14 Most Powerful Words in Email Marketing [Infographics]

Most powerful words in Email Marketing

You have tested the design and tweaked the “Call to Action” button repeatedly to increase engagement in your email marketing. While you are seeing an uplift in open and clicks, you are looking for more. But what more can you do?

Examining how you write your email copy can be the solution to increasing those engagement rates. Using words that are direct and persuasive can be effective when it comes to inspiring your readers to take action.

We have gathered 14 most power phrases for you to try in your next email campaign. These words play on a few psychological factors that aim to prompt your readers to act.

1. FOMO aka. fear of missing out

Most times, people take immediate action if they feel that they will likely miss a good opportunity. Words like “Now”, “Instantly”, “Don’t miss” and “Limited” invokes a sense of action and urgency. It prompts the subscriber to do something right away as the offer or product may run out soon if she put it off until a later time.

2. It’s all about me

Humans are self-centered beings. We like to know that the world revolves around our own needs and perspectives. As a result, we pay attention to words that are specific to us, as well as those that create a sense of exclusivity.
Phrases such as “You”, “Your”, “Only for” and “Exclusive” accomplishes just that.

4. An appeal to reason

Robert B. Cialdini, author of best seller “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” highlights a well-known principle of human behavior says that when we ask someone to do us a favor we will be more successful if we provide a reason. The surprising insight is that as long as the request is followed by a rationale, it doesn’t matter if the reason actually makes sense or not.
Consequently, phrases like “because” or “cause” works amazingly well in getting a response when you put out a request to your readers.

5. No-hassle

Admit it, most of us mortals are lazy. We naturally orient towards things that are easy, fuss-free, quick and value driven. Thus, words such as “Free”, “Easy”, “Instantly”, “Save” and “Risk-Free” holds a special appeal to many.

6. Strong sense of curiosity and novelty

Curiosity is part of our nature. We are often inspired by interesting stories, new trends and novel items. The words “New” “Secret” and “Discover” invoke excitement and sense of curiosity in each one of us. After all, who doesn’t love something brand new and shiny?

Now, without further ado, we introduce the 14 most powerful words to try in your next email marketing.

14 Power Words in Email Marketing
14 Power Words in Email Marketing

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