6 Effective Cold Email Formulas That Increase Open Rates [Infographic]


The fate of cold emails, like cold calls, are often met with dread, shrug, and neglect. It is the most challenging of all communications for three reasons. You have no relationship with your audience, the recipients have noτ expressed interests in your service or products, and you lack any form of feedback so that you can’t modify your approach in real time. Consequently, there is a huge obstacle in getting cold emails to be noticed and read.

However, cold emails can work. While there are many ways to reach your prospective customers, email remains the most effective and cheapest approach for lead generation.

At ContactPigeon, we have seen and sent a lot emails in B2B and B2C context. After analyzing the performance outcome of these emails, we have concluded the 6 tactical formulas for effective cold email. We have converted those insights furthermore into a practical self-explanatory infographic which you will find below. Enjoy!

And here are the 6 formulas for creating an effective cold email:

Cold Email Tips
How to Write Effective Cold Email

For a more detailed read on How to Write a Cold Email, check out Stefanos’ post here.

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