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It goes without saying that every day is a good day to show our appreciation to those that brought us into this world, namely our parents. But in the grim COVID-19 era, social distancing and restrictions have given us additional motivation to acknowledge our family members and make the best out of the circumstances. According to the NRF, in the US, 75% of the population seem to agree with that idea and wish to celebrate this year’s Father’s Day.  Moreover, the Federation suggests that in 2022 the total spending is expected to reach the incredible amount of $20.1B and that goes to show that retailers should really be prepared for this day.

In this article, we have gathered the best Father’s Day Marketing campaigns and strategies over the years. We wish to provide you with a complete guide of successful practices, both for those that need to refresh their memories and for those who need some inspiration.

Impressive Father’s Day Marketing Statistics

Father’s Day is an incredible opportunity for marketers and retailers alike to get the attention of their audience. We encourage you to grab this opportunity and consider that the use of omnichannel customer engagement strategies can be a valuable tool for you. Numbers are once again undisputed and to get our point across, we are presenting you with some interesting findings.

  • Gifts have powerful meanings and such occasions are special. This is reflected in the number of times consumers spend thinking about the perfect gift for their role models on Father’s Day 2022. 45% of the consumers want to purchase a gift that is unconventional and exceptional, while 35% are interested in creating a special memory. (Source)
  • If you’re wondering about your target group, do not be alarmed. Men are just as invested in this holiday as women. On average, men are expected to spend around $200 on a present for their dear dads, whereas women intend to spend approximately $140. (Source)
  • Another compelling argument is that this holiday is not limited only to fathers. Customers are willing to purchase a nice gift for any father figure in their lives. To be precise, 55% of men are taking into account both their fathers and their stepfathers. On the other hand, 45% of women are entering their husbands into the equation. (Source)
  • Last but not least, the categories on which your customers may be keen on spending are numerous. This year $3.4B is anticipated to be spent on a special outing, $3B on clothing, and $2.5B on gift cards. (Source)

Father’s day Marketing and COVID-19: What are the latest trends

  • Compared to last year, there has been amazing progress since COVID-19 started, but still, things are going back to normal at a slow rate. In 2022, we also spent most of the major holidays apart from our loved ones, namely Christmas, Easter, or Mother’s Day. Collective vaccination is just starting to make our lives a little easier and this brings a visible shift on the latest trends. 

This year’s Father’s Day signifies that gradually our old habits are coming back and our ability for in-person communication is all the more reason for celebration. 59% of the Snapchat social media community plans to spend this day with family gatherings, either in-house or in restaurants.

  • According to Forbes, personalisation is key and a good idea would be to implement inventive and personalized Father’s day marketing campaigns. Mass production is rendered obsolete and consumers are more invested in custom-made, original gifts for their father figures.
  • Moreover, marketers should not overlook the fact that conscious consumerism is the new normal in 2022. Environmental and social issues are now molding new habits on the consumers and COVID-19 could not be missing from this list. In this constant race, companies and brands that inspire true positive change have the advantage and the lion’s share. 

Best Father’s Day marketing campaigns

Father’s day advertising campaigns are a chance for brands to explore a lot of different angles, define their positioning and come up with new ways to interpret fatherhood. Whether traditional or groundbreaking, the results were amazing and we are here to present you with the best Father’s Day marketing campaigns through various approaches.

Father’s Day Marketing campaign #1: Gillette

Video from Gillette’s Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: This idea, albeit controversial, is based on millennials and their misuse of technology. At its core, the ad relies on the notion that young men do not seem to get away from their phones, thus losing their relationship with their dads. But, here is the twist, your dad is more direct than a video tutorial of a stranger making a knot on a tie and ultimately, much more effective.

Father’s Day Marketing campaign #2: Dove Men+Care

Video from Dove’s Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: Firstly, because it is not just a seasonal campaign, it has been completely assimilated into the Dove brand. Secondly, because it defies the stereotype that men cannot be caregivers and, lastly, because it incorporates actual action. In 2013,  along with Operation Homefront, Dove Men+Care was able to reunite 300 service members with their loved ones. Additionally, in 2018, Dove Men+Care was an active advocate in the fathers’ right to paternity leave benefits.

Father’s Day Marketing campaign #3: Jason Momoa and Carhartt

Video from Carhartt’s Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: Probably one of the most artistic father’s day content ideas, Carhatt created an 8-minute short movie called “Canvas of My Life”, starring Jason Momoa. Admittedly, it is one of the most heartwarming campaigns of all time, with Momoa narrating his whole life up until the point of becoming a father. This Father’s Day marketing campaign is a stellar example of a brand being associated with a very powerful message, conveyed by a very famous, influential person. Dads everywhere will relate with Momoa’s never-ending struggle to impart positive virtues and valuable lessons to his children, like hard work, determination, respect and dedication.

Father’s Day Marketing campaign #4: Nick Offerman and Lagavulin

Why we liked it: In this Father’s Day advertising, the famous whisky brand Lagavulin joined forces with Nick Offerman, known brand ambassador and whisky enthusiast. Inspired by the old proverbs “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and “like father, like son”, Lagavulin successfully used the power of influencer marketing to reach its audience.

Father’s Day Marketing campaign #5: Michelob Ultra

Video from Ultra’s Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: Michelob Ultra brought about one of the most impressive Father’s Day social media campaign ideas. This greatly acclaimed campaign addressed the “superhero” aspect of every father figure, from stepfathers, to coaches and teachers. The hashtag #Ultradad gained huge traction across all social media platforms and Michelob achieved a high customer engagement, while supporting a worthy cause. The company donated $1 to the sports coaching organization Up2Us Sports every time someone mentioned their father on social media.

Father’s Day Marketing campaign #6: Durex 

Durex’s Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: Because it is one of the funniest, most direct recurring advertisements and Father’s Day marketing slogans. Humor is a powerful motivator and although Durex may not affect its followers on an emotional level, surely it made them laugh. The boldness of the campaign will make consumers think twice before using the contraceptive products of Durex’s competition.

Father’s Day Marketing campaign #7: Samsung

Video from Samsung’s Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: In 2019 Samsung combined three interesting themes all in one campaign; fatherhood, sports and its Smart TV high-level features. Who wouldn’t appreciate the ability to both keep an eye on their young ones and, if necessary, share their screen to a portable device? Samsung is connecting all its compatible devices, while promoting the role model of the responsible dad who can’t resist a sports event.

Father’s Day Marketing campaign #8: Stella Artois

Video from Stella Artois’ Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: Stella Artois launched a campaign with three millennials reading their social media posts about their fathers on Father’s Day. Of course, their fathers never saw these posts, as they are not affiliated with social media platforms, but alas they heard their children read them on camera. The point was to highlight that our online presence does not substitute the physical presence and that is why it really stood out. 

With a very simple, yet compelling, argument this ad reached 33MM impressions, 3.8MM worldwide views, and almost 40k social mentions. Ultimately, this unscripted campaign was successful, as it strongly signified the importance of authenticity and realness that marketing strategies need.

Father’s Day Marketing campaign #9: Budweiser

Video from Budweiser’s Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: Because it combines a variety of elements that we aforementioned in the previous campaigns. Fundraising, stepfathers, wordplay and adoption tied in a perfect bow. Budweiser’s campaign “Fathers Who Stepped Up ” chose three people with their stepfathers to talk about their relationship. At the end of the video, to the stepfathers’ surprise, their children presented them with court reports of adoption. Additionally, Budweiser not only helped them with the fees and the documentation of the procedure, but also donated $1 for every shared story to The Stepfamily Foundation.

Useful Father’s Day marketing resources for eCommerce retailers

Boost your brand’s image with a creative Father’s Day campaign

All in all, Father’s Day undoubtedly is the second most emotional holiday, after Mother’s Day. Through the years, brands have employed all their creativity in order to design memorable campaigns that are striking and will make an impact on the conscience of the consumers. Without being tacky, this uniqueness transformed into customer awareness and customer engagement. Whatever means you intend to choose for your marketing campaign, be it email campaigns, video, or social media, keep in mind that authenticity is paramount for your positioning. The outcome will reward you.

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