Thanksgiving Email Ideas To Make Your Customer Melt

Thanksgiving email ideas for eCommerce

November is here, and that means it’s time to start thinking about the holidays, especially for retailers. It is the month for deals and savings, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday raking in huge amounts of revenue for retailers. In 2016, Cyber Monday sales smashed all previous records, bringing in $3.4 billion in revenue.But what about Thanksgiving itself? While not as big as Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, letting your customers know you’re thinking of them and reaching out to say thanks is a great way to set yourself apart from other email blasts touting the best deals in stores and online. Here are three fantastic Thanksgiving email ideas to send on Thanksgiving that will make your customers grateful to be on your list.

Stand Out with these 3 Thanksgiving Email Ideas

1. It’s the Day to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is more than just the day before Black Friday. It’s also when you get together with friends and family to give thanks. Why not share those sentiments with your best customers? Send your customers a special email that lets them know how much you appreciate them.

In the email, you could personalize the message and creative of your Thanksgiving email to fit your brand. You could even include a funny gif. Remember, the key here is to be personal and just to say thank you, which for email newsletters, isn’t often the case.

Take it a step further than just putting the name of your customer in the email.

Designing custom and professional emails is easy, thanks to the many free graphics stock websites out there (e.g., Freepik), and chances are there’s a template that’s perfect for what you are looking for. Take a moment just to say thank you to your customers, and they will be glad certainly appreciate the gesture.

2. A Gift Just Because

For your valued customers, why not give something in return for their purchase on Thanksgiving? Imagine checking out, getting an order confirmation email, with a surprise gift along with the order. It’s a Thanksgiving email idea that will absolutely delight your customers.

Thanksgiving email example from William Sonoma
Thanksgiving email example from William Sonoma

Everyone loves getting something free, but getting a surprise thank you gift for just being a customer will feel like the VIP treatment. It’s a way to go above and beyond, say thanks, and make your customers excited to keep supporting your online business.

3. The Best for the Best

Speaking of VIP treatment, why not just thank your best customers? Send out an email to your top guests and give them a real VIP experience by offering a free gift, such as a t-shirt. It might be costly, but if done right can pave the way for a long-term relationship between you and your best customers.

You can use a segmentation tool that identifies your VIPs base on past spend value or order frequency. For this segment, send them a personalized thank you note with the free gift. Sending them a gift just because is also a great way to keep customer interest, it reminds them of your merchandise and makes them feel special.

A free gift for just being a loyal shopper will certainly wow your customers. It’s a surprise that would make anyone’s day.

Use Email Market to Your Advantage

Good email marketing can set you apart from the competition and make your customers happy to keep shopping. Marketing campaigns are a must, but make your communications – thank you’s, promotions, and notices – personal, fun, and specific to your brand.

A little innovation, creativity, and remembering that it’s about the customers will up your email game.

Not sure how to spice up your email marketing campaign? Thankfully there are some great services out there that can help you out with those Thanksgiving email ideas. Personalized campaign-driven automation has never been easier thanks to ContactPigeon. ContactPigeon is a marketing automation online business for e-commerce with an amazing customer service team standing at the ready to help you through every detail of your email campaigns.

Their specialty? The ability to match email content to visitor behaviors. Understanding who is coming to your website and what they want is vital to a successful email marketing campaign, even when you’re just reaching out to say thanks for shopping.

Most retailers will be setting their sites on promoting their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. But don’t forget what the real holiday is all about, giving thanks, and in this case thanking your loyal customers. A Thanksgiving email is the perfect way to do just that.  You could send a thank you card, give a free (surprise) gift with purchase, or send a gift to your best customers. A Thanksgiving email says more than just, “shop at my store,” it lets your customers know you really appreciate their business.

Take these Thanksgiving Email Ideas and start planning!

Now that you have a decent number of Thanksgiving email ideas to brainstorm with, it’s the right time for you to create your email campaign. Remember that getting prepared and being proactive is a key part of this process if you don’t want to miss any revenue opportunity. Plus it also creates the best odds for your brand to overcome competition

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