ContactPigeon partners with Athens University of Economics & Business to Bring Real-World Practices To Omnichannel Marketing

ContactPigeon Omnichannel Marketing Education

We are thrilled to announce that ContactPigeon Omnichannel Platform will be offered as part of the new digital marketing & communications curriculum at Athens University of Economics & Business.

As digital marketing trends and technologies evolve rapidly, the traditional classroom teaching of marketing theories and concepts are no longer sufficient. In recent years, universities worldwide are renovating their marketing curriculum to include innovative new technologies and real-world projects to produce market-ready graduates.

The department of Marketing and Communication at Athens University of Economics & Business recently overhauled its curriculum by introducing courses emphasizing Business Analytics and Digital Marketing. The new curriculum covers multichannel marketing, sentiment analysis, eCommerce, machine learning for predictive models, marketing analytics, and other topics highly relevant in today’s marketing toolkits.

“The knowledge gained in this course is as relevant as ever. Social distance measures and business lockdown have turned consumers to online transactions. Consumer habits have changed radically and shape the future behavior of the consumer accordingly. This course will be the springboard for a digital marketing career path for many of our students.”

Dimitris Drossos, Assistant Professor at the Department of Marketing and Communication of the Athens University of Economics and Business.

As part of the curriculum redesign, ContactPigeon will be adopted within the laboratory application for multichannel marketing. ContactPigeon is one of the leaders within the field of omnichannel customer engagements. The SaaS platform specializes in helping B2C businesses track, unify, predict, and respond to customer behaviors across various touchpoints within the entire customer lifecycle.

Interview from Marketing Week. Source (in Greek): Marketing Week Issue Nov 30, 2020

“It is important for us to have access to such platforms so that our students become familiar with data management, planning, implementation, and evaluation of multichannel marketing actions. We thank ContactPigeon for its participation in our educational process.”

Sergios Dimitriadis, Professor, and President of the Department of Marketing and Communication of the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Students will learn the platform functionalities and use them in the context of a marketing plan for existing small businesses. This process helps students take on a hands-on approach to planning, implementing, and evaluating multichannel marketing actions.

“The modern job market needs people with strong scientific backgrounds and sophisticated skills to design and perform complex and cross-channel marketing activities. In this light, the teaching of the ContactPigeon Omnichannel platform to university students is a milestone for us.

The structured training on our platform will allow them to use it for this very purpose, making them sought after in the market and offering added value to their employers of tomorrow. 

George Moirotsos, CEO, Co-founder ContactPigeon

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