Shoptalk 2022 Europe: How to get properly prepared for the famous retail event

Shoptalk 2022

After so many changes these past few years, now that physical events are back on track, the need to stay connected and updated with the latest trends increases day by day. Luckily, contrary to 2020 and 2021, 2022 is a year full of interesting and useful business conferences for any eCommerce specialist or executive. This article will focus on one of the biggest events in the retail industry, Shoptalk 2022, which within only a few years has evolved into one of the top retail shows in the US. Best Part? This year it comes to Europe as well. So, without further ado, we will take a deep dive into how you can get prepared for the biggest gathering of the year, how to make the most out of it, and why it is so important to attend. 

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Get familiar with Shoptalk 2022 in 1′

The Official ShopTalk 2022 Highlights video

What is Shoptalk?

Shoptalk is the go-to destination for retail changemakers and trailblazers, with famous speakers and guests from cross-industry, worldwide renowned brands. This event gathers established retailers and brands with direct-to-consumer and tech startups, large tech and Internet companies, venture capital investors, real estate developers, equity analysts, Wall Street analysts, media, and many others. 

The purpose of this is the creation of new, profitable collaborations, and the education of the audience on the latest happenings, paving the way for the implementation of new technologies. With all that in mind, Shoptalk 2022 is the place to be this summer, since it will set the upcoming trends that will mold the future of the business world in retail and eCommerce. 

Where is Shoptalk 2022 taking place? 

There are two editions for this year’s Shoptalk 2022. The first one took place in Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada in late March. The second edition, Shoptalk 2022 Europe, the one that we are focusing on in this piece, will take place from the 6th to the 8th of June in London, UK, at the ExCel London, Contemporary events and convention center. 

Shoptalk 2022 Europe: Who will be the speakers this year? 

This year, Shoptalk will host a variety of curated events and accommodate over 200 highly acclaimed industry professionals and business leaders. Let’s take a look at the long list of key speakers that will share their insights during this legendary retail show. 

  • Frans Muller (CEO – Ahold Delhaize)
  • Mei Chen (Head of Fashion and Luxury UK, US, and Northern Europe – Alibaba Group)
  • Roland Palmer (GM UK, Belgium, Netherlands & Nordics – Alibaba Group)
  • Valerie de Charette (VP International Ecommerce – American Eagle Outfitters, Inc)
  • Sandra Kampmann (Director of Insight and Analytics –
  • Ignacio Vazquez Guerra (Global Head of Marketing, Travel Retail – Bacardi) 
  • Nicolas de Belefonds (Managing Director & Partner – Boston Consulting Group)
  • Ivano Ortis (Managing Director, BCG Platinion EMESA Consumer Practice Leader – Boston Consulting Group)
  • Eve Kekeh (Founder – Bundlee)
  • Isabelle Aberman (Global Retail Director – Camper)
  • Vincent Cotte (Director of Ecommerce Strategy – Carrefour Group)
  • Elodie Perthuisot (Executive Director E-Commerce, Data and Digital Transformation – Carrefour Group)
  • Alessandro Manfredi (Chief Marketing Officer – Dove)
  • Eve Williams (Chief Marketing Officer, UK – eBay)
  • Sian Keane (Chief People Officer – FARFETCH)
  • Parag Parekh (Co-Chief Digital Officer – Ingka Group IKEA Retail)
  • Cassandra Hicks Bergsland (Director of Omnichannel – John Lewis)
  • Claire Pointon (Director of Customer – John Lewis Partnership)
  • Tony Navin (Head of eCommerce, International – Kraft Heinz)
  • Michael Truluck (CEO – La Redoute International)
  • Richard Hurren (Global Head of DTC – Levi Strauss & Co.)
  • Lucia Marcuzzo (SVP & Managing Director, North Europe – Levi Strauss & Co.)
  • Stuart Ramage (Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation – M&S)
  • Alex Williams (Head of Growth & Personalisation – M&S)
  • Balakrishnan Subramanian (VP, Digital Demand – Mars)
  • Bartosz Jesse (Partner – McKinsey & Company)
  • Katy Clark (Head of Industry – Grocery, Food & Energy Retail – Meta)
  • Ian Edwards (Global Connection Planning Director – Meta)
  • Tim Steiner OBE (Co-Founder & CEO – Ocado Group)
  • Leonie Schuessler (Managing Partner, Strategy – Ogilvy)
  • Charlotte Watson (Chief Marketing Officer – Olaplex)
  • JuE Wong (CEO – Olaplex)
  • Anne Mezzenga (co-CEO – Omni Talk)
  • Chris Walton (Co-CEO – Omni Talk)
  • Orr Hameiri (Global Technology Innovation Director – P&G)
  • Anna Farberov (GM PepsiCo Labs, Global Venture & Innovation – PepsiCo)
  • Paul Anthony (Co-Founder – Primer)
  • Brian Houck (Partner – PwC)
  • Sylvie Moreau (President, Europe & Middle East – Sephora)
  • Alejandro Ferrer Ramos (VP, Global Brand Technology – The Estee Lauder Companies)
  • Vicky De Simone (VP of Enterprise Marketing, Data & Creative Studios – The Estee Lauder Companies UK and Ireland)
  • Natali Stojovic (SVP, LEGO Retail – The LEGO Group)
  • Katarina Sutch (Director of Shopper & OmniChannel Activation – The LEGO Group)
  • Patrick Nommensen (Head of E-Commerce Operations, TikTok Shop – TikTok)
  • Eve Henrikson (Regional General Manager – EMEA – Uber)
  • Claire Hennah (Beauty & Wellbeing Chief Customer & Digital Officer – Unilever)
  • Debora van der Zee (VP Foods Benelux – Unilever)
  • Jose Nino (VP of Global Digital Strategy & E-Commerce – US Polo Assn.)
  • Lucy Maguire (Trends Editor – Vogue Business)

What are the ticket prices? 

The standard fee for the attendees is £2,750. As far as the qualifying retailers and brands are concerned, the standard rate is £1,495. Lastly, the investor rate is £1,895. 

How much does a booth cost for a company?

For exhibitors or sponsors, the standard rate is £2,150. In order to qualify for a booth, the interested parties will have to submit the relevant registration form and be approved. 

Why a retailer should attend Shoptalk 2022

Video about ShopTalk 2022 from Bloomberg Technology

Shoptalk originates in the USA, so beginning its inaugural European launch in London is a pretty big deal this year. For three days the event will be the home of 3000+ attendees, with 200+ legendary industry leaders or promising newcomers as keynote speakers. Any decision-maker worth their salt can understand the value and the magnitude of this conference; attending one of the top retail events in Europe is a great opportunity for the beginning of new partnerships and connections that will personally broaden the network of any businessperson that wishes to find solutions with proven strategies and new technologies. 

How to get properly prepared for the Shoptalk 2022 Europe event

Preparation is half the battle, so getting ready for the biggest retail event of the year is not only crucial but mandatory. Below you will find some tips that will help you organize your schedule before, during, and after the conference. 

Step 1: Scan the speaker’s list and highlight the most relevant to your industry


Why you should do it: The speaker list is quite long and interesting this year. Define your strategy and plan the speeches of the key targets you wish to attend. According to your specific business needs, pinpoint the content that is most likely to meet your needs.

Step 2: Contact them asking for a quick coffee at the event 


Why you should do it: Do some research and try to find the contact details of the people you wish to connect with. Pre-arrange a quick cup of coffee, or some tea, preferably before the days of the event as the schedule will be pretty busy for everyone. 

Tip: A powerful gmail extension to help you send the email pitches is Mailbutler.

Step 3: If you rent a booth, optimize the visitors’ experience

Source: Pinterest

Why you should do it: Your presentation needs to be clear and precise so researching beforehand is important. Find out where your both will be located, and cross-reference the equipment that you will need with the equipment that will be provided to you. Then, set your daily budget and customize your booth based on the tone of your brand and your target group.  Lastly, inform your existing contacts of your attendance at the Shoptalk conference and encourage them to drop by your booth. 

Step 4: Make sure you have a precise plan per day

Why you should do it: Each day at the conference will be super busy so make sure you have planned your days as best as possible. Depending on whether you are an attendee or a vendor, modify your stay accordingly, making the best out of it. Strike a balance between getting informed and letting others know about your brand. 

Step 5: Follow up with your new connections when you return home

Why you should do it: Getting to the event was half the job, the other half lies in nurturing the connections you made. When you get home, take some time to debrief your team on your experience and come up with a business plan that will convert your new leads. Conclude with an evaluation of your attendance and determine if you met your objectives.  

You won’t regret attending Shoptalk (and London)

Even if you don’t manage to achieve all of your goals, attending Shoptalk 2022 in London, will be without a doubt, a very fruitful experience and every retail professional will get something out of this amazing experience. All the information you will need to strategize your next steps will be at your disposal, and this gathering will be full of cross-sector professionals from different places around the world. After all, now that physical events are back again everyone will need some extra time to find their bearings. Be wary of your missteps so that you will be 100% ready for next year’s Shoptalk or any other retail event.

The biggest European retail event is just around the corner so get ready and if possible extend your stay because London is a very interesting destination. ContactPigeon wishes you a pleasant stay and encourages you to book a 30-min free consultation call after your visit. Our omnichannel customer engagement platform will fit right in with your new and improved perspective of the latest eCommerce retail trends.

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