16 Super (Daddy) Cool Father’s Day Email Subject Lines for eCommerce

Fathers Day Email Subject Lines for eCommerce

Father’s Day email subject lines, plus campaign ideas to skyrocket your eShop sales

Father’s Day is just around the corner. For reasons unknown, Father’s Day is often a neglected holiday when compared to the hype that Mother’s Day receives. For eCommerce marketer, ignoring the impact of the holiday on your businesses may prove to be a costly mistake.

According to National Retail Federation surveys, 33% of the consumer plans to purchase Father’s Day gifts online. At the same time, Father’s Day spending is expected to reach an all-time high in the USA at $20B in 2022, nearly doubling from the decade before. This trend is likely to continue this year. So Father’s Day campaigns may just be the formula to distinguish your brand and boost your eCommerce results this June.

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Focusing on your email marketing strategy, to get the email creative juices flowing, we’ve rounded up some Father’s Day email messages we loved and reasons that made them great. Simultaneously, our team brainstormed 16 Father’s Day email subject line ideas that you can try on the next Father’s Day emails that will inspire your audience to click.

16 Cool Father’s Day Email Subject Lines for eCommerce

  1. The most (daddy) cool gifts proposals you will find
  2. 🎁 Gifts to make your father smile 🙂
  3. He deserves it.🎁
  4. We found the best deals for your dad! 💙
  5. Father’s Day Gifts that Your BF Will Want to Steal
  6. Like Father, Like Son. Get up to 25% when you buy 2
  7. Celebrate Father’s Day with Gifts Under $20, $50, and $100
  8. Our handpicked gifts for Father’s Day
  9. Savings that will make Daddy proud
  10. The perfect gifts for the Dad who has everything
  11. Great way to say Thank You, Dad
  12. Gifts 99% of Fathers Approve
  13. The #CoolDad Gift Guide – Free Shipping Expires in 2 Days
  14. Brand New, Just In Time for Father’s Day
  15. Next Sunday, Make His Father’s Day
  16. If You Dad is a [Sports / Gadget / Music / Master Chef / Handy / any other category] Guy

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4 Email Templates We’re Digging

Subject Line: It’s Here, The Father’s Day Sale

Sender: Artifact Uprising

Father's Day Email Subject Lines - Artifact Uprising
Father’s Day Email Subject Lines – Artifact Uprising

Why We Love It?
Emails don’t necessarily need popping colors or moving gifs to capture attention. The minimalistic typographic design allows recipients to focus on the message that matters. With single solid color and contrasting white fonts, the simple message on Father’s Day sales stands out even more. Finally, the image featuring a photobook of father and daughter beautifully ties AU’s product with the nostalgic memories of one’s father.

Subject Line: Here are the World’s Greatest Father’s Day Ideas!

Sender: Freeosk Inc.

Father’s Day Email Subject Lines – Freeosk
Father’s Day Email Subject Lines – Freeosk

Why We Love It?
If you are looking to get a present for Dad, then this one will surely get your attention. Freeosk’s email is structured in the form of a creative gift guide. But instead of focusing purely on selling, it combines useful tips and corny jokes alike. A great way to use humor to uplift the brand’s image by bringing it’s audiences closer.

Subject Line: You know it’s almost Father’s Day right?

Sender: Dollar Shave Club

Father’s Day Email Subject Lines – Dollar Shave Club
Father’s Day Email Subject Lines – Dollar Shave Club

Why We Love It?

This one plays on the sense of guilt consumers faces at the point of realizing that father’s day is near. And believe us, it’s effective! The rustic color scheme within the template along with a bold CTA evokes a sense of sturdiness and security (perhaps symbolic of Dad)? Finally, the 3 column sketches add a unique artistic touch to the overall email.

Subject Line: New Bacon Cologne for Dad!

Sender: Headline

Father’s Day Email Subject Lines – Headline
Father’s Day Email Subject Lines – Headline

Why We Love It?

Well, we can’t imagine who is not attracted to this headline. Driven by either genuine interest, curiosity, disgust or a combination of all three. By employing a bit of out-of-box humor, Headline compels recipients to open the email only to find that bacon cologne is just a teaser. The real deal is the Father’s Day sale that followed. Headline’s approach is a truly creative way stand out from all the other Father’s Day promotions.


Adding marketing automation to the Father’s Day marketing mix

Marketing automation will help your brand increase sales on the autopilot with automations like repurchase reminders, triggered popups and widgets & push notifications. Take a look on this article of ours for creative Father’s Day marketing ideas for eCommerce and retail

Useful Father’s Day marketing resources for eCommerce retailers

Mother’s Day marketing resources you should not miss

In Conclusion

If you haven’t been thinking of Father’s Day campaign for your eCommerce, it’s not yet too late to start. By employing some a bit of creativity and humor, it’s possible to turn a holiday promotion into one that draws your customers closer. Hope these Father’s Day email subject lines and marketing ideas can be a source of inspiration for campaigns to come.

Looking for father’s day email templates? ContactPigeon has 170+ email ready-made templates for email and signup forms for you to select from. Also, if you have a new take on Father’s Day eCommerce campaigns, tell us about it in the comments below.

Happy marketing!

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