Why Email Marketing is the Best Way to Reach Millennials [Infographics]

Email marketing for Millennials

In recent years, marketing has gone through a drastic shift. Businesses now turn to the Internet to promote their products and generate more leads. Incidentally, there’s one demographic in particular that is best reached via digital channels, particularly email marketing: Millennials.

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are those who reached adulthood during the earliest years of the 21st century (while the exact years demarcating the generation are disputed, several historians believe that Millennials are individuals that were born between 1988 and 2004). Since Millennials were born after the dawn of the computer age, they are accustomed to consuming most of their information online.

If you are a marketer hoping to reach millennials, there’s one digital strategy you should be focusing on: email marketing. Here 3 reasons why a Millennials email marketing is the best promotional strategy.

Top reasons why email marketing works for Millennials

1. Constant mobile users

Millennials are constant users of the mobile internet. In fact, studies have shown that this generation engages with their smart phone more often than they do with actual humans. 88% of Millennials report using their mobile device to read emails. In addition to emailing, the Millennials also use their devices to access social media — to connect with friends and family as well as to interact with brands that they are interested in. Given Millennials are constantly on their mobile device, it makes sense that email marketing is a great way to reach them. After all,  the best channel to engage them is one which they are spending the most time and paying more attentions to.

2. Personalized messages to enhance individuality

Email marketing allows you to send more personalized messages to your audiences. Studies show that personalization is a high priority when driving loyalty in Millennials. 85% of millennials are more likely to make a purchase when the product or service has been personalized to their interests. A personalized and custom email will appeal to the Millennial who wants to see material that is tailored to their liking.

3. Ability to send killer content

Email marketing gives marketers the opportunity to deliver content that is relatable, relevant and impressive. Companies can create emails with elements that drive engagement – like videos, surveys, quizzes and more – and prove that they are a smart, likable organization, one worth doing business with.

If you are a marketer hoping to reach Millennials, email marketing is the way to go today. Crafting high-quality, personalized messages that appeal to a young adult demographic, and you may just find that you are generating and converting more leads than ever before.

Email marketing for Millennials
[Infographics] Email marketing for Millennials

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