ContactPigeon at Xenia 2021 Hospitality Expo (Highlights)

xenia 2021

The highly anticipated Xenia 2021 Athens Hospitality Expo is a premium exhibition designed to showcase the leading and most important companies in the construction and supply market. The unexpected recovery of the Greek summer tourism after the Covid-19 crisis was all the more reason for this convention, as it brought a sense of optimism for the future of the industry. Moreover, this year’s Xenia expo was a significant occasion for ContactPigeon, since two executives were there, invited as guest speakers.

Xenia Expo: One of the top hospitality exhibitions in the Mediterranean

Xenia 2021 took place on 27 to 29 November at the Metropolitan Expo, a renowned exhibition space located in the Athens International Airport complex. It was dedicated to both Greek and international companies related to the tourism sector, including equipment, services, and technologies for hotels and restaurants.

The expo adhered to all government safety regulations, creating a safe and Covid free environment. Xenia is the most important assemblage of tourism professionals and it is considered a focal meeting point for powerful business opportunities, alliances, and investments. 

Why every hotel owner should attend Xenia Expo in Athens

Reason #1: This year, the Xenia 2021 Expo accommodated over 350 exhibitioners and 17.000 visitors, all related to the hospitality and hotel industry. With the showroom covering almost 40.000 square meters in exhibits, and 70 hours in special events, the conference met a significant visiting and commercial success. It was evident that every brand and professional associated with tourism anticipated this conference and longed for an expo with a physical presence. 

Reason #2: A lot of corporate executives trust Xenia’s credibility and status and recognized the importance of such an important showcase. The vast participation of the audience, both presenting and attending,  confirmed the need of the market for a gathering of such value. 

Reason #3: After two years of extensive government regulations that resulted in slow foot traffic and conversions, all interested parties needed a place to gather, share their expertise, and exchange opinions about the future. 

Reason #4: Additionally, the attendance of the 5th International Hospitality Forum, introduced by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels,  was an essential highlight of the Xenia 2021 expo. For starters, the Forum’s workflow brought forth the consequences of the pandemic and its impact on the industry, while discussing the need for adaptability and change. What is more, the fast-paced changing environment and the sustainability of the tourist product were major discussing points. 

Reason #5: Lastly, industry leaders and digital marketing specialists were present in the exhibition, as they touched upon the latest trends and advancements in the field. Covid-19 changed and impacted the tourism industry in unexpected ways,  thus challenging marketers and hotel owners.

The need to rebuild the lost brand-consumer connection due to the extended worldwide quarantines and social distancing measures is still present. Thus, Xenia 2021 responded with a special event and provided a forum for those interested in the newest digital marketing tendencies. The event was centered on how digital practices can ameliorate the existing circumstances and bridge the gap that Covid-19 caused.

ContactPigeon’s Presence at Xenia – Key Highlights

The CEO and co-founder of ContactPigeon, George Mirotsos, with the Sales Team Leader, Chrisa Veneti

ContactPigeon was invited to the Xenia 2021 Expo in Athens to participate in the Digi Hotel special event. The event was addressed to digital marketing professionals and acclaimed executives; its aim was to present the new trends and developments in the field of marketing and how they can be implemented in the hospitality industry. Furthermore, a key topic point was the challenges that the tourist community has faced, and continues to face on an international scale, in the post-pandemic era. 

The CEO and co-founder of ContactPigeon, George Mirotsos, along with the Sales Team Leader, Chrisa Veneti, were keynote speakers in the Digi Hotel event. Their presentation was dedicated to the return of email marketing and how it can be used effectively as a marketing tool. 

Being a flexible and malleable channel, email reflects the demands of the market for a specialized approach and has numerous benefits.  Similar to consumers, visitors and travelers require the same level of attention and care. With that in mind, every marketer and hotel owner should promote its brand according to the wishes of its audience, providing the personalized experience that each new or old customer longs for. 

ContactPigeon’s presentation was directed on a thorough analysis that included everything there is to know about email marketing. For starters, the deck introduced the attendees to the effectiveness of the channel with some really impressive statistics, justifying why it is the predominant channel for marketers. Then, they went on and pointed out what is email marketing, how it works, and how it can be applied in the tourism industry, according to the latest trends and best practices. 

Furthermore, the team proceeded with a brief outline of what makes an email campaign stand out, how it can be implemented, and the different types of email campaigns. Lastly, a very important subject of the team’s demonstration deck was automated email campaigns; automations are the essence of email marketing and one of the most essential features under the umbrella of omnichannel customer engagement. 

Other things you need to know about Xenia 2021

History of the event

Xenia is a historic exhibition, originating in 1969. The first expo took place in the historic Zappeion Megaron Hall of Athens and changed the course of the Greek tourism industry. For 40 years, Xenia remains an important meeting point for both local and international hospitality representatives. The expo has evolved into an institution and has become a tradition for the tourism industry. 

The Venue

For many consecutive years, Xenia is being held in the Metropolitan Expo, one of the most esteemed locations in Athens. The prestigious and well-organized venue has hosted some of the most important events in Greece over the course of its history, and after a short hiatus, continues to provide its space to various renowned organizations.  

The Schedule of Xenia 2021 Expo

The main purpose and the entire philosophy of the Xenia exhibition lie in the purposeful engagement of hotel owners and industry professionals.  Every interested guest has the opportunity to communicate and strike lucrative deals with leading companies that promote hotel equipment, technological solutions, and digital services. Moreover, companies that specialize in hotel construction, renovation, and sustainable practices are also attending to provide their expertise. 

The schedule of Xenia 2021 Expo can be summed up in the following major categories: 

  • Construction – Decoration – Energy – Automations 
  • Hotel Equipment 
  • Kitchen Machinery & Equipment
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Digital Technology

Speakers of Xenia 2021 

With over 350 participants and exhibitors, it is safe to say that the Xenia expo was a huge success this year. Visit the official website for a detailed overview of the attendees in the link below

Where to buy tickets for Xenia 2022 

Although it is still too early for official announcements, stay tuned for news and updates. Xenia 2022 is already scheduled to take place at the Metropolitan Expo on the 26th of November. 

Don’t miss Xenia 2022 

All in all, this year’s event filled everyone with tons of inspiration and valuable connections but for those who missed it, they have plenty of time to get organized for next year. ContactPigeon surely wishes to attend next year’s expo and further impart its knowledge on the benefits of an omnichannel customer engagement strategy. 

The tourism industry, just like any other field that has a brand-consumer dynamic, requires new and demanding solutions in its recent challenges. Customer engagement can prove just as important and crucial for the hospitality sector since customer lifetime value is the cornerstone of lifelong, meaningful interactions. ContactPigeon’s platform is constantly updated with the latest omnichannel features and will be a valuable resource for any hotel or restaurant owner. Book a free 30-minute consultation call with one of our account executives to find out the best customer engagement strategies for tourism. 


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