The $0 Budget Guide to Build your Email Marketing Stack


At ContactPigeon, apart from striving continuously to provide you with the best solutions to advance your email marketing and boost e-commerce sales, we are on constant search to bring you hassle free solutions to improve your marketing campaigns with a minimal budget.

Our pigeons flew around to find free marketing tools for design, content development and productivity to help you build your email marketing stack.

Have a look below to discover some nifty tools that will boost your marketing efforts with $0 budget!


Discover Freepik’s exclusive content and graphic resources. With this tool, you can download free vectors, photos and icons for creating campaign templates, infographics, or your website.

With Pixabay you will be able to find free high-quality images, which you can use wherever you want. You can download, modify, distribute and use them for free.

Canva enables everyone to become a designer. With it, you can create beautiful designs, presentations, social media graphics and documents. It can help you create custom illustrations and infographics to design your sales proposals.

Pictaculous is a color palette generator in which you can simply upload your image and get its color palette. This will help you make your campaign more branded.

You can use Tiny png, to optimize your images with a perfect balance in quality and size. It can help you reduce the size of your file and you won’t even be able to notice the difference.

Apart from using the above we also found a tool which can help you get some inspiration. Really Good Emails hosts over hundreds of real emails sent by marketers, along with commentary on what makes the email good. Have a look at their templates and get great ideas for your own campaigns.


For writing and content creation, we suggest you use Grammarly, simply add the extension to your chrome, it will correct your grammar mistakes while you are writing your content and it will help you be more accurate, effective and mistake-free!

Friendly Reminder: Just remember to turn off Grammarly extensions when using the campaign editor in ContactPigeon as it injects additional HTML codes that impact the layout. We suggest you write the content using Grammarly’s app, and then copy the plain text into ContactPigeon’s editor for best email format.

The Hemingwayapp, will make your writing bold and clear. It will help you from making errors, writing too lengthy or complex sentences. Give it a try, it’s an absolute gem!

Productivity- Automation

Once you set up and start sending your campaigns it’s extremely important to follow up and see how they are doing.

This way you will be able to define your success and if need be make changes for your campaigns to look more appealing.

With you can get the most of your professional relationships and don’t need to waste another minute of your workday.

Boomerang is a great productivity tool that can help you schedule your emails and set easy email reminders. Add the google extension and take control of when to send and receive email messages.

Mailman, is a free software for managing electronic mail discussion and e-newsletter lists. It makes it easy for users to manage their accounts and list owners to administer their lists.

Deliverability – Spam Checking

No one wants to be considered as spam, but do you do your spam checks before sending campaigns?

If not try Send Forensic, which will help you by making Email Deliverability Tests. You just have to fill in their form, send them the emails you want to check and then view your results.

Email Checked, what about your Subject Line though? Litmus SubjectLine Checker is a powerful optimization tool for email professionals. Litmus provides instant email previews, comprehensive checklists and advanced analytics.

Sender Score will help you get to know your sender reputation and how to improve it.


Last but not least, we have tracking and analytics. Google Analytics URL Builder can be your right hand to track in Google Analytics your campaign reports.

A/B Testing Duration Calculator will help you decide how long you need to run your A/B test and will show you real time reports and everything you need to know in order to increase sales and conversions.

IsValid will calculate the statistical importance of your campaigns, just add your sample and conversions to check the significance and improvements.


Before you start looking into it, you have to make sure, you are using a good Marketing Automation Platform.

For those who already use ContactPigeon this is not news, but if you are exploring your options, consider checking out our platform and see how our power automation flows can improve conversions for your email campaigns!

That’s all folks! You don’t have to pay extreme amounts to improve your email marketing results, use some of the free tools above and thank us later. Toodles!

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