5 Father’s Day Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce

Fathers Day Marketing Ideas

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year. For consumers, this means finding the perfect gift to celebrate the dads in their lives. For eCommerce marketers, dad’s big day is a chance for you to pull out all the stops by implementing an epic, Father’s Day marketing campaign.

In this post, we have curated our top 5 picks of effective Father’s Day marketing campaigns to inspire you to create a Father’s Day 2022 campaign that any dad would be proud of. We’ll break each example down to explain why these specific Father’s Day marketing ideas rock and why you should try them out in your own campaign to win over consumers and boost your conversions.


Is Father’s Day really that important to marketers?

Father’s Day is becoming increasingly popular with more and more people celebrating the holiday each year. With over 77% of men in both the United States and the United Kingdom celebrating Father’s Day this year, retailers can anticipate this holiday eCommerce trend to account for 1 out of 3 Father’s Day gifts being purchased online. That’s why this holiday is important to your eCommerce brand and why you can’t afford to not be prepared with an appealing Father’s Day marketing campaign.


Current consumer trends in buying gifts for Dad…

When it comes to consumer spending trends for Father’s Day, shoppers are increasingly upping the amount of money they are spending on dad. The total spending for Father’s Day in the United States in 2017 was $15B, doubled since 2006 — thanks in great part to online marketing tactics offering irresistible consumer deals. In fact, in 2018, around 33% of consumers planned to buy gifts for dad online according to the National Retail Federation.


Tip: Don’t forget to also take a look on the best Father’s Day marketing campaigns of all times

The top 5 Father’s Day gift categories

As marketers become more creative with their Father’s Day marketing campaigns with highly targeted offers using marketing automation platforms, there is a gift for every type of dad — whether a Godfather, step-father, or dad of a furry-four-legged baby. Here are some 2018 stats top Father’s day categories and average spend: :

  • $2.2B is spent on gift card from his favorite store or brand
  • $2.2B on clothes, $1.8B on electronics, gadgets, and accessories
  • Over $890M is spent on shaving kits, cologne, and tools for dad to work on the house and garden
  • Saying “Happy Father’s Day” with a card: $890M spent

Father’s Day: It’s all about women?

Well, actually from a marketer’s perspective, it kind of is. That’s because female shoppers spend as much as 50% more on their dads’ gift than males. Don’t forget also the 28% of female shoppers buying gifts for their husbands this Father’s Day.


The components you need for a rockin’ Father’s Day Campaign

No matter what creative Father’s Day marketing ideas you’re considering, there are a few key components to any winning marketing campaign — such as harnessing the power of customer segmentation, product recommendations, and marketing automation.

Below, we’ll walk thru the components you’ll need to make a stellar Father’s Day marketing campaign, plus bonus tips on how to boost your conversions! Get ready to be inspired to create your own unique Father’s Day marketing ideas!


1. Triggered pop-up reminders help shoppers…not forget about dad!

Father’s Day often seems to get lost in the shadows of May’s big day — Mother’s Day. It’s not that shoppers forget about dad, they just could use a gentle reminder every once and awhile.

Why it works: Implementing an exit intent pop-up on your website several weeks before Father’s Day can allow you to start directing shoppers to a landing page with your brand’s selected Father’s Day product suggestions. This little nudge is effective in boosting conversions. Simply remind visitors of this upcoming holiday in advance using in-site messages that pop-up post-purchase. You can even try to get shoppers to add on to their purchase with a gift purchase for dad.

2. Set-up repurchase Reminders

This marketing tactic is a fantastic Father’s Day marketing idea! You can send out repurchase reminders to engage customers who purchased a Father’s Day gift from your store in previous years. You can set this up in several ways:

  • Simple newsletter with the products they purchased
  • Take it a step further to remind them of their past purchase, and ask them for feedback on how the gift went over with dad
  • Add on some “similar items” or product suggestions based on previous purchases

Tip: By creating bundles for your “dad products” as add-ons to previously purchased items, you can promote your bestseller and up your sales!

3. Segments: Define, target, and boost conversions!

To boost your Father’s Day sales, consider creating targeted promotional offers to your customers.

Take gift guides, for example. Everyone loves a little personalized help when it comes to picking out the perfect gift for dad. This is where savvy eCommerce marketers using marketing automation can use segmentation to create a well-designed profile-based gift guide highlighting the best gifts based on consumers’ preferences and activities according to their specific consumer profile.

For example, when it comes to Father’s Day marketing ideas, why not create different segments to suggest gifts for dads who are athletic, handymen, adventure-seekers, artistic, fashionable, or love to cook? You can do that by segmenting based on past purchases to infer the “interest area” of each shopper. All that’s left is to build gift guides for each profile where you can showcase your top products that would be the best fit!


Tip: Drive the desired outcome from your audience with a few steps. Start off by defining each unique segment of your customers. Then create targeting messages with relevant copy, offering discounts and other valuable information that applies to each segment.

4. It’s all about cool and fun Father’s Day Templates

When it comes to successful Father’s Day marketing ideas, be sure to try out some beautiful, cool and fun responsive email templates for your Father’s Day marketing campaign. Don’t know where to start? Luckily, there are 100s of free templates with ready-made emails to get you started creating your stunning Father’s Day campaigns for eCommerce. The right layout and an advanced scenario generator can help you mix and match ideas to create attractive campaigns that will drive your customers directly to checkout.

ContactPigeon Email Templates
ContactPigeon Email Templates

5. Create attention-grabbing Father’s Day subject lines

Let’s move on to how you can create some super sweet Father’s Day email subject lines to use in your next email campaign. This step in creating your Father’s Day marketing plan is a must — since 35% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone!

Here are some tips on creating catchy email subject lines for Father’s Day:


Use customers’ names and cater to each individual reader’s likes and dislikes based on previous web behavior to provide more relevant and personalized information in your emails. The more relevant the information is to shoppers, the more valuable to shoppers.


Create a sense of urgency with subject lines that instill a FOMO in your shopper. Some examples would be a limited time offer or low-in-stock item.


Spark customers’ curiosity by creating intrigue with your subject lines. Try using copy that is enigmatic, but still aligns with your brand so customers won’t spam your emails.  


Make a deal that your subscribers can’t resist. In your subject lines, create a sense of value and benefit to the shopper if they open your emails.


Our top 5 picks of Father’s Day Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce

You are almost set to go forth and transform your Father’s Day marketing ideas into a stellar Father’s Day marketing campaign. We loved them, and we are sure that your shoppers will too! Let’s look at the top 5 Father’s Day marketing ideas that are 100% dad approved.

Father’s Day marketing example #1: UnionMade


Campaign concept: This marketing campaign offers shoppers “visual bundles” of related goods to consider buying together. It also presents different fashion gifts for dad based on his lifestyle — whether he’s a super fashionable dad or needs some casual clothes to hand out in. UnionMade makes gift giving easy for shoppers!

Marketing medium used: Email marketing campaign

Reason why we loved it: It’s a sweet marketing campaign that tugs at our emotional cords. “Thanks, Dad” heads the email off…and the content giving thanks draws you to scroll down to the bottom where it ends with: “For making us who we are” — very powerful messaging.

Father’s Day marketing example #2: Oreo India’s “Wish for Dad” campaign


Campaign concept: Oreo India’s Father’s Day Facebook campaign, ‘Wish for Dad’ is a nail-biter. You make your wish…and then hold your breath and hope that Orea makes your wish for your dad come true.

Marketing medium usedFacebook marketing campaign

Reason why we loved it: This campaign is will give you some awesome Father’s Day marketing ideas! It engages consumers and is really an overall cute concept. Again, like UnionMade, Oreo India is definitely pulling at some emotional cords in their Facebook campaign!

Outcome: The brand chooses five wishes from thousands received — and makes them come true! Users just click through to the Oreo India Facebook app with its cute Oreo cookie moustache and enter their wishes for dad in the comments. Oreo India was quite successful at driving consumers to their Facebook page and upped their likes for sure!

Father’s Day marketing example #3: Land’s End


Campaign concept: Nice, neat and organized! Land’s End makes some simple product suggestions by showcasing various categories of clothing to buy for dad.

Marketing medium used: Email marketing campaign

Reason why we loved it: Showcasing some quotes from their corporate officers’ dads — quotes that we have all heard before — is brilliant! Land’s End implements simple and clever Father’s Day marketing ideas that are sure to make you smile!

Father’s Day marketing example #4: J.Crew, in-store


Campaign concept: As if a $25 gift card with purchase isn’t enough to get you to stop by one of J.Crew’s New York City Men’s Shops — free doughnuts will definitely do the trick. Freebies and giveaways are always welcomed.  

Marketing medium used: Email marketing campaign for in-store promotion

Reason why we loved it: First off, the doughnuts look yummy and are framing the entire advertisement which makes people stop and look. The title: Doughnuts and Dad is cute and catchy. The copy is great as well, asking the shopper if they have remembered to buy for dad. The CTA: “find your store” is clearly marked at the bottom of the email and stands out. As far as inspirational Father’s Day marketing ideas, this campaign covers it all. From what to expect with the doughnut and gift card offer, what days and time to find it and where to go — it has everything clearly displayed. This leads to an outcome of more clicks and a boost in Father’s Day sales…and a lot of doughnuts!

Father’s Day marketing example #5: UncommonGoods


Campaign concept: “The Great Dadventure” — This marketing campaign offers everything when it comes to profile-based gift guides for every dad!

Marketing medium used: Email marketing campaign

Reason why we loved it: First off, the colors and drawings are perfect for a Father’s Day marketing campaign. The copy is clever and clearly gives the shopper options in choosing which profile suits their dad best is genius. The CTA’s are clear for each dad-profile, which does the trick to get clicks! It’s a complete example of what creative Father’s Day marketing ideas are all about!

Useful Father’s Day marketing resources for eCommerce retailers

In the beginning, there were baby steps & dad held your hand…

Holiday marketing trends show that Father’s Day is only becoming more significant for retail brands. What will be your unique Father’s Day marketing ideas? Are you ready to guide your shoppers with suggestions and lure them into your eShop with catchy and fun email copies? Do you have a complete marketing strategy for Father’s Day?

In the beginning, there were baby steps and dad held your hand. Now, as an eCommerce marketer, you are capable of not only walking on your own, but running and leaping to new levels of success with your creative and inspired Father’s Day marketing campaign. We have walked you through the steps you need to take your Father’s Day marketing campaigns to the next level. With creativity, inspiration and the ultimate eCommerce marketing automation at your fingertips, you are sure to create a 100% dad-approved marketing plan.

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