ContactPigeon’s Donation Project is Spreading Joy to the Children!

Every year, the Pigeons always aim to do something special for both our clients and the community. This time, we embarked on a significant project that was out of the ordinary. By combining our love for Christmas with our expertise in eCommerce and our desire to give back, we decided to donate gifts to children in need. Our goal was to bring smiles to the faces of our little friends, and we achieved it by teaming up with our clients to donate books and toys to Greek NGOs that specialize in helping children.

Setting up our very own e-shop

To make this happen, the Pigeons put on their elves’ hats and spent several days tinkering away in their workshop (also known as the ContactPigeon platform). We used our landing page feature to build out a fully functional e-shop where our clients can pick and choose the gift they would like to donate to the kids, add the items as orders, and send it to the organization of their choosing!

Thanks to the generous contribution of AS Company and Psichogios Publications, we filled our e-shop with a fantastic selection of books and toys. We then collaborated with several esteemed Greek NGOs that work tirelessly to care for children. After much consideration, we decided to donate our gifts to SOS Children’s Villages, Hatzikyriakeio Foundation, The Hug Charitable Organization, Theophilos NGO, and Together for Children.

ContactPigeon’s festive e-shop – Home page

The next step was to inform our clients of this endeavor! We sent an email invite to ContactPigeon’s customers and close friends with a personalized key to access the e-shop. There, the visitors could browse and pick the desired gifts from a long list of products to add to their carts. Finally, at the checkout, they would choose the kids’ organization they preferred as gift recipients and complete their order along with a note of holiday wishes.

ContactPigeon’s festive e-shop – Category page

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Wrapping day!

After receiving all the online orders, the Pigeon elves made the purchase and waited patiently for all the orders to be delivered to the Nest.

Then, we transformed our office into Santa’s workshop and spent the day wrapping the gifts in shiny paper and bright ribbons. Finally, we made cheerful packages from the orders and included a postcard with greetings.

The Nest was full with hundreds of books and toys

Finally, done with all gift wrapping!

Delivering the gifts

The last chapter of this project was the difficult task of delivering over 300 orders and 2,000 items to their destinations! But there is nothing that cannot be achieved without teamwork, especially when we have such amazing clients!

Day 1: SOS Children’s Villages, Hatzikyriakeio Foundation, The Hug Charitable Organization, and Together for Children

The ContactPigeon and the Plaisio teams delivering gifts

The Plaisio family provided us with their delivery truck so that we could accomplish this feat. The Pigeons and the Plaisio teams loaded the truck and hand-delivered the donations to the organizations, spreading love, and joy to the kids!

Day 2: Theofilos NGO

ContactPigeon at Theofilos NGO

The last day included one final trip to Theofilos NGO, concluding this journey! The ContactPigeon team visited the organization to deliver the gifts and had the chance to discuss with its members.

Building a better future together

There’s nothing quite like seeing a child smile, and we’re absolutely ecstatic to have been able to bring joy to so many kids. At our company, we’re firm believers in the power of projects like this and are committed to supporting other organizations that do similar work. The impact is immeasurable, so we hope to encourage others to make a real difference and create the change they want to see in the world!

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