Let’s Welcome Summer With A Big Splash!

welcoming summer

Summer is here, and you know how we like to stir the waters! We believe that summer is for swimming on sandy beaches and sipping refreshing cocktails, but the tireless Pigeons wanted to wish you a happy summer with new features and announcements, both as hot as the summer sun!

Product Updates

Let’s kick it up a notch with the latest product updates:

Predictive Gender is here to change how you welcome new subscribers

Example of an automated workflow. The flow will send different promotional campaigns based on the predicted gender of each subscriber. To make the automation more complex, you can add conditions such as that, after 10 days, if the new subscribers haven’t made a purchase, they will receive a product recommendation campaign.

Machine Learning is our cup of tea, and we like to make the most of it. So we were wondering what is the most basic segmentation challenge that data can help us solve before summer? Gender prediction based on name and email address seemed like a great challenge. So, after analyzing 245.030 unique names and hundreds of millions of email addresses, we had a eureka moment!!!

We are proud to say that now you can connect with your newcomers immediately and make them feel welcome right away! With our latest product release, you can create advanced automated flows with gender-based personalized content and increase your conversions right off the bat!

After all, it’s a sure way to increase your click-to-open rates and convert new leads, since different genders respond to different products and have different shopping habits. Engaging your newly acquired subscribers with personalized content that addresses their individual needs will automatically alter the way you communicate with your audiences! Lastly, apart from designing cutting-edge automations that can be targeted to each gender specifically, you can use our new product update for deeper segments.

Just a few ideas:

  • Have a different welcome series for men and women.

  • Show a product collection with products from the relevant category based on gender.

  • Use gender-friendly designs in your campaigns (e.g. show a hero image with a woman or a man according to the predicted gender).

  • Also, a heads-up! I really love my wife and I never miss a chance to buy her a gift that is perfect for her, so keep in mind that many people do that for their loved ones as well. Therefore, perhaps don’t go too heavy on gender-specific content and include a few products for the opposite gender as well. 😉

Embed videos in your emails and surprise your subscribers

You can now find our newest addition in your Campaign Editor!

Numbers show that marketers who use videos are growing their revenue 49% faster compared to brands that omit them. Moreover, adding videos will improve your conversion rates by 34%, with 84% of marketers stating that their leads have significantly increased.  Lastly, 64% of customers are likely to complete their purchases after watching a branded video.

That’s probably the reason why one of our beloved clients kept asking for this feature almost since the first day they’ve been working with us. And of course, besides being grateful for his feature request, we could not be happier with his message, acknowledging our work (screenshot of his email in Greek).

We are always eager to receive your feedback, and we value our customers’ opinions!

So go ahead! Embed YouTube videos -or even hosted mp4 files- in your email campaigns to liven up your newsletters and give them a fresh look! The new element is already up for use inside ContactPigeon’s campaign editor, ready to spice things up! 

A few facts. With videos, you can boost your customer engagement by 41%, and surprisingly enough, even adding the word “video” in your subject line increases open rates by 6%. If you are still not convinced, we have included some more interesting statistics for you

Instagram is our/your new channel!

Run your social media ads directly from ContactPigeon’s omnichannel platform!

The new king of advertising is Instagram and of course, we could not ignore that our users needed easy access to those 800+ million Instagram subscribers, with 81% of them taking advantage of the platform to research products or services, and 130 million clicking on shopping ads each month. As our customers have told us, these figures make adding Instagram to our marketing channels a no-brainer. 

And everybody knows, that when our clients need something, we are here to deliver. Thus, as of today, you can create, run and monitor your Instagram Ads directly from our platform. Save time, energy, and resources, while reducing bottlenecks and loss of information from shifting through different platforms. Just switch on the Instagram channel when creating a campaign, and you are ready to go!

The Pigeons love flying around!

And now for some juicy news: The Pigeons like to wander around, so here’s a sneak peek of their newest adventures.

Setting up offices in Bulgaria!

Having quite a few clients in Bulgaria gave us the unique opportunity to learn more about the people of this great country. Furthermore, considering that Athens-Sofia is just an hour-long flight, we could not go any longer without a local team advocating for our omnichannel dream.

After all, despite these challenging times, our presence in Bulgaria is getting stronger day by day, with numerous accounts and clients. Not to mention that Bulgaria’s impressive revenue annual growth rate has a projected market volume of $3,229 million by 2025. Our goals are to introduce the advanced capabilities of a truly omnichannel customer engagement solution to Bulgaria, nurture our existing relationships, and help new people overcome their marketing challenges. 

Source PayU

So, what better way to say hi to everyone than becoming Platinum Sponsors at the Online Advertising Bulgaria Conference that was held in Sofia on the 23rd of June 2022. This annual Online Advertising Conference is one of the largest digital marketing events in Bulgaria. The event brought together top industry experts in the digital marketing, online advertising, SEO, and mobile app development space, aiming to nurture ideas and thought leadership about the future of the industry. 

(From left to right) Netpeak’s Business Operations Manager Georgi Kandev, Netpeak’s CRM Specialist Ventsislav Tanev, ContactPigeon’s Account Executive Evi Daflou, ContactPigeon’s Head of Omnichannel Acceleration Dimitris Travlos, Netpeak’s Founder and CEO Gennadiy Vorobyov and ContactPigeon’s Senior Account Executive Elena Gipali.

Conference attendees found us at our booth exhibiting our omnichannel solution for eCommerce retailers, saw its capabilities in action, and spoke directly with our team of customer engagement experts. Visitors also had the chance to explore the potential of joining our ever-growing, talented team and becoming a Pigeon, since we are expanding our offices to the neighboring country! Are you interested in joining our Bulgaria-based team? Just apply here!

Our proudest summer moment!

The members of the ContactPigeon Customer Success Team aka The Success Pigeons flew to Thessaloniki

A few of our Customer Success Managers.

Thessaloniki is beautiful and there are quite a few clients from Thessaloniki that we hold really dear. So, now that Covid-19 seems like a bad dream, we are hitting the road again! 

Our talented and devoted Customer Success Pigeons flew to Thessaloniki on the 27th and 28th of June for a cup of coffee (or a beer and snacks) with our clients that reside in the Greek co-capital. The ContactPigeon CS Team arranged for a meet-and-greet with new and existing customers, because as much as we appreciate teleconferences, meeting face-to-face is always better! 

It was such a blast that everybody keeps asking when we are going to repeat it, and as CEO, I can assure you that we are already planning our next trip. 😀

Are you ready for a hot summer?

Even on the hottest of days, the Pigeons receive your feedback and provide solutions to your day-to-day challenges, making your life easier! Take our new product updates for a spin and let us know what you think of them. As always,  for more information about our new features, feel free to contact your assigned account managers! Now, make sure you enjoy your summer holidays and let us worry about the rest!

Happy Summer!
George and the ContactPigeon Team

George Mirotsos

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