Retail Week Live 2024: Why You Should Not Miss It


To succeed in eCommerce and the retail industry, business owners need to stay on top of consumer trends, keeping an eye on the industry’s pulse. In the UK, there is no better way to do so than by attending Retail Week Live 2023 from March 28-29 at the Intercontinental Hotel O2 in London. Presented by Retail Week, this event offers eCommerce professionals the chance to connect with their peers and learn about the trends and issues shaping the industry. They can take home insights and best practices to help them level up their businesses throughout the upcoming year.

Retail Week Live 2023: Read all the essential information

Retail Week Live 2023 offers the UK’s eCommerce retailers a wealth of information to improve their sites and appeal to more customers. Below, we have gathered all there is to know about this year’s event. 

What is Retail Week Live 2023?

Retail Week Live 2023 is a convening of industry experts, retailers, insiders, and more, that share information on the state of the industry and develop new solutions. The event was created over 35 years ago and has transformed into a retail event that attracts experts who shape, challenge, and even change the landscape.

Retail Week 2023 awards

Since the first Retail Week Awards in 1995, this honor has been given to the industry’s best and brightest. Past winners, among others, include people from Salesforce, Marks & Spencer, and the Co-Op. This year’s shortlist involves an array of retailers, from Currys to Sainsbury’s. Awards are granted in multiple categories, such as the SAS Customer Experience Game Changer, The Salesforce Responsible Retailer, Grocer of the Year, Specialty Retailer of the Year, and many others.

What is the program of Retail Week Live 2023?


This year’s event includes a number of exciting topics, featuring multiple keynote speakers who offer their take on how to tackle upcoming issues in retail. The 2023 conference will cover aspects of creating company culture, building community, the current state of the global economy, omnichannel retailing, and consumer insights.

Through the Young Minds portion of the program, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with Gen Z and Generation Alpha to learn what appeals to them.

Retail Week 2023: Discover the speakers

No gathering of the best of the best in retail would be complete without a roster of compelling speakers. This year’s Retail Week Live 2023 speakers range from some of the most seasoned professionals in the industry to new faces shaping the future of eCommerce and retail. 

Attendees can gain valuable insights from these speakers: 

  • Ken Murphy, CEO, Tesco
  • Zoe Allen, Personalization and CRO Lead, Decathlon
  • Aron Gelbard, Co-Founder and CEO, Bloom & Wild
  • Afua Hagan, Journalist, and Broadcaster
  • Hanna Ngakane, Strategic Partner, Creators, Pinterest
  • John Mindinhall, Head of Data Science for Retail, Marks & Spencer
  • Adese Okojie, Founder, Black Women in HR
  • Moses Rashid, Founder, and CEO, The Edit LDN
  • Paul Wilkinson, Group Product Manager, Deliveroo
  • Lisa Byfield-Green, Data and Insights Director, Retail Week
  • Shehnaaz Cheina, Senior Director, eCommerce Development, Lego
  • Seb James, CEO, Boots
  • Kertu Inkeroinen, Marketing Director, Lucky Saint
  • Kristy Keoghan, Global General Manager of Fashion, eBay
  • Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, UK, Ogilvy

Young Minds

  • Grace Beverly, Founder, and CEO, TALA
  • Harry Lloyd, Talent Acquisition and DEI Assistant, Billion Dollar Boy
  • Shomi Williams, Founder, and Psychological Therapist, Lafiya Health
  • Kyle Frank, Founder, and Formulator, Frank’s Remedies
  • Albert Marealle, Social Media Coordinator and Graphic Designer, hundo

What are the ticket prices? 

Retail Week Live 2023 is an investment for forward-thinking retailers and business owners who want to broaden their knowledge base and rethink how they do business. Tickets start at £1,194 for retailers and £2,640 for non-retailers.

Register for Retail Week Live 2023


The Retail Week Live 2023 registration process is easy. Anyone who wants to attend can visit the Retail Week 2023 website and click on “Book Tickets.” There, they will have the option to choose retailer or non-retailer and select a ticket package.

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Become a sponsor of Retail Week Live 2023

Because this event is well-attended, Retail Week Live 2023 sponsors get increased visibility for their brand. They can also network with other professionals and highlight the elements that make their brand unique. Interested retailers should download the sponsorship package to find the deals that will work best for them.

Content zones: An opportunity for networking

Retail Week Live 2023 is not a retail expo but a gathering of professionals in the retail industry designed to inspire and educate. This year’s event focuses on content and unparalleled engagement opportunities. Attendees can gain insight into what they are doing well in their business and generate ideas for improving it.

One such opportunity exists in the content zones. These unique networking opportunities allow attendees to mingle with experts in many topics like tech, consumer insights, and business management.

Is there another Retail Week Besides the UK? 

Retailers who didn’t get the UK event on their radar before March can attend another omnichannel retail event in Paris. This event is happening from September 19-21 at the Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition center.

Why a retailer should not miss Retail Week Live 2023

Retail Week Live 2023 offers retail professionals insights they couldn’t get through ordinary channels. Whether they try to improve their business or want to stay at the top of their game, they may hire consultants to analyze their shops and collaborate on new ideas. Yet, by attending Retail Week 2023, they can skip the consultant and access all this information in one place. 

Hear unique consumer perspectives

This year’s event features different panels on consumer perspectives, including speakers featured as the best Young Minds. Retailers who want to learn new ways to connect with upcoming customer bases can ask questions and receive honest answers. 

Learn how retail is shifting post-pandemic

Plenty of fleeting and permanent trends emerged following pandemic-related lockdowns. As a retailer, it’s tricky to navigate where business is shifting back to pre-pandemic norms and which changes customers have come to expect going forward.

Learn about new tech before it becomes a trend

Along with technology content zones, Retail Week Live 2023 lets attendees sit in on pitches to discover up-and-coming tech. At this retail conference session, they can learn how new tech can improve their business. They can also offer suggestions to developers about how to tailor tech to the intricacies of retail.  

Learn how to attract talent

Many retail events focus on selling and how to attract more customers. Retail Week London offers sessions about refining business practices to attract and retain the best employees. The professionals at Retail Week understand how a company’s employees drive customers through the door. So, they share tips on how to build a workplace culture in which people want to work.

How to get well prepared for Retail Week Live 2023


Proper preparation is essential for getting the most out of retail conferences in 2023. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of the event.

Step 1: Scan the list of speakers and highlight those most relevant to your industry

eCommerce and retail, in general, is a broad industry. What works for retailers in the grocery sector may not work for those selling furniture and home décor. Before booking sessions, look through the entire program to locate speakers most relevant to your business. This way, you can avoid registering for a session that conflicts with one that would be more beneficial.

Step 2: Make a detailed plan for each day

Once you’ve identified relevant speakers, find out when their keynote is and book your sessions. Save time for panels and networking sessions. Keep your personal preferences in mind as well. If you know you’ll need time to unwind between sessions, don’t pack your day with back-to-back sessions. Take some time to eat and prepare before heading to the next one.

Step 3: Book early

By booking early, you have more options to attend sessions. Popular speakers fill up quickly, and by registering early, you will get the chance to get a spot. Many retail conferences in the UK also offer discounts for early registration, so you get a wide-open schedule and the opportunity to save some money.

Step 4: Order business cards


At Retail Week 2023, you can network with plenty of people, so you don’t want to run out of cards. Ensure your contact information is up-to-date, and come prepared with enough cards to pass out to anyone you meet.

Step 5: Manage your digital presence

Even though you’ll be handing out business cards, people will likely seek you out online. Before attending Retail Week Live 2023, check your eCommerce site to reassure that it’s working. You can also set up a landing page for new leads to track them more easily. Also, update LinkedIn and other social media pages to make the best impression on the people you meet.

Step 6: Be prepared

If you’re among the people who prefer to take notes on paper, ensure you have enough room in your notebook for each session. If you want to record a session, remember to bring chargers for your phone and free up some memory to store your recordings. If you also want to participate in social media during the conference, connect to the Wi-Fi early to avoid trying to set it up while someone is talking.

Step 9: Follow up

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the best UK retail conferences and then return to the swing of everyday life without acting on what you’ve learned. Before heading to the convention, clear your schedule and book some time to follow up with people you met at Retail Week Live.

Retail Week Live 2022: The highlights

If you don’t know what to expect from Retail Week Live 2023, here are some highlights of the 2022 event.

  • The 2022 event offered attendees advice for navigating the changing post-pandemic landscape.
  • Speakers offered advice on how to connect with customers and keep them happy.
  • Speakers discussed the 2022 Great Resignation and explained how retailers and tech companies who power them could navigate this challenge.
  • Attendees got to kick up their heels at a relaxed networking event. 
  • Multiple tech companies showcased their new developments.
  • Retail professionals were energized and could find new ideas for their businesses. 
  • Speakers spoke about how to work together with suppliers to create a seamless customer experience. 

Retail Week Live 2023 won’t disappoint you

If we haven’t enticed you to come yet, know that Retail Week Live 2023 has much to offer. Taking time away from your schedule to learn about new developments in retail gives you the chance to reinvigorate your passion. Whether you’re a retailer, a supplier, or a person developing the tech that shapes the industry, Retail Week Live 2023 allows you to connect with like-minded people and generate new ideas for your business.

You will have the chance to meet future leaders moving the industry forward while interacting directly with the younger generation and applying their insights to your company. All in all, at Retail Week Live 2023, you will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn aspects of the business and ways to succeed that you may have never considered before. 

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