44 Catchy Mother’s Day Subject Lines for eCommerce [2019 updated]

Mother's Day subject lines

2019 Updated! We added even more inspiring Mother’s day email subject lines for you to pick from. Enjoy!


Mother’s Day is a holiday celebrated across the world. It also happens to be the 3rd largest retail holiday in the US. In 2017, the total spend on Mother’s Day is estimated to be $20B+ in the US. For eCommerce retailers, this is one occasion not to be missed. If you are still refining your email campaigns and looking for some inspirations, then this post is for you. We’ve gathered 36 ideas for Mother’s Day subject lines that you can use in your next campaign.

Mother’s Day Subject Lines

Last Min Deals

  • Don’t forget Mom this year [Free Shipping on $50+]
  • Last-Minute Gifts to Send Mom Instantly
  • Don’t Miss Out on the Mother’s Day Special [Today Only]
  • Reminder: Last to Ship & Get It by Mother’s Day
  • Last Minute Mother’s Day Deals
  • Final day free shipping for Mom

Savings & Offers

  • Get Up to 30% OFF This Mother’s Day Gift
  • Get Gift for Mother’s Day with Free Ground Shipping
  • Celebrate the Moms in Your Life + Save 25%
  • Here is your early bird coupon for Mother’s Day
  • Save 50% on Mom Pack [3 Days Only]
  • Mom approved savings for this Mother’s Day

Beauty / Spa / Experiences

  • Pamper Mom with a Special Treatment
  • 1+1 Mother’s Day Gift. A gift for her and one for you!
  • Bundled Mother & Daughter Deal for Mother’s Day
  • Beauty & Strength, Give Matching Gift for Modern Day Mom
  • Plan a [Trip/Dining/Adventure] Experience Your Mom Will Adore
  • Unique MOMent for Mother’s Day Celebration


  • Our most fashionable gifts handpicked for Mom
  • Psst, these are the top 5 fashion finds Moms are loving
  • Trendy Gift Ideas for Mom
  • Celebrate Mom in Style!
  • Mother’s Day Must-Haves Styles
  • What Mom Want for Mother’s Day
  • Spring Trends for Moms to Be

Home Furnishing / Cookware

  • For someone who reminds you of home, a special Mother’s Day offer
  • Spring showers, May Flowers, Perfect Patterns for every Mom
  • Shop our Home Gift Guide
  • Super Easy Recipes + Cookware for Moms
  • [Limited Edition] Mother’s Day Special
  • 5 Delicious Recipes + Right Cookware on Mother’s Day

General Mother’s Day

  • Happy Mother’s Day from Entire Team at [Company Name]
  • Looking for a Mother’s Day Gift?
  • Perfect Picks for Mom Under $50
  • Gift Ideas for a Super Mom
  • Gifts for Mom at Every Price
  • (new!) Make her smile.
  • (new!) ? A gift for Mama
  • (new!) Shhh! Mommy shouldn’t listen…
  • (new!) Because she worths it.
  • (new!) X reasons for your mum to hug you
  • (new!) Give her one of these + 1 hug
  • (new!) Special gifts for a special person
  • (new!) The best gifts for the best Mum

A Few More Mother’s Day Email Tips

1. Send promotions in advance

Best performing email campaigns are generally deployed more than a week ahead of the holiday. Given that gifting purchases are usually done ahead of time, it’s advisable to get your promotions in front of the consumers early.

Kickoff the Mother’s Day email campaigns 2 to 3 weeks ahead of Mother’s Day. For the subsequent email campaigns, sequence them at appropriate intervals (e.g., 7, 3, and 2 days) to remind your customers of the pending promotion.

2. Include “Mom” or “Mother’s Day” in the Mother’s Day subject lines

Mother’s Day references appeal to the consumer emotions. So include these keywords in your subject for maximum impact (and open rates of course)!

3. Think broader in terms of target audience

Recent consumer trends on Mother’s Day show that gifting is not only reserved for Moms. In fact, of those surveyed 62% of the adult will purchase a gift for their Moms, while the 38% of them will also gift to other Moms in their life – including wife, daughter, sister, etc.

So, keep that in mind as you plan out your email campaign, as you’ll have a much wider audience to target.

4. Savings and offers

The theme of holiday savings is still strong in most Mother’s Day campaigns. So use sales and offers strategies to your advantage. If you do plan a special sale for Mother’s Day, promote it early, so your customers are aware of it as they are researching for the perfect gift for Mom.

That’s a Wrap

A key part of successful Mother’s Day marketing is finding powerful subject lines that emphasize shopper’s connection with their Mom or other Moms in their life. Hope these Mother’s Day subject lines will trigger some creative ideas for you. If you’re interested in learning more check out our last posts on Mother’s Day Marketing Campaign Ideas and Free templates for eCommerce.

Happy Marketing!


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