The best 6 dynamic image generators for eCommerce

dynamic image generators

Quality product images are a key deciding factor for 93% of retail customers when considering the purchase of a product. Clearly, the way they visually represent the wares online — whether that’s through email marketing campaigns or in an online retail store — matters to customers. Dynamic images improve the online experience, allowing customers to have a complete view of products and feel more engaged in the buying process. This article takes a look at how that works, as well as some of the best dynamic image generators to use in 2022. 

What is a dynamic image? 

A dynamic image is an image that looks different depending on a specific input. This can be anything from email images that are personalized with customers’ names to interactive images that allow customers to see products from different angles when they click their cursor and drag the image in different directions. 

This is different from a GIF, which is a moving picture that is the same for everyone who looks at it. Dynamic images adapt to their environment in some way — either to people interacting with them or to input from computer algorithms — to provide a truly customized experience for consumers. 

How can a dynamic image be useful to an eCommerce retailer? 

The goal of a dynamic image is to give customers a more unique experience. Whether personalizing email newsletter content or allowing customers to see 360-degree views of products during their online shopping process, dynamic images take a company to the next level. 

Benefits of this include: 

  • Adapting product images to the needs of individual customers and allowing them to see the aspects of products they care about the most
  • Increasing personalization of newsletters and other customer communications
  • Ensuring a brand looks professional and tech-savvy
  • Catching the eyes of potential customers during advertising, thus generating new leads
  • Increasing conversion rates and product sales
  • Last but definitely not least, it improves customer engagement by being a more appealing image format.

Examples of how a dynamic image can skyrocket your marketing campaigns

the best dynamic image generators for eCommerce
Make your campaigns more interactive with the best dynamic image generators for eCommerce

Dynamic images are comprised of dynamic data that have the ability to alter the content according to the preferences of the user. Technically, dynamic image generators are easy-to-use platforms that will add flair to your marketing campaigns and attract the attention of your target audience. Their aim is to eliminate the need for coding skills, providing access to marketers or retailers that do not possess such complex skill sets. 

If you are wondering how can you integrate dynamic images and GIFS into your marketing campaigns, here are some propositions to get you started. Keep in mind that dynamic images are somewhat different from GIFS, so we included both options in the list below:  

Some use-cases where a dynamic image can be embedded:

  • Set up an automated marketing campaign with a limited time offer and embed a different image every day
  • Enrich the visuals of your abandoned cart pop-ups with dynamic images that promote hourly deals. Automate your dynamic image so it changes as time passes and encourage your visitors to indulge in your offer before it expires. 
  • Liven up your landing pages with customizable images that can be updated anytime
  • Broaden your push notifications with inspiring graphics
  • Enhance the appearance of your informative newsletters or your social media posts with dynamic images that reflect your brand’s personality

Some use-cases where a GIF can be embedded:

  • Give a funny touch to your campaigns with famous GIFS that have become memes and join the pop culture
  • Create segments with millennials or Gen Z subscribers and make your campaigns or your social media posts more attractive for the younger audiences 

The 6 best dynamic image generators of 2022 

Dynamic image generator #1: Pickapic

Pickapic Dynamic Image Generator
Pickapic Dynamic Image Generator

Pickapic is a dynamic image generator that focuses on creating high-quality email images that update based on the time of day. So, for example, if a customer opened their email in the morning, it might say, “Wake up with a cup of coffee from our café.” If they opened it in the afternoon, it might say, “Stop by our café on your lunch break!”


  • Key features
    • Images swap out based on time of day or day of the week
    • Easy to use, with quick drag-and-drop functionality — requires no technical knowledge to use
    • Integrates easily with many omnichannel customer engagement platforms, including ContactPigeon
  • Pricing: Free

Tommy Hilfiger Banner

Dynamic image generator #2: Chili Publish

Chili Publish is a managed cloud service that allows brands to convert static images into smart templates that their team can update easily without knowing any code. This allows brands to design ready-to-go images for their users.

Whether it’s a coupon saying when a product will arrive, allowing customers to put the date in themselves, or multiple images from the same angle in different colors that update when customers click the right color in their browser, Chili Publish gives brands the capabilities they need to take their online product images to the next level. 


  • Key features: 
    • Convert static images into templates
    • Let users create images directly in their browsers based on a set of criteria
    • Automate the design process and generate artwork
  • Pricing: Tiered for different levels. 

Dynamic image generator #3: Memento 360

Memento360 Dynamic Image Generator

This brand allows companies to take 360-degree images, created from panoramic cameras or drones, and turn them into clickable 360-degree dynamic images. Whether a brand is looking to create a virtual tour of a space or showcase multiple angles of a product at the same time, Memento 360 is a great choice. 


  • Key features: 
    • Converts existing panoramic images into clickable dynamic images
    • Allows brands to embed text in images 
    • Ability to annotate content for other team members
  • Pricing: Free trial, followed by pricing plans that scale up to $15/month

Dynamic image generator #4: Sirv

Sirv Dynamic Image Generator

Sirv is an image management and manipulation system. They specialize in taking single product images and turning them into responsive images that adjust in size based on the user’s screen size. This improves mobile optimization and makes a brand’s website load faster for all users. 

Additionally, Sirv can create 360-degree product viewers that work on every screen, and zoomable images that allow customers to get more detailed views of a company’s products. From the comfort of their homes, customers can interact with products just like they would in a store, spinning them and looking closely at the details before making a decision about whether to buy. 


  • Key features
    • Responsive images that work on both desktop and mobile platforms, resizing based on a user’s screen
    • Integrations with many hosts, including WordPress and Shopify
    • Image optimization and resizing
    • 360-degree clickable product images
    • Zoomable images
  • Pricing: Scaling, starting with a free plan and increasing to in price based on the amount of storage needed

Dynamic image generator #5: Looklet

Looklet Dynamic Image Generator
Looklet Dynamic Image Generator

Marketed specifically toward eCommerce retailers in the fashion industry, Looklet allows brands to save money on generating images by letting them shoot photos once. Companies can take pictures of their products in front of a green screen. Then, Looklet’s dynamic process allows the company to showcase those garments on over 70 models in different poses, all without needing to hire the models themselves or set up large-scale photoshoots. Brands benefit from the numerous models Looklet has available, allowing them to show their customers what the clothes would look like on similar body types.  


  • Key features: 
    • Dynamic fashion images
    • Ability to photograph garments once and see them on multiple models
    • An easy way for small businesses to produce high-end fashion photos
  • Pricing: Available after consultation with their team

Dynamic image generator #6: Genially

Genially Dynamic Image Generator
Genially Dynamic Image Generator

Genially takes static images and converts them into images with which customers can interact. Brands can add layers of information and stack text, video, audio, and more within the image they submit. This can allow companies to provide their customers with a variety of options. Genially is there to provide creative solutions to a brand’s dynamic image dreams; whether they want to be able to give an interactive map of their store, advertisements that customers can investigate to learn more about products, or email newsletters with interactive videos,

Their platform allows the user to create interactive images by adding interactive points onto the images and determining what happens when users click those points. No coding is required to become a dynamic image creator with them. 


  • Key features
    • Converts static images into interactive images
    • Gives users full control of how images can be interacted with
    • Requires no coding to use
  • Pricing: 

  • Starting at Free Forever plans
  • Professional plans go up to $80/month

Dynamic images add value to the customer journey

Dynamic image generators can offer various advantages for eCommerce businesses that wish to up the ante. They can be used as attention-grabbers, stimulating customers’ imaginations and engagement as they shop to create a better overall experience within an eCommerce site. In eCommerce advertising, they also work to draw the eyes of potential customers and increase lead generation and click-through rates. 

ContactPigeon is a dynamic omnichannel customer engagement solution uniquely built for the retail industry. We know how to use dynamic image generation to meet the expectations and needs of today’s customers. Contact us today to book a free 30-minute consultation call to automate both your marketing campaigns and your images. 

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