To name a few, these aspects include overall eCommerce performance, campaign performance (across both ad hoc campaigns and automated channels), web analytics, and customer clustering such as RFM. With ContactPigeon’s capability to capture live data from web streams, eCommerce transactions, and marketing campaigns, we stand alone as a CDP, offering a holistic understanding across your business’s various touchpoints.

We love both advanced users and developers as well

We know that there will always be a question that can not be answered from one of our pre-built dashboards. But we also value customizable data models & metrics! That is why our CDP offers a tech-friendly and flexible approach to creating SQL-based data models and explores. In other words, you now can create tailor-made data models that will match your exact specifications.

For instance, you have the freedom to define how to account for a customer’s return period or to track unique metrics not commonly used in your industry, such as the number of interactions before conversion. This level of customization empowers you to extract precise insights and all the information you need.

Time is valuable and fast responses are critical

Knowing when and how to act accounts for 50% of business success. Therefore, we made sure that our users can set up custom alerts based on essential KPIs, important to them. Combining this with scheduled reports, we ensure that our users are always well-informed and hold a competitive advantage.

RFM and ML-based clustering of customers

ContactPigeon analyzes customer profiles to determine and align them with the corresponding customer groups (e.g., Loyal customers). These helpful insights allow you to optimize your marketing strategy, including how to personalize your messages, or how to encourage repeat purchases. What is more, they can aid you define the frequency of your messages, the right time to engage, and many more. You can even use these insights for at-risk customers or segments, to design win-back, re-engagement campaigns and reduce churn. The magic not only lies in the ability to view and analyze the dashboard, but, rather, target those customers with the perfect message within minutes.

AI Content Assistant: Crafting compelling content with ease

We aim to maximize your available time for new ideas, recognizing that creating engaging content is an art, and it’s not always easy to strike the right chords. This is where ContactPigeon’s AI content assistant comes into play. It’s designed to alleviate the challenge of coming up with the perfect words and subject lines for your next email campaign.

In our latest October release, our very own AI content assistant has been incorporated into the email campaign editor. You can locate it directly beneath the subject line field and as a drag-and-drop text element within the main content editor. Go ahead, feel free to provide a prompt and the AI assistant will take over with automatically generated content.

While the email campaign marks the initial phase, our vision is seamlessly integrating AI content assistance across all channels, including mobile messaging (SMS/Viber/WhatsApp), Samaritan Chat, and beyond.

What’s special about the Pigeon AI Assistant?

ContactPigeon’s AI Assistant allows you to harness the power of the machine for content writing, providing a significant productivity boost to your marketing team. However, our AI assistant distinguishes itself in several ways.

Two exceptional AI models

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we’ve built in the flexibility to choose between two exceptional AI models: OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google Bard. Whether you prefer the natural conversation flow of ChatGPT or the data-driven insights of Google Bard, you’re in control.

For kicks, we suggest you test out both models initially and find the one that works best with your style.

Language is no barrier

In all likelihood, your business operates in a multilingual setting where your customers speak different languages. The AI assistant breaks the language barrier with ease, supporting any language input and output. This enables you to connect with your customers on a global scale seamlessly.

What’s next

We’re just scratching the surface of what CDP and AI can do for your marketing efforts, so stay tuned as we roll out these exciting updates. Get ready to experience the future of omnichannel customer engagement, powered by CDP and AI. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see how this innovation transforms your business.

At ContactPigeon, we’re excited to be part of your journey, and your feedback and insights continue to drive our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions. If you have questions or want to learn more about these major updates, feel free to contact your Customer Success Consultants or me personally.

In this ever-evolving landscape, staying innovative and engaged is paramount. Watch out for more, because we’re not stopping here!

George Mirotsos

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George Moirotsos, Co-founder & CEO of ContactPigeon. George oversees product innovation and roadmap development at ContactPigeon. Prior to founding the firm, George developed innovation systems in knowledge management & biomedical engineering. He studied Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Patras where he also was a member of the Applied Mechanics Laboratory team with his research being awarded a patent. He has been included twice in Fortune’s 40 under 40 list but what he feels especially proud of is leading teams that increase orders by double-digit for numerous companies through hyper-personalization. Currently, he enjoys living in Athens with his loving wife and 3 awsome kids! Follow George on LinkedIn.