15 Mother’s Day Marketing Campaigns We Loved

Mark your calendar if you haven’t already. On May 12th, we celebrate the moms in our lives on Mother’s Day. For eCommerce and retail, this is a great opportunity to get creative and lure shoppers to your site, seeing that Mother’s Day marketing campaigns have become a captivating study of consumer dynamics. The year 2023 witnessed a significant financial commitment from consumers, as they planned to allocate a substantial $35.7 billion for this special occasion. This marked an impressive increase of $4 billion compared to the preceding year’s record of $31.7 billion, as revealed by the annual survey conducted by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

For brands looking to carve their niche with spot-on Mother’s Day marketing campaigns, the key lies in shining a spotlight on authentic customer experiences. In this article, we will guide you through the best Mother’s Day marketing campaigns. These not only capture the hearts of consumers but also serve as exemplary models for fostering genuine connections and resonating with audiences on a personal level. Join us in exploring the strategies that propelled these campaigns to success, and discover how your brand can make a meaningful impact this Mother’s Day.

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Key elements of successful Mother’s Day campaigns

Effectively engaging consumers and creating resonance often involves incorporating different elements into Mother’s Day campaigns. Take a look into the fundamental aspects to contemplate when strategizing for a Mother’s Day marketing campaign:

  • Genuine representation, diversity, and inclusiveness: Embrace diversity by spotlighting real stories of various mother figures (stepmoms, foster moms, biological moms, adoptive moms, aunts, etc.) for resonance with a broad and diverse audience. Construct campaigns that exude authenticity reflective of the diverse realities of the customer base and cater to individual preferences for a profound connection with customers
  • Customer-centric focus: Approach campaign planning with a customer-first mindset to guarantee positive and personalized experiences, nurturing loyalty and bolstering brand affinity.
  • Emotionally resonant narratives: Go beyond product promotion and tap into the emotional essence of the occasion, presenting products as meaningful tokens of love and appreciation for exceptionally impactful campaigns. 
  • Innovative creativity: Infuse campaigns with inventive concepts like crafting product bundles tailored for mothers or launching charitable initiatives to set your campaign apart and capture attention.
  • User-generated content and social media engagement: Encouraging user-generated content and social media engagement fosters community and authenticity, utilizing the trust and relatability that traditional advertising may lack. 

Stellar Mother’s Day marketing campaigns we loved

Now that we’ve explained some of the key elements you need to have a rockin’ Mother’s Day marketing campaign in 2024, let’s dive in deeper and take a look at our top picks of Mother’s Day campaigns that we simply loved – because they have it all!

Mother’s Day campaign #1: Sephora

Campaign concept: Sephora’s 2022 Mother’s Day campaign breaks new ground by recognizing and celebrating the diverse facets of motherhood. From biological mothers to adoptive mothers, and even unconventional roles like drag moms and pet moms, the campaign aims to redefine the traditional concept of motherhood. The featured collaborators, including an all-abilities inspirational speaker, a Drag Mother, and a Wyandot artist, contribute to showcasing the beauty and various dimensions of maternal relationships.

Marketing medium used: Sephora opted for a series of social videos as the primary marketing medium for this campaign. Collaborating with three unique individuals, the videos delve into the distinctive stories and relationships each contributor has with motherhood. This multimedia approach allows the campaign to reach a wide audience and effectively convey the diverse perspectives on the beauty of mothering.

Why we loved it: The success of Sephora’s campaign lies in its ability to highlight unconventional yet precious relationships with motherhood through the featured videos. Each collaborator brings a distinct perspective to the collection. Talli Osborne, with her remarkable mother of 21 children, emphasizes love, wisdom, strength, and independence. Xtacy Love and her drag daughter, Priyanka, underline the importance of organic friendships evolving into familial bonds. Catherine Tammaro shares the value of mentorship and leadership in indigenous realms through her relationship with mentee Naz. Sephora’s innovative approach challenges traditional norms, appreciating and acknowledging the diverse forms of motherhood that extend beyond biological ties.

Mother’s Day campaign #2: Seat Geek

Mother's Day Marketing
Seat Greeks Mother’s Day Marketing Campaign We Loved

Campaign concept: A catchy and trendy GIF advert that targets the brand’s main audience of younger users who interact with Seat Geek using their mobile app.

Marketing medium used: Email marketing campaign

Why we loved it: There is something to be said about knowing your audience and Seat Geek masters it with a GIF in its campaign that targets its young users. You are drawn to keep reading the GIF message as it is unveiled, and the more you watch, the more you get to the heart of the brand’s Mother’s Day marketing message — spending time with mom. Another twist is that the sports ticketing app keeps to its recognizable on-brand colors of blue and yellow for its Mother’s Day marketing campaign, instead of the more traditional colors associated with the holiday.

Mother’s Day campaign #3: Ulta

Campaign concept: Ulta’s #PamperHerWithPretty campaign on Twitter combined with a video ad campaign created valuable personal messages from real shoppers and gave the advice to inspire customers to pamper moms with beauty products this Mother’s Day.

Marketing medium used: Social media, Twitter, Instagram

Why we loved it: It’s brilliant! Everyone has beauty advice from their moms that they want to share. As everyone knows, Mom knows best! The video Ad creates an instant emotional connection to the brand. It’s a great way to get your visitors involved – from brand-loyal customers to occasional shoppers – by giving them a voice and a platform to share and celebrate their moms’ advice!

Outcome: Ulta’s make-up advice from moms campaign combined an array of beauty tips collected and the final product was a multifaceted social marketing campaign including the Instagram handles of the customers who contributed them and a video clip.

Mother’s Day campaign #4: Clarins

Mother's Day Marketing
Clarins’ Mother’s Day Marketing Campaign We Loved

Campaign concept: By asking customers to record their answer to “What would you wish for your mom?” as a voice message via WeChat, a Chinese messaging and social media app, Clarins created a touching Mother’s Day marketing campaign.

Marketing medium used: Social (WeChat) and physical (brick and mortar)

Why we loved it: This social media campaign by Clarins drove both online and in-store engagement by getting customers excited about the brand. In return for recording a sweet message for their moms, shoppers got a little gift — qualifying for a free in-store gift at Clarins over Mother’s Day weekend! Furthermore, once in the stores, visitors could participate in an in-store draw with prizes of a facial treatment, a travel kit, or spa coupons!

Outcome: With all of the offered incentives, Clarins created a buzz. This resulted in customers showing up at the physical stores over Mother’s Day weekend, skyrocketing retail sales.

Mother’s Day campaign #5: ΙΚΕΑ 

Campaign concept: The Swedish giant tailor-made its website for this special occasion with a very interactive idea. The “There are more ways to say “I love you mom” campaign was implemented by creating different curated bundles for different types of moms with a hover feature. 

Marketing medium used: Company website

Why we loved it: Because curated ensembles increase the overage order value while making the visitors want to purchase these items more. Visualization is a powerful motivator and the entire campaign inspires buyers with a clear message and an insightful idea. 

Mother’s Day campaign #6: Samsung

samsung mothers day campaigns

Campaign concept: In 2015, Samsung shot a hilarious video with off-camera people scrolling through their texts. The texts were from their moms and the subjects were various conversations varying from failed attempts at internet slang, to rants about random stuff and blank messages. 

Marketing medium used: Video 

Why we loved it: Firstly, because the texts were hilarious and everyone could relate to this situation. Who hasn’t received a message from their mom that makes zero sense? Additionally, Samsung leveraged humor and designed a brilliant campaign that highlighted brand recognition with finesse and subtlety. 

Mother’s Day campaign #7: McDonald’s

mcdonald's mother's day campaign

Campaign concept: The 2020 McDonald’s Mother’s Day campaign was not something we were expecting, and that is why it made it to this article. Just like the ad’s slogan “Give mom the gift she never knew she wanted”, the audience got a social media post they never knew they wanted either. 

Marketing medium used: Social media, Facebook 

Why we loved it: The success of this campaign lies in the engagement it generated as McDonald’s followers filled the post with comments. The funny post increased the page’s traffic and started the conversation with minimum effort. 

Mother’s Day campaign #8: The Body Shop

Campaign concept: The Body Shop UK collaborated with famous artist Alison Jackson and made a video parody about how the Royal Family would treat Queen Elizabeth on Mother’s Day. The actors impersonated Prince Charles and Camilla to prepare breakfast for the Queen and tend to the corgis. 

Marketing medium used: Video 

Why we loved it: Collaborations are a mutually beneficial marketing strategy designed to engage the audiences of the participating parties, achieving broader brand recognition and awareness. Body Shop reached the followers of Alison Jackson and vice versa, increasing word-of-mouth and subscribers. 

Mother’s Day campaign #9: Discovery Channel

discovery channel mother's day campaign

Campaign concept: It wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without a heartwarming campaign, so we just had to add one of the cutest ads of all time. The Discovery Channel posted a video on their Facebook account thanking all the extraordinary mothers on Earth, highlighting that moms will always take care of their young, despite the species.

Marketing medium used: Video, social media

Why we loved it: Sentimental, warm campaigns always do the trick, and Discovery Channel nailed it! The brand’s Facebook post lit up with comments from the channel’s visitors, increasing the page’s traffic and its reach. 

Mother’s Day campaign #10: Lancome

lancome mother's day campaign

Campaign concept: Digital campaigns are a sure thing, but old-school billboards are always welcome and timeless. Mother’s Day in 2020 was an ambivalent time since we weren’t fully aware of how the pandemic was going to unfold. Some consumers were still reluctant to shop at the brick-and-mortar stores, but those brave few who made it to London’s Westfield shopping center came across a gigantic 3D billboard featuring Julia Roberts, courtesy of Lancôme and Kinetic Worldwide. 

Marketing medium used: 3D billboard

Why we loved it: It was really hard to miss Julia Roberts’s enormous 3D dress, thus providing massive brand recognition and engagement for both companies. Although, apart from the size of the billboard, its aesthetic value made it quite distinctive and eye-appealing.

Mother’s Day campaign #11: Google

Campaign concept: a social media post that turned out to be a full marketing campaign, honoring all mothers worldwide while promoting GoogleNest, positioning it as the technology that helps mothers answer all the “hey moms…” they have to respond to every day.

Marketing medium used: Social Media

Why we loved it: It is a heartwarming campaign, showcasing that mothers are the first search engine that everyone is using or used as a child. Mothers have to answer approximately over 300 questions per day so the tagline “Give your original helper a little help of her own” is a brilliant way to promote the Googe Home Hub that will not only help out a mother but the entire family as well. Google displays in its ad all the different products/options the GoogleNest has to offer along with their exact price. Just before promoting products and prices, the bold CTA to pay homage to all the occasions Mom was by their side to help them out is the one that makes the difference.

Mother’s Day campaign #12: Hallmark

Campaign concept: a social media post that honors Mother’s Day by using emotional parenting scenes throughout a child’s aging. In this campaign, Hallmark is brilliantly placing its gifts and gift cards as the perfect means to express gratitude to all the mother figures around the world and celebrate Mother’s Day.

Marketing medium used: Social Media

Why we loved it: Because it is an extremely emotional campaign that highlights the perfectly imperfect moments of parenting, building a bold image for the brand and its products. In the video, we see flawless product placement of Hallmark products and gift cards, items that not only aim to celebrate Mother’s Day but are also related to self-care and will provide relaxation to all mothers around the world. The ad closes with the heartwarming message “When you care enough to celebrate the love they give” which perfectly reflects Hallmark’s brand positioning.

Mother’s Day campaign #13: Kraft

Source: adweek.com

Campaign concept: The central theme of the campaign revolved around affording mothers a respite on Mother’s Day through the reimbursement of babysitting expenses. This initiative aimed to grant mothers the opportunity to partake in activities free from parental responsibilities, thereby ensuring they could dedicate some quality time to themselves during this significant day.

Marketing medium used: The Kraft Mother’s Day Away site served as the primary marketing medium for this campaign. Mothers were encouraged to submit babysitting receipts or notes from private babysitters to be eligible for reimbursement. Kraft undertook the responsibility of covering costs up to $50,000 and restricted the offer to one submission per person, email, or household address.

Why we loved it: We loved this campaign because it recognized the importance of giving moms a break on Mother’s Day. Through the provision of financial support for babysitting expenses, Kraft presented a pragmatic solution, allowing mothers to savor their day without the burden of childcare costs. The campaign’s restriction to one request per person ensured equitable distribution of funds, prioritizing those in genuine need. In essence, the Mother’s Day Away campaign emerged as a considerate and efficacious expression of gratitude towards mothers on their special day.

Mother’s Day campaign #14: Tesco

Campaign concept: The Tesco #EveryMum campaign marked Mother’s Day by presenting a celebration that spotlighted the diverse narratives of various mother figures, including stepmoms, foster moms, biological moms, adoptive moms, aunts, and more. This comprehensive approach sought to underscore the manifold paths to motherhood, aiming to connect with a broad audience by acknowledging and honoring all facets of maternal relationships.

Marketing medium used: The marketing medium employed for this initiative comprised a blend of social media platforms, television commercials, and online advertisements. Tesco harnessed these channels to disseminate authentic stories of mothers and their children, establishing an emotional rapport with viewers and customers.

Why we loved it: We loved the Tesco #EveryMum campaign for its inclusive and heartwarming portrayal of motherhood. Through the exhibition of diverse mother-child relationships and the spotlighting of distinct journeys to motherhood, Tesco adeptly captured the essence of Mother’s Day, celebrating the multifaceted roles that women play in nurturing and caring for children. This campaign not only struck a chord with audiences but also underscored the significance of acknowledging and valuing all forms of motherhood in a meaningful and poignant manner.

Mother’s Day campaign #15: KFC

Source: CNN

Campaign concept: Looking back to the challenges of the unspoken pandemic, KFC’s May 2020 Mother’s Day campaign deserves recognition for adapting to a world where traditional celebrations were hindered. This initiative aimed to provide an alternative and memorable Mother’s Day experience for families unable to gather in person due to the prevailing circumstances.

Marketing medium used: KFC strategically collaborated with Messenger on Facebook to launch an at-home virtual dining experience, complemented by personalized invitations. This innovative approach allowed families to celebrate Mother’s Day together, bridging the gap created by restrictions on in-person gatherings. The campaign utilized the official KFC Facebook page’s chatbot, providing users with an accessible means to organize a virtual celebration, complete with customizable invitations featuring mom’s name and a picture.

Why we liked it: KFC’s campaign for Mother’s Day in 2020 successfully addressed the limitations imposed by the pandemic, leveraging technology to create a unique and personal experience. By partnering with Messenger on Facebook, KFC tapped into the rising popularity of video calling and facilitated virtual gatherings for families. The incorporation of personalized invitations added a thoughtful touch, making the celebration feel special despite the physical distance. Additionally, the collaboration with Grubhub, offering free delivery on orders over $20, provided a convenient way for families to treat their moms to KFC’s signature blend of herbs and spices without the hassle of cleaning dishes—an ideal and practical Mother’s Day gift in the circumstances.

Strategic insights inspired by the top Mother’s Day Campaigns

Based on the successful Mother’s Day marketing campaigns highlighted in this article, here are some strategic insights:


  • Celebrates diverse motherhood, featuring unconventional roles.
  • An innovative and inclusive approach challenges traditional norms, appreciating diverse forms of motherhood.

Seat Geek

  • Uses a catchy GIF targeting younger users through email marketing.
  • Knows the audience well, engaging GIF message, and on-brand colors.


  • #PamperHerWithPretty Twitter campaign and video ads featuring real shoppers.
  • Brilliantly engages customers by sharing beauty advice, creating an emotional connection.


  • Utilizes WeChat for voice messages and in-store incentives.
  • Drives online and in-store engagement, offers incentives, and creates buzz.


  • A tailor-made website with interactive curated bundles for different moms.
  • Curated ensembles boost order value, visualization inspires purchases, and a clear message.


  • Hilarious video with off-camera people scrolling through funny mom texts.
  • Leverages humor, and highlights brand recognition subtly through relatable content.


  • Unconventional 2020 Mother’s Day campaign generating engagement on social media.
  • Unexpected and funny post increases page traffic, and spark conversation with minimum effort.

The Body Shop

  • Collaborates with artist Alison Jackson for a video parody about the Royal Family.
  • Engages wider audiences through collaboration, mutually beneficial for brand recognition.

Discovery Channel

  • Heartwarming video thanking extraordinary mothers worldwide.
  • Sentimental content increases engagement and reach, and taps into emotional connections.


  • A 3D billboard featuring Julia Roberts at London’s Westfield shopping center.
  • Massive brand recognition, distinctive and eye-appealing aesthetic.


  • Social media post turned marketing campaign honoring mothers and promoting GoogleNest.
  • The heartwarming campaign, positions GoogleNest as a helpful technology, and showcases product options and prices.


  • Emotional social media post showcasing imperfect parenting moments, promoting Hallmark products.
  • Builds a bold image through emotional content, and flawlessly integrates product placement.


  • Focuses on reimbursing mothers for babysitting expenses.
  • Recognizes the importance of giving moms a break, provides a practical solution, and ensures equitable distribution of funds.


  • #EveryMum celebrates diverse mother figures through social media, TV, and online ads.
  • The inclusive portrayal of motherhood captures different journeys and emphasizes the significance of acknowledging all forms.


  • The 2020 Mother’s Day campaign adapts to the pandemic with at-home virtual dining experience.
  • Addresses limitations of the pandemic, leverages technology for a unique experience, offering personalized invitations, and convenient delivery.

Useful Mother’s Day marketing resources for eCommerce retailers

Discover more seasonal & holiday marketing campaigns by top brands

A Mother’s Day marketing plan any mom would be proud of…

The ever-changing landscape of retail trends and eCommerce means that gift-giving has evolved way beyond cards and flowers as the ideal Mother’s Day present. After all, everyone wants to get Mom something she will really cherish, which means pulling out all the stops.

eCommerce marketers also need to go all out for this holiday with a creative and captivating Mother’s Day marketing campaign. Don’t forget — Mother’s Day is the third-largest retail holiday across the globe. Send promotions to shoppers in advance and consider the broader audience that Mother’s Day gifts can target. Let our top picks of Mother’s Day marketing campaigns inspire you to think outside of the box. With a little imagination, some solid Mother’s Day marketing ideas from above, and an advanced automated platform to take care of the rest, you are sure to develop a marketing campaign any mom would be proud of!

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