Grow Conversions with New Pop-up Triggers and Email Statistics for Lists

Product Update - Advanced Pop Up Triggers

Happy New Year! At the pigeon coop, we like to kick off 2019 with a bang, and this means rolling out shiny new features on our platform. This month we introduce two exciting features that are designed to increase your website and campaign conversion rates: Advanced Pop-up Triggers and Campaign Statistics for Lists.

In this post, we will explain the changes that are already live in your ContactPigeon account and discuss situations where they come in handy for growth. Let’s get started!

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Introducing an easy way to add more advanced Pop-up triggers

1. Based on the time spent on page
2. Based on the percentage of page scrolled
3. Whether if the visitor had added an item to cart
4. Based on the event triggered or button clicked

Campaign Statistics for List

Introducing more advanced Pop-up triggers

As you may have realized, pop-ups provide an excellent way to increase website conversions and grow your contact lists. However, if used excessively or abruptly, you risk annoying the visitor and achieve the opposite effect.

At ContactPigeon, we are huge supporters of engaging visitors in a more natural and timely way. This is why we’ve introduced an easy way to use more advanced triggers allowing you to perfectly time the appearance of the pop-ups during each visitor’s sessions.

Popup triggers - New options
New options added to the pop-up wizard this month.

Aside from the default on-exit or on-load pop-ups for known or unknown visitors, you’ll now find 4 new conditions which can be mixed and matched to determine when the pop-up will be displayed.

1. Based on the time spent on page

This feature sets a condition on pop-up based on minimum time visitor had spent on page. We all know how annoying it is to encounter a pop-up message right after entering a site, especially without having the opportunity to check out the site content.

Advanced Pop-up trigger - time based
Pop-up triggers: Based on time spent on page.

The time delay option is helpful in these situations as it gives the visitor some time to read the site content before appropriately engaging him or her with a display message. When combined with page specific conditions, the time spent on page trigger is ideal in controlling the pace of your visitor engagements on site.

2. Based on the percentage of page scrolled

The scroll trigger displays the pop-up message when the visitor scrolled to a specific part of a page. This condition enables you to customize your message to harmonize with the visitor’s experience, for instance, reaching the end of the post or scrolling past a call to action box.

Advanced Pop-up trigger - percent scrolled
Pop-up triggers: Based on the percentage of the page scrolled.

Our most recent update allows you to activate the pop-up based on the percentage of the page reached.  Don’t hesitate to combine scroll and time spent on the page to segment your pop-ups by visitor engagement.

Example of scroll based pop-up in action.
Example of scroll based pop-up in action.

Usage Tip: Recommend popular products from the category when a visitor scrolls thru the end of your product page.

3. Whether if the visitor has added an item to cart

We know you love the eCommerce abandoned cart reminders. We also know that pop-ups work well for conversions. So naturally, we built an abandoned cart trigger into the pop-up feature. It’s a no-brainer, and yet, as far as we know, we are among the first providers who have done this! ?

Advanced Pop-up trigger - cart based
Pop-up triggers: Based on cart activity.

The new trigger turns on your pop-up messages into abandoned cart alerts on your website based on whether if the visitor has added to cart. For example, if an unknown (1st time) visitor is about to leave your site after adding several items to cart, you can attempt to capture her with a juicy offer on-the-spot.

Usage Tip: Aside from abandoned cart nudges, you can also use this feature to engage visitors who didn’t add anything to cart. It’s likely the visitor hasn’t found the product that appeals to him or her, so providing suggestions based their browsed category can further enhance the chances of your products getting noticed.

4. Based on events or button clicked

This option allows you to trigger the pop-up based on any button clicked or event triggered by the visitor. For example, you can display a specific pop-up message to visitors who submitted a contact form, or someone who interacted with specific content within your landing page. The new event-based trigger is aimed to allow you to design more customized messages within the desired visitor journey on your site.

Advanced Pop-up triggers - event based
Advanced Pop-up triggers: Event-based

All of the new triggers introduced in this month’s product update are designed to be combined with our existing features such as page visited, returning vs new session to create a truly dynamic engagement experience for your shoppers.

Campaign Statistics for List

Following our recent introduction of folders and favorites system for lists, we bring you campaign statistics for lists. In the sent campaign analytics dashboard now, you will not only see the campaign stats for all recipients but also metrics – sent, open, clicks – specific to the lists used within the campaign.

List level campaign statistics
Contact list level campaign statistics

Why is this useful, you ask?

Well, for starters, this feature will equip you with better insights into the behaviors of your customer segments.

Say for example you’d like to understand how specific genders react to your email message. Today, as with most email tools, you’ll need to send the email campaign to 3 separate segmented mailing lists – male, female, and unknown – in order to track and compare the campaign stats across the genders. With the new feature, you’ll be able to select all your segmented lists as recipients and send the campaign once. The campaign results are automatically broken down by the lists for quick and efficient comparisons. Neat huh?

Where to find the new stats?

You’ll find all the list-level campaign statistics in the same performance dashboard you review the sent campaigns. Simply go to AnalyticsSent Campaigns, and select the most last campaigns you have sent. The list performance will appear underneath the Campaign Overviews.

Stay tuned for more exciting changes

We are confident that the newest additions to the ContactPigeon platform will boost your visitor conversions and consequently, bring you better eCommerce results! As always, our mission at ContactPigeon is to deliver a tool that enables you to market and sell smarter and faster. We are committed to working tirelessly to achieve that. So stay tuned for more exciting feature releases we have planned for 2019.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for a better way of marketing, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always here for you.

Wishing you all the marketing success!


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