ContactPigeon partners with Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) for the second year in a row

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After last year’s successful collaboration between ContactPigeon and the Athens University of Economics and Business, the two organizations renewed their partnership for 2022. During the spring semester, the esteemed faculty of AUEB welcomed the Pigeons into their classrooms once again as our omnichannel customer engagement platform remains in the curriculum of the Marketing and Communications Department for the second year in a row. Students had the opportunity to explore our platform and use advanced marketing automation tools in their digital campaigns during the Digital Content & Omni-channel Marketing course. 

AUEB & ContactPigeon: Educating the students to go omnichannel 

Mr. Sergios Dimitriadis, Professor at Athens University of Economics and Business, with Marketing Associate Elina Kremenioti, CST Team Leaders Valentini Politi and Isidora Levanti, and Customer Customer Consultant Dimitra Drouka.

As marketing practices change, the need for modern strategies increases exponentially, and adapting to fast-paced environments is crucial for everyone. Academia could not fall behind on current events, since a strong educational background is what makes a future candidate stand out. Creating opportunities and shaping future generations is what any highly acclaimed institution should focus on providing for its students. 

At ContactPigeon, we recognize the importance of combining practical experience with a theoretical approach and place great emphasis on what education can achieve. Thus, we couldn’t be prouder that our omnichannel customer engagement platform remains a teachable subject in the corpus of the Marketing and Communications Department at the Athens University of Economics and Business. 

The Courses

Mr. Nikos Kyrezis, Communication Manager at Athens University of Economics and Business, with CST Team Leaders Valentini Politi and Isidora Levanti, and Customer Success Consultant Dimitra Drouka.

The undergraduates of the department, in the spring semester, learned how to interact with our omnichannel customer engagement platform on a demo account. Although last semester the core of the course was mainly directed around bulk email campaigns and pop-ups, this time the fourth year students got to know the capabilities of the entire platform. 

Our Customer Success Team Leaders and Consultants walked the scholars through every feature and channel. To fully grasp the omnichannel experience, our team explained how to build an email campaign, insert new lists in the platforms, design complex automations, and launch campaigns through a variety of channels (on-site retargeting, push notifications, Facebook sync, SMS/Viber). 

Additionally, the collaboration between ContactPigeon and the Marketing and Communications Department has borne fruit in such a short amount of time. The endeavor has received positive feedback from the students, as they are eager to absorb all the new information with regards to ContactPigeon’s customer engagement best practices and apply them in their workshops. The scholars have gained valuable insights into data monitoring and management and we remain positive that their future careers will forge a brand new path in the marketing industry. 


“The modern job market needs people with strong scientific backgrounds and sophisticated skills to design and perform complex and cross-channel marketing activities. In this light, the teaching of the ContactPigeon Omnichannel platform to the AUEB students is a milestone for us.

The structured training on our platform will allow them to use it for this very purpose, making them sought after in the market and offering added value to the employers of tomorrow. 

George Moirotsos, CEO, Co-founder ContactPigeon

Key Insights 

The ContactPigeon mentality lies in constructive criticism, so we asked the students to evaluate the material and provide feedback on the presentation of the platform. 

  • 8 out of 10 of the students stated that the content of the course was useful and interesting.
  • 6 out of 10 of the scholars found the material organized, comprehensible, and the overall quality of the presentation satisfactory.
  • Over half of the undergraduates wished for more time, information, and extensive training. 
  • The majority of the teaching class replied that they would be interested in using ContactPigeon’s platform in their future career. 
  • Every person acknowledged the significance of an omnichannel customer engagement strategy in the eCommerce industry. 

Lastly, the fourth-year students stated that an omnichannel approach can have tremendous benefits for a brand, and every business owner or marketer needs to make improvements in order to achieve maximum results. Executives have to familiarize themselves with new technologies and trends in order to achieve a unified customer profile for greater conversion and retention rates. 

The Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) 

History of AUEB

The Athens University of Economics and Business was founded in 1920, it is located in the center of Athens, on Patision Street and it is the oldest university in Greece in the fields of Economics and Business. Its first name was Athens School of Commercial Studies and in 1926 AUEB was renamed to what we all know today. At first, it started as an establishment for the Merchant Academy in Athens and until 1955 the only degree offered was dedicated to economics and commerce. 

From 1955 onwards, the university expanded to two general fields offering a degree in economics as well as business administration. In the 80s AUEB added a third field of study, the Department of Statistics and Business Informatics. Currently, it consists of eight academic departments and degrees, 28 master’s programs, and a similar number of PhDs. 

Global Rankings of AUEB 

AUEB has an acceptance rate of 1,800 undergraduate students and 1,200 postgraduate students per year, ranking in the 35th place among the best business schools in Europe with a 53.1 overall score. 

Internationally, AUEB’s econometrics field ranks in 48th place, according to the Journal of Econometrics Theory. Lastly, the AUEB MBA International Program is certified and acknowledged by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and ranks amongst the top 20 MBA programs in Europe and the top 50 globally. 

The Classes of AUEB 

The Athens University of Economics and Business consists of three Schools: the School of Business, the School of Economics, and the School of Informatics. The School of Business has four separate departments, the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Marketing and Communication, the Department of Accounting and Finance, and the Department of Management Science and Technology. 

As far as the School of Economics is concerned it comprises two departments, the Department of Economics and the Department of International and European Economic Studies. Last but not least, the School of Informatics includes the Department of Informatics and the Department of Statistics. 

The Omnichannel future lies both in theory and practice

eCommerce has acknowledged tremendous growth, and introducing a variety of new marketing trends has evolved in new, exciting ways. ContactPigeon, fully aware of these aspects, offered its expertise without thinking twice, willing to impart its knowledge to the young minds that will succeed us and live up to the challenge of never-ending competition and constant change. 

Our team takes pride in what it does, and always aspiring to serve academic excellence, we are strong advocates of nurturing tech-savvy, capable individuals that will take the reigns in tomorrow’s marketing practices. We would like to thank once again the members and faculty of the Athens University of Economics and Business for this great honor, and we couldn’t be happier about this meaningful collaboration between the two institutions.  


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