Email Marketing Ideas for Mother’s Day [Free Templates]


Come on, admit it, she is your everything! You know it much better than us, but we are here to help you make her day, the best of her life.

With Mother’s Day celebration just around the corner, you must have already been thinking about how to help your clients surprise their mothers, at least we hope you do! If you belong to the absentminded species, don’t worry we got you covered!

With this article, our main goal is to help you create attractive campaigns that will drive your customers directly at the checkout of your e-shop!

In ContactPigeon we believe that we are all children, no matter what our age may be. So, whether you are a big or a smaller child, even if you are a dog, ? it’s always good to thank your mother for her love, affection, support she’s given you and all the walks she’s taken you!

Depending the type of business you are, don’t forget to remind your clients to add lovely small messages like “I love you mom, your hug is the most wonderful thing in the world” and for those operating in the pet industry a “ruff-ruff thanks so much for walking me in the beach even though I irritate you with the kelp I am chewing”, would definitely put a smile in your customers faces.

Create your campaign in a way that your customers can see at first glance, the products you offer from all your different categories.

This way they can choose from your e-shop beautiful items to purchase in order to add on to their beautiful wishes depending on their mother’s preferences.

If you do have a pet embrace it in this special occasion as it will make your mom’s heart warmer, I know my mom loved it!

We know that some of you might have run out of ideas, but what about cross-sell, upsell or even reminder campaigns?

Here is an example from Nordstrom and we highlighted for you, what is their Mother’s Day winning combination!


ContactPigeon’s scenario generator can help you mix and match ideas and with a little bit of magical mother’s day touch, it will make your campaigns convert more clients. With our platform everything is possible!

So, whatever type of business you are running and whether your mother likes home deco, clothes, accessories or beauty products, we have created for you some great template ideas to get you inspired and upgrade your Mother’s Day campaign game!

Have a look below and spread the love!

Template #1


Template #2


Template #3


Useful Mother’s Day marketing resources for eCommerce retailers

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