5 Advanced Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

Mother's Day Marketing Ideas

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate the Moms in our lives. For eCommerce marketers, this is a holiday not to be missed. Mother’s Day is the 3rd biggest retail holiday, after Black Friday / Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Spending on Mother’s Day has risen, even in 2020, with total revenue reaching almost $27B in the United States alone. Additionally, despite the social distancing, the lockdowns, and the overall effects of COVID-19, consumers are expected to spend $8 more than in 2020. With this enormous market of anticipated spending, how to stand out against the competition and appeal to your target audiences requires extra creativity. Let’s look at 5 Mother’s Day marketing ideas that turn common email promotions into something more captivating.

Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas

1. Gentle Reminders for Mother’s Day

For many busy individuals, we often forget about key holidays or dates until the day arrives. At the point of realization, followed by a small moment of anxiety, we rush into the nearest department store with the task of finding a suitable gift for our loved one. Sounds familiar?

Consequently, it’s a good practice to remind visitors of the upcoming Mother’s Day in advance. An excellent way to do that is to leverage in-site messages as customers have completed their order to see whether if they are interested in adding a gift for Mother’s Day. Then proceed to a landing page with Mother’s Day product suggestions.

Mother's Day Marketing Ideas - Popup Reminders Post Purchase
Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas – Popup Reminders Post Purchase

Advanced Tip:
Use pop-up message that activates on order confirmation. This tactic should be deployed one month ahead of Mother’s Day to ensure enough time for the gift to arrive.

2. Profile Based Gift Guide

Coming up with good gifting ideas is hard. That’s why offering a well-designed gift guide is a great way to attract subscribers’ interests. It’s also an excellent opportunity to showcase the range of products you offer.

Advanced Tip:
Define several styles or profiles of Moms that your products can be a great fit. For example, Moms who love adventures, Nature loving Moms, or Fashionable Moms. Build the Gift Guide by profile.

Having a more precise profile definition will enable you to understand the general category that your potential customers are looking to shop. This will allow you to adopt more targeted remarketing strategy accordingly with product recommendation suitable for each profile segment. In the example below from Bezar, the email campaign targets the modern Mom who is looking for a sense of style.

Mother's Day Marketing Ideas - Not the Same Gift Guide
Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas – Not the Same Gift Guide by Segment Profile

3. Bundle Offers

Whether it is “Like mother like daughter” or “Like mother like son,” the old idiom rings some truth. There’s a good likelihood that Mom will enjoy similar interests and products that give you joy. Similarly, many products or services can be shared by both Mom and child. Hence, a bundle offer for Mom & Child is a smart way to increase your average order value. In the example from Drybar includes a smart gift card offer by bundling an add-on product.

Mother's Day Marketing Ideas - Bundle Offers
Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas – Bundle Offers

Advanced Tip:
Include the bundle product offer as part of the product suggestions. The trigger can be a popup message when visitor added a product to cart or a dynamic element on your website. The recommendations can also be included part of the abandoned cart or browse abandonment emails based on the products viewed if the visitor had left without the purchase.

4. Run Promotional Offers with Targeted Offers

Reward your customers with targeted promotional offers. Create ones exclusively for Mother’s Day offer, and design a series of countdown campaigns to promote the campaign offer. The 1800-Flowers.com combined a limited time only offer for Mother’s Day, but also the site-wide sale for non Mother’s Day purchases. A smart way to use the occasion to drive additional sales!

Mother's Day Marketing Ideas - Promotional Offers
Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas – Promotional Offers

Advanced Tip:
Use segmentation to drive more value and interests by varying the message of your email for 2 or 3 broader segments. For example, entice VIPs with a message of appreciation highlighting their importance to your business. For discount or value seekers, you can perhaps use a limited offer to drive more immediate responses.

The segments can be:

  • VIPs (based on annual spend or frequency of purchases)
  • One-time shoppers
  • Discount-seekers
  • At-risk customers

The bottom line. Since each segment group has different values, tailor your offer for each segment to drive the desired reaction or outcome from your audience.

5. Purchase Reminders

Customers who have previously bought from you will more likely purchase again. This can apply to customers who have purchased a Mother’s Day gift in the previous year. Creating a repurchase reminder campaign for this subset of your customer is a great way to engage your existing customer and boost mother’s day sale at the same time!

Advanced Tip:

Keep track of the Holiday gift purchases and dates (e.g., Anniversary, Birthdays, Mother’s Day). Set up automated gift reminders for your customers to be triggered each year. Think of this as a combination of the Repurchase reminder and Anniversary reminder for your customers.

Mother's Day Marketing Ideas - Repurchase Reminders
Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas – Example of Anniversary Campaigns

Useful Mother’s Day marketing resources for eCommerce retailers

Go the Extra Mile

Like all eCommerce marketing campaigns, early preparation and good copywriting is key to success. This May, go the extra mile with these 5 advanced Mother’s Day marketing ideas to drive more conversions with even more targeted promotions and messages to reach your audience. Combining the power of customer segmentation, product recommendations, and marketing automation, will turn the run-of-the-mill promotional campaigns into more effective ways of boosting sales this season.

Like what you’re reading? You can get more inspiration on Mother’s Day email marketing and free templates from our previous post.

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