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Father’s Day campaigns have gained even more popularity following the worldwide impact of the pandemic. While we should appreciate our parents every day, the challenging COVID-19 era and its social distancing measures have motivated us to express our gratitude to our family members. According to the NRF, in the US, 75% of the population seem to agree with that idea and wish to celebrate Father’s Day.

Moreover, the Federation suggested that in 2022 the total spending was expected to reach the incredible amount of $20.1B and that goes to show that retailers should really be prepared for this day.

In this article, we have gathered the best Father’s Day Marketing campaigns and strategies over the years. We wish to provide you with a complete guide of successful practices, both for those that need to refresh their memories and for those who need some inspiration.

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Impressive Father’s Day Marketing Statistics

Father’s Day is an incredible opportunity for marketers and retailers alike to get the attention of their audience. We encourage you to grab this opportunity and consider that the use of omnichannel customer engagement strategies can be a valuable tool for you. Numbers are once again undisputed and to get our point across, we are presenting you with some interesting findings.

  • Gifts have powerful meanings and such occasions are special. This is reflected in the number of times consumers spend thinking about the perfect gift for their role models on Father’s Day 2022. 44% of the consumers want to purchase a gift that is unconventional and exceptional, while 37% are interested in creating a special memory. (Source)
  • If you’re wondering about your target group, do not be alarmed. Men are just as invested in this holiday as women. On average, men are expected to spend around $200 on a present for their dear dads, whereas women intend to spend approximately $140. (Source)
  • Another compelling argument is that this holiday is not limited only to fathers. Customers are willing to purchase a nice gift for any father figure in their lives. To be precise, 55% of men are taking into account both their fathers and their stepfathers. On the other hand, 45% of women are entering their husbands into the equation. (Source)
  • Last but not least, the categories on which your customers may be keen on spending are numerous. This year $3.4B is anticipated to be spent on a special outing, $3B on clothing, and $2.5B on gift cards. (Source)

If you’re a fan of “statistics,” we have a wealth of valuable insights tailored for retailers and eCommerce professionals. Delve into our collection of 50 Father’s Day statistics or 50 Mother’s Day statistics that will empower you to craft some of the best seasonal campaigns out there.

Father’s day 2023: What are the latest trends

  • Compared to recent years and the post-COVID season, there has been remarkable progress. However, things are gradually returning to normal in most countries. In 2022, we spent major holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day apart from our loved ones. The collective vaccination effort has made our lives a little easier and has resulted in visible shifts in the latest trends.

  • This year’s Father’s Day represents a gradual return to our usual routines, and the opportunity for in-person communication is an even greater cause for celebration. In 2021, 59% of the Snapchat social media community expressed their intention to spend this day with family gatherings, either at home or in restaurants.
  • According to Forbes, personalisation is key and a good idea would be to implement inventive and personalized Father’s day marketing campaigns. Mass production is rendered obsolete and consumers are more invested in custom-made, original gifts for their father figures.
  • Moreover, marketers should not overlook the fact that conscious consumerism became the norm the last years. Environmental and social concerns have influenced consumer habits and the impact of COVID-19 cannot be ignored. In this ongoing competition, companies and brands that genuinely inspire positive change take the advantage and dominate the market. This holds true for all marketing assets, including seasonal opportunities like Father’s Day marketing messages.

Best Father’s Day campaigns!

Father’s day campaigns are a chance for brands to explore a lot of different angles, define their positioning and come up with new ways to interpret fatherhood. Whether traditional or groundbreaking, the results were amazing and we are here to present you with the best Father’s Day campaigns through various approaches.

Best Father’s Day Campaign #1: Gillette

Video from Gillette’s Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: This idea, albeit controversial, is based on millennials and their misuse of technology. At its core, the ad relies on the notion that young men do not seem to get away from their phones, thus losing their relationship with their dads. But, here is the twist, your dad is more direct than a video tutorial of a stranger making a knot on a tie and ultimately, much more effective.

Best Father’s Day Campaign #2: Dove Men+Care

Video from Dove’s Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: It’s no surprise that this campaign is one of our favorite Father’s Day creative ads. Firstly, because it is not just a seasonal campaign, it has been completely assimilated into the Dove brand. Secondly, because it defies the stereotype that men cannot be caregivers and, lastly, because it incorporates actual action. In 2013,  along with Operation Homefront, Dove Men+Care was able to reunite 300 service members with their loved ones. Additionally, in 2018, Dove Men+Care was an active advocate in the fathers’ right to paternity leave benefits.

Best Father’s Day Campaign #3: Jason Momoa and Carhartt

Video from Carhartt’s Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: Probably one of the most artistic Father’s Day content ideas is Carhartt’s creation of an 8-minute short film -with one of our favorite Father’s Day campaign names- “Canvas of My Life”, starring Jason Momoa. Admittedly, it is one of the most heartwarming ads of all time, with Momoa narrating his whole life up until the point of becoming a father. This campaign is a stellar example of a brand being associated with a very powerful message, conveyed by a very famous, influential person. Dads everywhere will relate with Momoa’s never-ending struggle to impart positive virtues and valuable lessons to his children, like hard work, determination, respect and dedication.

Best Father’s Day Campaign #4: Nick Offerman and Lagavulin

Why we liked it: We absolutely adore this “diamond” of Father’s Day copywriting. It was recently introduced to us, and now it has secured a top spot on our list. In this advertising, the famous whisky brand Lagavulin joined forces with Nick Offerman, known brand ambassador and whisky enthusiast. Inspired by the old proverbs “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and “like father, like son”, Lagavulin successfully used the power of influencer marketing to reach its audience.

Best Father’s Day Campaign #5: Michelob Ultra

Video from Ultra’s Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: Michelob Ultra brought about one of the most impressive Father’s Day social media campaign ideas. This greatly acclaimed campaign addressed the “superhero” aspect of every father figure, from stepfathers, to coaches and teachers. The hashtag #Ultradad gained huge traction across all social media platforms and Michelob achieved a high customer engagement, while supporting a worthy cause. The company donated $1 to the sports coaching organization Up2Us Sports every time someone mentioned their father on social media. Now, that’s what we call an extraordinary interactive Father’s Day campaign idea!

Best Father’s Day Campaign #6: Durex 

Durex’s Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: It’s the shining “star” of advertisements, because it is one of the funniest, most direct recurring advertisements and Father’s Day marketing slogans. Humor is a powerful motivator and although Durex may not affect its followers on an emotional level, surely it made them laugh. The boldness of the campaign will make consumers think twice before using the contraceptive products of Durex’s competition.

Yes, we must confess, it’s our all-time favorite and classic Father’s Day campaign.

Best Father’s Day Campaign #7: Samsung

Video from Samsung’s Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: In 2019 Samsung combined three interesting themes all in one campaign; fatherhood, sports and its Smart TV high-level features. Who wouldn’t appreciate the ability to both keep an eye on their young ones and, if necessary, share their screen to a portable device? Samsung is connecting all its compatible devices, while promoting the role model of the responsible dad who can’t resist a sports event.

The twist is that even though this campaign was created three years ago, it could still sprint ahead and win the race for Father’s Day 2023.

Tommy Hilfiger Banner

Best Father’s Day Campaign #8: Stella Artois

Video from Stella Artois’ Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: Stella Artois executed a clever Father’s Day campaign strategy targeting millennials, and they hit the bullseye. The company used the idea of three millennials sharing heartfelt social media posts about their fathers on Father’s Day. Of course, their fathers never saw these posts, as they are not affiliated with social media platforms, but alas they heard their children read them on camera. The point was to highlight that our online presence does not substitute the physical presence and that is why it really stood out. 

With a very simple, yet compelling, argument this ad reached 33MM impressions, 3.8MM worldwide views, and almost 40k social mentions. Ultimately, this unscripted campaign was successful, as it strongly signified the importance of authenticity and realness that marketing strategies need.

Best Father’s Day Campaign #9: Budweiser

Video from Budweiser’s Father’s Day campaign

Why we liked it: Because it combines a variety of elements that we aforementioned in the previous campaigns. Fundraising, stepfathers, wordplay and adoption tied in a perfect bow. Budweiser’s campaign “Fathers Who Stepped Up ” chose three people with their stepfathers to talk about their relationship. At the end of the video, to the stepfathers’ surprise, their children presented them with court reports of adoption. Additionally, Budweiser not only helped them with the fees and the documentation of the procedure, but also donated $1 for every shared story to The Stepfamily Foundation.

Best Father’s Day Campaign #10: Nike

Why we liked it: Nike has a knack for adding meaning to athletics and this time the famous brand didn’t disappoint either. Our fathers are our first coaches, the first people to root for us, cheer us and motivate us to exceed our limits. In this inspiring Father’s Day campaign a young girl is learning how to play basketball and after many failed attempts, she finally manages to score. Her father’s joy is simply indescribable and genuine, making our hearts melt. 

Best Father’s Day Campaign #11: Tesco 

Why we liked it: This ad was shot amidst the pandemic and the endless quarantines so it holds some extra weight. A father and a daughter are making homemade macaroons in order to send them to their father, who is the little girl’s grandfather, bringing together three generations and celebrating this special day during a hard period. Father’s Day campaign ideas like this one have always been a “safe bet.”  

Best Father’s Day Campaign #12: Oreo

Why we liked it: Oreo’s take on Father’s Day focuses on the famous combo of milk and cookies. A little boy wakes up his dad in the middle of the night, right before the clock strikes midnight, and serves him some Oreos with milk. Just before the dad dips the cookie in the milk, his son stops him abruptly, waiting for the day to change to wish him a happy Father’s Day. The ad is interesting because the father completely forgot about the big day but his son made it extra special with a little twist. This Father’s Day campaign is metaphorically and literally sweet.

Best Father’s Day Campaign #13: BMW

Why we liked it: BMW’s 2017 Father’s Day campaign was easily one of the most heartwarming, powerful, and unique ads of all time. Features a former professional driver, who now faces his disability and his son who just got his diver’s license. As a gift to his father, the young man decides to take him on the race track, this time as a passenger. This Father’s Day campaign is rightfully on our list because it notes that sometimes, fathers need their kids too. 

Best Father’s Day Marketing Campaign #14: McDonald’s

Why we liked it: The 2016 Father’s Day Australian Mcdonald’s ad was one of the most sincere ads in the industry. It depicts the changes in a man’s life, from being single, riding on a bike, drinking, and having fun to changing diapers, going on stroller rides, and warming bottles. In other words, replacing all of his previous personal freedoms for his daughter’s well-being.

It is true that being a parent is a life-changing experience and giving up so much of who you were is part of the deal. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t get a day for themselves to recharge their batteries. Father’s Day is the day they get to feel somewhat normal again.

Best Father’s Day Campaign #15: Mondello Park 

Why we liked it: The Mondello Park organization and operation of motorsport events launched a Father’s Day marketing campaign that is here to stay. Promoting their “Driving Thrills” sessions, Mondello Park’s short film features a formula enthusiast that watches the races every week, pretending he is one of the drivers. Sometimes he does so in his living room, sometimes in his car. When his daughter catches him playing pretend, she decides to grant him his wish. She gets him a racecar uniform and books a driving session.

The gist behind the campaign is that it’s never too late for anyone to achieve their dream and drive a formula. Now with Mondello Park, this dream can become a reality, with a very special Father’s Day celebration. 

Best Father’s Day Campaign #16: Glenlivet

Glenlivet father's day marketing campaign

Why we liked it: This is definitely one of the Father’s Day social media campaign ideas worth mentioning. Personalization is always the answer to every question regarding customer engagement and Glenlivet lived up to that challenge. With the power of the mighty Facebook, the Scotch whisky brand went with a very heartwarming and unique marketing idea to promote the Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve. They made their homepage into a targeted gift generator and their followers could gift a miniature dram to their fathers, along with a dedicated note.

As was expected, the campaign was a big hit: the new product range reached an 11% sales uplift, 8,000 drams were gifted to dads, and the fans created over 100 personalized videos for the special day. 

Best Father’s Day Campaign #17: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Why we liked it: This incredible Father’s Day campaign started as a YouTube video challenge, but then it really went off the rails. It is no secret that Jimmy Kimmel makes his fans do crazy things on camera, and setting new challenges is part of his charm. So, in 2017 he urged his followers to record themselves as they sneak up on their dads screaming in their faces that they love them. The results were of course amazing, and the dads’ hilarious expressions resembled nothing of reciprocation of love. Ultimately, of course, the video went viral, reaching 12 million views. 

These Father’s Day marketing ideas deserve congratulations, but only if you’re not the father, of course!

Best Father’s Day Campaign #18: Ryan Reynolds and Aviation Gin 

Why we liked it: Ryan Reynolds is well known for his dark humor and sarcasm, not only in Deadpool but also in his everyday life. Besides being a stakeholder in the Aviation Gin alcohol brand, he also acts as a brand ambassador in this campaign, as he is honoring Father’s Day with his cocktail, the Vasectomy. Everything about Reynolds is about innuendo and witty comments, and luckily, Aviation Gin shares the same values as the famous actor. 

Best Father’s Day Campaign #19: SunFed Ranch

Why we liked it: Because SunFred Ranch touched some sensitive chords with this ad: dads’ love for juicy burgers! It may not be one of the most creative ads of all time, but they are still making an impact, considering that the brand’s product is beef. This ad shows that every brand can participate in any campaign and make the best out of every seasonal occasion, wishing “Happy Fathers Day” in a real-life tone of voice.

Best Father’s Day Campaign #20: Google Chrome

Why we liked it: Google rarely produces marketing campaigns, but when it does, they sure make an impression. This one is called “Dear Sophie” and is included in a wider campaign with the title “The Web is What You Make It”.  To celebrate Father’s Day, Google launched an ad, showcasing its various features, like the Gmail framework, Maps, or YouTube, through the eyes of a father that sends emails to his daughter with her feats, and her low moments. A clever twist in “happy fathers day wishes”.

Creating an emotional journey through Sophie’s life, Google turned a simple idea into a campaign that scored 140 points higher than any other in the Ace Matrix database. So, it comes as no surprise that the ad won a gold 2012 Clio Award, indeed. 

Best Father’s Day Campaign #21: Cheerios

Why we liked it: For the release of its new flavor, peanut butter, Cheerios created a very interesting campaign in Canada that shows the many faces of fatherhood. The theme of the campaign is a typical morning in a household where the main character, the dad of course, explains “how to dad” breaking the fourth wall. 

In a funny and light short video, Cheerios positions the brand as an advocate for parents, with breakfast being a significant part of the day, as the characters stroll through the house. From the easy-going times a father will have with their kids, to some more serious matters, like responsibility and maturity, the dad provides a “guide”, so to speak, on what it means to be a father. A very relatable and very true campaign that doesn’t bet on sensitivity, but it does do the trick, showcasing a day of Father’s Day in the most authentic way.

Best Father’s Day Campaign #22: Dollar Shave Club

Why we liked it: Who wouldn’t appreciate an ad that keeps up with pop culture and includes wordplay? That’s why the 2019 Father’s Day campaign of Dollar Shave Club is on this list! This Father’s Day marketing campaign is dedicated to the glorious dad bods out there, celebrating their different physiques. With a very clever concept, Dollar Shave Club featured 10 dads dancing around in sync, wearing underwear, robes, and towels, giving the world a taste of their “Magnifique” dad bodies. At the end of the video, everyone bursts out laughing, making the ad 100% funnier. Definitely catches the attention in the realm of creative Father’s Day ads.

Best Father’s Day Campaign #23: Macy’s

Why we liked it: Simplicity is key, and Macy’s adhered to this principle when crafting its Father’s Day commercial. The advertisement portrays a daughter’s quest for the ideal Father’s Day gift, and her ingenious approach involves stepping into her dad’s shoes, quite literally. This Fathers day creative ad presents a fresh perspective on celebrating fathers, emphasizing simplicity. Macy’s kept the video short, but on-point, getting the message across with ease.

Best Father’s Day Campaign #24: SheaMoisture Men

Why we liked it: Influencer marketing is always a good idea, and SheaMoisture Men gave this a shot in 2021 to honor Black fatherhood. The brand collaborated with Kareem James and made a very cute video with a father singing a lullaby to his baby daughter, as well as different dads having fun and playing with their kids. The video features an original lullaby named “Light Inside of You” and it just melted our hearts! 

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All in all, Father’s Day undoubtedly is the second most emotional holiday, after Mother’s Day. Through the years, brands have employed all their creativity in order to design memorable fathers day promotions ideas and campaigns that are striking and will make an impact on the conscience of the consumers. Without being tacky, this uniqueness transformed into customer awareness and customer engagement. Whatever means you intend to choose for your marketing campaign, be it email campaigns, video, or social media, keep in mind that authenticity is paramount for your positioning. The outcome will reward you.

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