90+ Summer Marketing Ideas to Heat Up Your Sales [2024]

Summer Marketing Ideas

As retailers, marketers, and eCommerce professionals, you’re likely swamped with tasks such as managing Consent mode v2 and backing up data in Google Analytics Universal. However, with summer historically being a slower sales period, staying productive and effective is crucial. The good news is that shoppers are eager to start their summer shopping, with 56% beginning as early as May or June. Furthermore, 51% of shoppers indicate that a sale can significantly motivate purchases. Recognizing these latest trends, the purpose of this article is to provide over 90 innovative summer marketing ideas, complete with actionable prompts and a handy checklist, to help you boost sales during this typically sluggish season. By implementing these strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to capitalize on the summer sales trend and keep your business thriving.

How slow is the summer season for the retail industry?

Official internet statistics are hard to find on the summer web eCommerce slowdown. Clearly, millions of people are still spending lots of time on their mobile devices accessing Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other apps. Studies show that when it comes to accessing social media, Facebook is still number one among American adults. Nearly 3 million people are Facebook users, accessing the massive social site daily.

Whether or not these adults are purchasing products online during summer remains to be seen. But it’s certainly no time for eCommerce marketers and owners to drop off the internet and take a vacation from summer campaign ideas. Of course, you don’t have to continuously tweak your summer marketing strategy day after day. Rather, spend some time on building some smart automation and let your e-shop do its own marketing, in the form of sending personalized offers and emails/messages to your visitors.

90+ out-of-the-box summer marketing ideas: The Checklist

Don’t fret, we’ve got some quick and easy creative summer marketing ideas to reignite your sales.

Weather-based summer marketing ideas

#1: Rainy day deals

The goal: Provide a discount on unexpected rainy days during the summer to encourage in-store visits.

Example slogans/punchlines:

  • Don’t let a little rain ruin your summer fun! Splash into savings with our Summer Rainy Day Deals.
  • Sun’s out, fun’s out… even if it’s raining! Take advantage of our Summer Rainy Day Deals and make a splash.
  • Who says rainy days can’t be bright? Light up your summer with our Summer Rainy Day Deals.

Ideal for: Clothing, footwear, and camping retailers

#2: Sunshine specials

The goal: Promote products like sunglasses and sunscreen with discounts on sunny days.

Example slogans/punchlines:

  • Bright Deals for Sunny Days: Shine in Style with Our Sunglasses and Sunscreen Discounts!
  • Catch the Rays, Not the Price Tag: Exclusive Discounts on Sunglasses and Sunscreen Every Sunny Day!
  • Sunny Day Specials: Protect and Shine with Sunglasses and Sunscreen Savings!

Ideal for: Accessories and outdoor gear retailers.

#3: Cooling product promotions

The goal: Offer discounts on cooling products during particularly hot spells.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Beat the Heat: Sizzling Discounts on Cooling Essentials!
  • Chill Out in Style: Hot Savings on Cooling Products During Heatwaves!
  • Stay Cool, Save Big: Exclusive Deals on Cooling Gear for Hot Spells!

Ideal for: Home appliance and electronics retailers

International day-based summer marketing ideas

#4: World Environment Day (June 5)

The goal: Offer eco-friendly products at a discount. Promote reusable items and sustainable practices with special offers.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Green Deals for a Greener Planet: Celebrate World Environment Day with Discounts on Eco-Friendly Products!
  • Sustainable Savings: Special Offers on Reusable and Eco-Friendly Items for World Environment Day!
  • Eco-Smart Shopping: Discounted Prices on Sustainable Products for World Environment Day!

Ideal for: Eco-friendly and sustainable product retailers

#5: Father’s Day (Third Sunday in June)

The goal: Create special gift bundles and offer discounts on popular Father’s Day gifts like gadgets, tools, and apparel.

Example slogans/punchlines:

  • Gifts for the Greatest: Special Father’s Day Bundles and Discounts!
  • Dad’s Day Deals: Save on Gadgets, Tools, and Apparel for Father’s Day!
  • Celebrate Dad with Savings: Exclusive Discounts on Father’s Day Gifts!

Ideal for: Gadget, tools, hardware and apparel Retailers

#6: International Picnic Day (June 18)

The goal: Promote picnic-related products such as baskets, blankets, and outdoor games. Offer bundle deals for picnic essentials.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Picnic Perfection: Special Deals on Baskets, Blankets, and Outdoor Games!
  • Pack Up and Save: Bundle Deals on Picnic Essentials for International Picnic Day!
  • Picnic Day Delights: Discounts on Everything You Need for the Perfect Picnic!

Ideal for: Outdoor and picnic gear retailers

Activity-based summer marketing ideas

#7: Beach destinations

The goal: Offer discounts on swimwear, beach towels, sunblock, and beach accessories. Create bundle deals for beach essentials.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Beach-Ready Savings: Discounts on Swimwear, Towels, and Sunblock!
  • Sunny Day Essentials: Bundle Deals on Beach Accessories and Swimwear!
  • Surf’s Up: Special Offers on Beach Gear and Sun Protection!

Ideal for: Swimwear and beach accessory retailers

#8: Mountain retreats

The goal: Promote outdoor gear like hiking boots, backpacks, and camping equipment. Offer discounts on items for cooler mountain climates.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Mountain Adventures Await: Discounts on Hiking Boots, Backpacks, and Camping Gear!
  • Gear Up for the Great Outdoors: Special Savings on Mountain Retreat Essentials!
  • Cool Climbs, Hot Deals: Outdoor Gear Discounts for Mountain Escapes!

Ideal for: Outdoor gear and camping equipment retailers

#9: City escapes

The goal: Offer discounts on stylish travel attire, luggage, and urban accessories like portable chargers and city guides.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Urban Adventure Awaits: Discounts on Stylish Travel Attire and Luggage!
  • City Chic Savings: Exclusive Deals on Urban Accessories and Travel Gear!
  • Explore in Style: Special Offers on Travel Essentials for City Escapes!

Ideal for: Travel gear and urban accessory retailers

Festival/event-based summer marketing ideas

#10: Music festivals

The goal: Offer discounts on festival gear like portable speakers, tents, and festival outfits. Partner with local music festivals for exclusive deals.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Join the Festival Vibe: Discounts on Portable Speakers, Tents, and Festival Outfits!
  • Rock Out and Save: Exclusive Deals on Festival Gear and Accessories!
  • Get Festival Ready: Special Offers on Music Festival Essentials!

Ideal for: Festival gear and accessory retailers

#11: Outdoor movie nights

The goal: Promote products like blankets, portable chairs, and snacks. Offer bundle deals on outdoor movie essentials.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Movie Magic Outdoors: Discounts on Blankets, Portable Chairs, and Snacks!
  • Cinema Under the Stars: Bundle Deals on Outdoor Movie Essentials!
  • Film Night Fun: Special Offers on Everything for Outdoor Movie Nights!

Ideal for: Outdoor leisure and snack retailers

#12: Food and drink festivals

The goal: Offer discounts on picnic baskets, portable coolers, and gourmet food items. Provide special promotions on cookbooks and cooking accessories.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Feast and Fun: Discounts on Picnic Baskets, Coolers, and Gourmet Food Items!
  • Savor the Savings: Special Offers on Food Festival Essentials!
  • Festival Flavors: Exclusive Deals on Picnic Gear and Gourmet Goodies!

Ideal for: Gourmet food and picnic gear retailers

Outdoor activity/sport-based summer marketing ideas

#13: Hiking and trekking

The goal: Offer discounts on hiking boots, backpacks, and outdoor apparel. Create bundle deals for hiking essentials like water bottles and trail maps.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Trailblazing Deals: Discounts on Hiking Boots, Backpacks, and Outdoor Apparel!
  • Adventure Awaits: Bundle Deals on Hiking Essentials!
  • Hike More, Spend Less: Special Offers on Trekking Gear!

Ideal for: Hiking gear and outdoor apparel retailers

#14: Camping

The goal: Promote camping gear like tents, sleeping bags, and portable stoves. Offer discounts on camping bundles that include all necessary gear.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Camp Out and Save: Discounts on Tents, Sleeping Bags, and Portable Stoves!
  • Great Outdoors, Greater Savings: Bundle Deals on Camping Gear!
  • Adventure Under the Stars: Special Offers on Camping Essentials!

Ideal for: Camping gear and outdoor equipment retailers

#15: Fishing

The goal: Provide special promotions on fishing rods, tackle boxes, and outdoor clothing. Offer bundles that include fishing essentials.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Reel in the Savings: Discounts on Fishing Rods, Tackle Boxes, and Outdoor Clothing!
  • Catch of the Day: Special Deals on Fishing Essentials!
  • Fish More, Spend Less: Bundle Offers on Fishing Gear!

Ideal for: Fishing gear and outdoor clothing retailers

Back-to-school-based marketing ideas

#16: School supplies

The goal: Offer discounts on bulk purchases of notebooks, pens, pencils, and other essential school supplies. Create bundle deals for popular items.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Back-to-School Savings: Discounts on Notebooks, Pens, and More!
  • Classroom Ready: Bundle Deals on Essential School Supplies!
  • Smart Savings: Special Offers on Bulk School Supplies!

Ideal for: School supply retailers, bookstores

#17: Backpacks and bags

The goal: Provide special promotions on backpacks and bags. Offer personalized options and discounts on matching accessories like lunch bags.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Pack Up the Savings: Discounts on Backpacks and Matching Accessories!
  • Stylish and Functional: Special Deals on Bags and Personalization Options!
  • Carry On and Save: Exclusive Offers on Backpacks and Lunch Bags!

Ideal for: Bag and accessory retailers

#18: Clothing and uniforms

The goal: 

Offer discounts on school uniforms and everyday school wear. Create “Buy One, Get One” deals for essential clothing items.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Dress for Success: Discounts on School Uniforms and Everyday Wear!
  • Smart Style: Buy One, Get One Deals on School Clothing Essentials!
  • Uniform Savings: Special Offers on School Attire!

Ideal for: Clothing and apparel retailers

Time-sensitive types of summer marketing ideas

#19: Weekend flash sales

The goal:  Offer storewide discounts or specific product deals only available during the weekend. Advertise heavily on social media and email.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Weekend Wonders: Storewide Discounts You Can’t Miss!
  • Flash Sale Frenzy: Special Deals Only Available This Weekend!
  • Weekend Savings Extravaganza: Exclusive Discounts on Top Products!

Ideal for: All retailers

#20: 24-Hour flash sale

The goal: Run a 24-hour flash sale with significant discounts on popular items. Create a countdown timer on your website to build urgency.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • One Day Only: Massive Discounts on Popular Items
  • 24-Hour Sale: Don’t Miss Out on These Incredible Deals!
  • Clock’s Ticking: Limited-Time Offers You Can’t Miss!

Ideal for: All retailers

#21: Happy Hour Sales

The goal: Offer discounts during specific hours of the day, such as 3-6 PM. Promote these “Happy Hour” deals via social media and in-store signage.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Happy Hour, Happy Savings: Special Deals from 3-6 PM!
  • Limited-Time Deals: Save Big During Our Happy Hour Sales!
  • Flash Savings: Exclusive Discounts During Happy Hour!

Ideal for: All retailers

Micro-influencer summer marketing ideas

#22: Product launch collaborations

The goal:  Partner with influencers to launch new products. They can create unboxing videos and reviews to generate buzz and drive initial sales.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • New and Noteworthy: Unbox Exclusive Products with Our Influencer Partners!
  • Launch Party: Discover Our Latest Products with Influencer Reviews!
  • Be the First: Exclusive Launch Deals with Influencer Collaborations!

Ideal for: Retailers launching new products

#23: Giveaways and contests

The goal: Collaborate with influencers to host giveaways and contests. Require participants to follow your brand and the influencer for entry.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Win Big: Join Our Giveaways and Contests with Influencers!
  • Enter to Win: Exclusive Contests and Prizes with Influencer Partners!
  • Follow and Win: Amazing Giveaways Hosted by Our Influencers!

Ideal for: All retailers

#24: Exclusive discount codes

The goal: Provide influencers with exclusive discount codes to share with their followers, driving traffic and sales from their audience.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Save More: Exclusive Discount Codes from Your Favorite Influencers!
  • Unlock Savings: Influencer-Exclusive Discount Codes!
  • Shop and Save: Special Codes from Our Influencer Partners!

Ideal for: All retailers

Loyalty program-based summer marketing ideas

#25: Points for summer purchases

The goal: Offer double points for purchases made on summer-related items like swimwear, outdoor gear, and travel essentials.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Double Points, Double Fun: Earn More on Summer Essentials!
  • Summer Rewards: Double Points on Swimwear, Outdoor Gear, and More!
  • Hot Deals, Cool Points: Extra Rewards on Summer Purchases!

Ideal for: All retailers 

#26: Summer birthday rewards

The goal: Give special summer-themed discounts or free gifts (like a beach towel or sunscreen) to loyalty program members on their birthday.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Celebrate Your Summer Birthday with Exclusive Discounts and Free Gifts!
  • Birthday Bliss: Special Summer-Themed Rewards for Loyalty Members!
  • Summer Birthday Treats: Discounts and Gifts Just for You!

Ideal for: All retailers

#27: Exclusive summer member discounts 

The goal: Provide members-only discounts on popular summer products such as patio furniture, grills, and summer apparel.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  •  Member Perks: Exclusive Summer Discounts on Patio Furniture, Grills, and Apparel!
  • Summer Savings: Special Member-Only Deals on Hot Products!
  • Exclusive Summer Deals: Save Big on Seasonal Favorites!

Ideal for: All retailers

Contest/giveaway-based summer marketing ideas

#28: Summer photo contest

The goal: Host a photo contest where customers submit their best summer photos using your products. Offer a prize for the best photo, such as a summer gift basket.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Snap and Win: Enter Our Summer Photo Contest for a Chance to Win Big!
  • Capture the Moment: Submit Your Best Summer Photos and Win!
  • Summer Fun Contest: Show Us Your Best Shots for a Great Prize!

Ideal for: All retailers

#29: Beach day giveaway

The goal: Run a giveaway for a complete beach day kit, including items like a beach towel, sunscreen, beach bag, and flip-flops.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Win the Ultimate Beach Day Kit: Enter Our Giveaway Now!
  • Sun, Sand, and Savings: Join Our Beach Day Giveaway!
  • Beach Bliss: Win a Complete Beach Day Set in Our Giveaway!

Ideal for: Beach gear and accessory retailers

#30: Backyard BBQ contest

The goal: Hold a contest where customers share their best BBQ recipes or setups. Offer a BBQ grill or a set of BBQ tools as the grand prize.

Example slogans/punchlines: 

  • Grill and Thrill: Enter Our Backyard BBQ Contest for a Chance to Win a BBQ Grill!
  • BBQ Bliss: Share Your Best Recipes and Setups to Win Big!
  • Summer BBQ Contest: Show Off Your Skills and Win Amazing Prizes!

Ideal for: BBQ and outdoor cooking retailers

ChatGPT/Gemini/AI prompts to craft even more tailor-made content

Generate summer marketing ideas for retailers:

ChatGPT/Gemini prompt: 

“Please provide me with 20 out-of-the-box and creative Summer marketing ideas for a {your nice} retailer named {your brand name or url}. Language: {your preferred language here}”

Generate summer marketing ideas for hotels

ChatGPT/Gemini prompt: 

“Please provide me with 20 out-of-the-box and creative Summer marketing ideas for a hotel named {your brand name or url}. Language: {your preferred language here}”

Generate summer marketing ideas for real estate

ChatGPT/Gemini prompt: 

“Please provide me with 20 out-of-the-box and creative Summer marketing ideas for a hotel named {your brand name or url}. Language: {your preferred language here}”

Generate summer marketing ideas for restaurants

ChatGPT/Gemini prompt: 

“Please provide me with 20 out-of-the-box and creative Summer marketing ideas for a restaurant named {your brand name or url}. Language: {your preferred language here}”

Generate summer marketing ideas for summer camps

ChatGPT/Gemini prompt: 

 “Please provide me with 20 out-of-the-box and creative Summer marketing ideas for a dentist named {your brand name or url}. Language: {your preferred language here}”

Measuring the ROI of your summer marketing ideas with ContactPigeon’s powerful retail CDP

Effectively measuring the ROI of your summer marketing strategies is essential for maximizing sales and ensuring campaign success. ContactPigeon’s robust Customer Data Platform (CDP) equips retailers with the tools needed to turn data-driven insights into actionable, omnichannel campaigns. Here are three key summer stats to monitor and optimize:

  1. Detect Summer High Spenders
    • Identify your top summer customers and segment them based on purchase history and behavior.
    • Create personalized campaigns to reward loyalty and encourage repeat purchases with tailored offers and exclusive deals.
  2. Analyze Seasonal Product Performance
    • Track the performance of your summer-specific products, such as swimwear, sunscreen, and outdoor gear.
    • Optimize inventory and marketing strategies by promoting best-sellers and adjusting campaigns for underperforming items.
  3. Monitor Campaign Engagement and Conversion Rates
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of your summer marketing campaigns by analyzing open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.
    • Use these insights to refine your strategies, enhancing customer engagement and boosting overall sales.

Increasing summer marketing revenue? Check!

Summer is the perfect time to heat up your sales with creative and data-driven promotional strategies. At ContactPigeon, we’ve empowered over 300 brands in the EU to thrive during the hottest season. Ready to maximize your summer sales with precise targeting and optimized campaigns? Book a DEMO with us today and see how our powerful retail CDP can transform your marketing efforts into sizzling success!

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