The best summer marketing campaigns for eCommerce [2024]

summer marketing campaigns

Nowadays, sunny summer days aren’t an obstacle for retail marketers. Shoppers constantly stay “plugged in”, even when relaxing poolside. In this post, we’ve curated 3 ideas of the best summer marketing campaigns to inspire grow your brand’s customer engagement this summer.

Summer marketing campaigns we’re loving

A unique summer marketing campaign for eCommerce is sure to grab the attention of your audience. Let’s look at our top 3 picks of the best summer marketing campaign examples that have nailed it, and how you can replicate those recipes!

Summer marketing campaign #1: Leh Berry: Beat the Heat 

Leh Berry’s “Beat the Heat” summer marketing slogan and fresh design nails it!

Why we liked it: 

For your eCommerce summer marketing campaigns in 2021, try combining fun designs and smart summer marketing campaign slogans. Once you have these two components, you can create an awesome campaign with product bundles

Customers love the feeling of getting a bargain, and bundling allows retailers to employ a popular psychological tactic. Bundled pricing convinces consumers they’re getting a great deal, even when they are driven to purchase additional items that they normally would not purchase. Sometimes, consumer end up buing items in the bundle are at a higher price point than if sold separately!

How to replicate this tactic for your store: 

  • Fun designs are essential to the best summer marketing campaigns. An eye-captivating design is certain to generate intrigue, and allow your display to stand out from the crowd. For quick inspirations, check out the template library from eCommerce marketing automation solution like ContactPigeon.
ContactPigeon Email Templates
ContactPigeon Email Templates with Drag and Drop Editor is easy to use
  • Once you have the design, get inspired to create your own creative summer marketing slogans. Look to Leh Berry juice as a successful example. Their “Beat the Heat” campaign is super relevant and great copywriting.
  • Next, build your product bundles. Consider which products go well together from your product offerings. There are several options to consider when deciding the product bundle. One way is to create the bundle based on products that are complementary to each other (e.g., matching top and bottom). Alternatively, you can let data decide the combination, by offering products that are often purchased together. You can use ContactPigeon’s native product recommendations when building the bundles.

Additional tips:

  • When someone views one of the products within the bundle trigger a dynamic pop-up to up-sell the product bundles. This gives your customers a chance to see the bundle offer in case they haven’t seen the offer previously.

To easily set up pop-ups and skip the hassle of learning Photoshop or CSS all you need a Dynamic Pop Up Editor like in the video below. 

  • Also, you can use Facebook Custom Audience from your existing contacts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network. Then, use the Ads to target consumers who have viewed similar products in the past.
We’ve curated examples of the best summer marketing campaigns!

Estimated time needed to setup: 3-4 hours

Summer marketing campaign #2: Sunny Co Clothing’s Viral Red Swimsuit Giveaway

Tommy Hilfiger Banner

Sunny Co Clothing’s VIRAL summer marketing giveaway

Why we liked it: 

This Instagram giveaway has become an annual event for Sunny Co Clothing. It proves to be exceptional in growing brand awareness. The giveaway? This trendy FREE red bathing suit — a $65 value! All you need to do is re-post Sunny Co Clothing’s photo on Instagram and tag the brand. 

The first year, this summer marketing campaign generated 341,042 likes and 121k comments! It’s a great way to have customers become instant brand ambassadors for your brand without even realizing it. From reposts on social media to word of mouth, you generate a hot viral summer marketing campaign. And, you do it without breaking the bank on advertising.  

How to replicate this tactic for your store: 

  • Define the scope of your giveaway. For example, set parameters for what prizes to giveaway. Also, decide the total value, how many items, the giveaway’s timeframe, how winners will be chosen, and so on. 
  • Select what channel to promote your giveaway. Ideally, pick one that can largely amplify social network effect.
  • Design corresponding creatives
  • Set up a giveaway Landing pages for your social media campaigns. The landing page should describe the giveaway and how to enter. A great idea is to “personalize” your landing page with a channel-specific variation. For example, visitors from an Instagram post, you can ask them to “like us on Instagram”, like Sunny Co Clothing did with their giveaway. 
  • On the landing page, you can ask visitors to opt-in to Push notifications (if they haven’t done so already). You can use push notifications to announce winners and further nudge entrants on limited time offer.
ContactPigeon’s automated push notifications are simple to set up.

Estimated time needed to setup: 3-4 hours

Summer marketing campaign #3: J.Crew’s Summertime Creative Survival Guide

This summer try to replicate J.Crew’s responsive and personalized marketing campaign

Why we liked it: 

This summer marketing campaign is ready to convert! Remember, your marketing campaign should be optimized for both mobile and desktop in order for shoppers to open, click and buy. What’s more, you need a responsive, personalized campaign to grab shoppers’ attention even when they are on-the-go during the hot summer months.

How to replicate this tactic for your store: 

  • Responsive campaign designs optimized for desktop and mobile are essential components to your summertime marketing success. The best summer marketing campaigns need beautiful, colorful designs. This campaign does it all, really, really well. A great summertime tip is when you can’t provide sales, try to invest elsewhere (such as graphics and designs) to draw users in and convince them to convert.
ContactPigeon’s Template Library: You can customize anything, from the design to the loading rules of the widget so as to load only to specified URLs or after specific time spent on the site.
  • Use FOMO and clear summer-themed CTAs. One of the most important tips for marketers is to include a countdown clock to create scarcity and a FOMO. J.Crew’s FOMO of their sale ending today alongside a clearly marked CTA, the summertime sale code “JULY”, makes it one of the best summer marketing campaigns.
Creating a countdown clock is simple with ContactPigeon’s Drag and Drop Editor
  • Personalization equals conversions. Use a drag and drop email builder to design personalized campaigns that represent your brand image and style. Create fun summertime taglines, subject lines for email campaigns and use breezy summertime colors. Try J.Crew’s color scheme out —  it’s cool and refreshing, just like a coconut!

Estimated time needed to setup: 1-2 hours

Fun summer holidays to plan for 2021

There are many summer holidays to inspire great marketing campaigns besides the 4th of July. We’ve looked at our top 3 picks of the best summer marketing campaigns we’re loving. Now, let’s look at 5 fun holidays to help you tap into shoppers emotions and increase your summer conversion rate:

We’ve put together fun summer holidays to plan for!

1. Flag Day (June 14) 

Think patriotism for inspiration. Showcase products that are red, white and blue. Help make shopping, decorating and entertaining easy peasy for your shoppers.

2. Summer Solstice (June 21 in 2021) 

Celebrate this astronomical event, the longest day of the year, with extra savings and specials. It’s a great idea for a one-of-a-kind summer marketing campaign for eCommerce!

3. Hammock Day (July 22)

It’s summertime and your customers are chilling out. Creating easy, breezy summer marketing campaigns is the perfect way to tap into the mindset of your audience! Use this day which celebrates chilling in a hammock to promote summertime savings and deals.

4. Friendship Day (August 2nd)

What a sweet holiday! Help your customers celebrate those they love and cherish by creating one of the most unique and best summer marketing campaigns. Offer sweet deals such as BOGOs (buy one for you and one for your BF), and so on.

5. National S’mores Day (August 10th)

Everyone loves S’mores! And, nothing says summertime like sitting around a campfire and roasting these sweet, gooey treats. Get inspired by the spirit of summer. Think about long summer days, friends and family. Offer sweet sales on this yummy holiday!

6. Back to School Campaign (August-September)

The ring bells every September and pupils and students have to return to classrooms for the next school year. Year after year we see a rising number of brands, coming from a wide variety of niches, invest time and effort to spot catchy Back to School marketing ideas to increase seasonal revenue. Any brand should definitely do the same!

Discover more seasonal & holiday marketing campaigns by top brands

Automate your summer sales

To stand out from the crowd and beat the heat, you need a unique summer marketing campaign for eCommerce. Remember, summertime is fun-time. Although your customers are still plugged and online, you need to make special efforts to grab their attention and engage them with your brand.

In this post, we have provided all the tools and knowledge you need to try 3 of the best summer marketing campaigns for eCommerce. We hope these examples and tips will inspire you with more summer marketing ideas for the ongoing hot summer days.

Remember to try out popular product bundles along with fun summer colors and design in your summer marketing campaign 2021!

Going forward, be sure to keep up with the latest trends and eCommerce-related summer marketing ideas. This way, you’ll stay in the loop and get even more ideas for you to try in your own summer marketing campaigns! Now you’re chillin’.

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