The 16 Best Easter Campaigns of All Time

best easter campaigns

Retailers and growth marketers alike need to be completely aligned with the pulse of the market, if they wish to succeed and implement marketing strategies that stand out. In 2021, estimates showed immense growth in Easter spending for the retail sector. In the UK alone, the Easter shopping celebrations reached the astronomical amount of 1.22 billion GBP. These numbers indicate that, after many hardships, consumer habits are finally back to normal in the post-Covid-19 era.

The holidays are always a profitable time for the retail and eCommerce sector and the best “hack” to craft a successful campaign is to get inspired by other brands. This is exactly what this article is about, so ContactPigeon is here with a detailed overview of the best easter campaigns of all time to draw inspiration from and increase your holiday conversions.

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Get inspired by the best Easter Marketing Campaigns ever

In 2023, an eCommerce business that wants to evolve and grow has to invest in new, proven tools that can help them raise its sales. This is where automated marketing (or else, marketing automation) comes into play and can guarantee you end up winning the Easter egg hunt this holiday. Here are some of our favorite examples of Easter marketing campaigns that are as outstanding (well, almost) as those yummy marshmallows Easter peeps!

easter marketing campaign
PS: Everyone loves peeps!

Best Easter campaign #1: Banana Republic’s fun egg hunt experience

Easter Marketing Campaign ideas
The best Easter Marketing Campaign ideas from Banana Republic

Why we liked it:

Banana Republic keeps with their classic simple and clean lines associated with their brand when presenting their Easter campaign.

This Easter campaign is fun, gets subscribers involved in looking around the brand’s site for extra savings while offering a 40% saving to everyone. The CTA is catchy as well — “Start Hunting” — everyone loves an Easter egg hunt!  

Best Easter campaign #2: Topman by Topshop

Easter Marketing Campaign ideas
The best Easter Marketing Campaign ideas from Topman

Why we liked it:

This fun gif is appealing to guys — after all, it’s a video game graphic of PacMan — and gets right to the point. Not only does it create motivation to purchase with a clearly displayed free shipping offer, but it also offers “massive” savings if you can find the Easter eggs hidden around Topman’s website.

With a CTA highlighted in the center of the message, this Easter campaign steps outside of the box by targeting a specific customer demographic — men.

Best Easter campaign #3: J.Crew’s simple but spot-on egg concept

Easter Marketing Campaign ideas
The best Easter Marketing Campaign ideas from J.Crew

Why we liked it:

Cute and catchy copy is a must in attracting shoppers’ attention this Easter. J.Crew’s Easter campaign is simple and hassle-free.

Many customers aren’t up for a virtual Easter egg hunt and just want the deals — and that’s what they get in this straight-forward marketing campaign.

Adding the words “loyal customers” makes shoppers feel valued. Also, the copy clearly explains that the discount is good in both online and physical stores. Lastly, adding an expiration on the offer incites the FOMO effect for deal-seeking customers.

Best Easter campaign #4: Deliveroo with its dragon Easter eggs

Why we liked it:

It was a creative and smart way to attract both Game of Thrones and food lovers. Deliveroo, one of the top food delivery companies in England, surely catched the momentum of the airing of the final GOT season and made it a celebration of Easter as well.

This Easter campaign teaches us of how important it is to understand your target audience. The customers of an online delivery service app love to combine their favourite meal with their favourite TV show. 

Another lesson that we get from this campaign is the importance of being part of a famous hype as a brand. Selling dragon-shaped chocolate eggs on its platform to celebrate the final GOT season and the Easter holiday as well, Deliveroo gained hundreds of brand mentions and social shares, which totally leads to higher levels of brand awareness. 

Last but not least, Deliveroo also exploited the element of scarcity, a marketing tactic that never misses! By releasing limited edition dragon eggs on its app, it attracted many new clients that were fans of Game of Thrones and wanted to get their hands on these chocolate eggs.

Best Easter campaign #5: Carlsberg goes to a chocolate bar

Source: Adweek

Why we liked it:

Associating chocolate, the key ingredient of easter eggs, with your brand, in such an unorthodox way, was surely an innovative idea that not only attracted new customers, but gained hype for the brand as well.

Back in 2016, to celebrate Easter, Carlsberg revealed to the public a full working bar, made all out of chocolate. All the items inside such as the bar stools, the dartboards and even the glasses that carried the Carlsberg beer inside of them, were all sweet and “eatable”. This marketing campaign did grab the audience’s attention, who were repeatedly sharing their experience in social media. The key takeaway of this Easter marketing campaign is that Carlsberg gained more brand awareness and social shares, by creating something unique, occasioned by an Easter tradition.

Tommy Hilfiger Banner

Best Easter campaign #6: IKEA’s DIY Easter bunny


Why we liked it:

IKEA sticks to its flat-pack, low cost, self assembly mentality, even if it means you’ll have to build your chocolate Easter bunny all by yourself.

IKEA is widely known for its creative marketing campaigns. So we were not at all surprised when back in 2019, it released a self-assembled chocolate 3D bunny to celebrate the Easter holiday. With this creative and yet humorous product release, IKEA earned a great amount of social shares both in social media and news sites and increased its in-store traffic as well. 

TIP: If you are interested in decrypting IKEA’s omnichannel strategy you can read our detailed article here.

Best Easter campaign #7: Nestlé’s Alice in Wonderland

Why we liked it:

It was a heartwarming Easter marketing campaign that focused on the feelings we have about family holidays instead of directly advertising Nestlé’s products.

Promoting food, especially food that is associated with certain holidays might be tricky. But Nestlé knows too well that holidays and food – and of course chocolate – are both about feelings. So the brand made a heartwarming short clip that blends one of our childhood’s favorite stories – Alice in Wonderland -, family, the Easter holiday, and chocolate!

Best Easter campaign #8: Cadbury’s “How do you not eat yours” challenge


Why we liked it: 

Without a doubt, Cadbury is a brand that takes both chocolate eggs and Easter advertising seriously, always being up to the challenge. The “How do you not eat yours” campaign brings a playful twist to Easter’s egg hunt, with Cadbury hiding rare half-white/half-milk chocolate special eggs, that could give up to £10k to anyone that finds them, but only if they don’t eat them! The campaign features two short videos, depicting the struggle between the prize and the delicious Crème Eggs, making the choice really hard. 

Best Easter campaign #9: Walker’s Sensation savory Easter Egg

Why we liked it: 

In 2020, Walker’s Sensation launched a very interesting campaign directed to those selected few that prefer savory treats to sweet ones. The limited edition Easter egg was sold through Amazon and, after Walker’s thorough research, the bundle included a bag of Sensations Thai sweet chili crisps, a bamboo snack bowl, a bottle of wine, a pair of wine glasses, and a credit for an Amazon Prime Video. 

Best Easter campaign #10: Aldi’s alcoholic Easter surprise

Why we liked it:

Aldi literally brought forward the Easter spirit, when in 2020 the company had a very interesting take on how Easter eggs should be. Supporting the notion that Easter is meant to be for everyone, not just kids, Aldi launched two alcohol-infused eggs, one with Jin and Tonic and the second with Prosecco. 

Best Easter campaign #11: The unexpected Durex Easter X campaign

Why we liked it:

No one thought that a brand like that could turn the tables and make a campaign about Easter, but Durex made it possible. The funny, witty, and resourceful campaign brought together chocolate with fun and launched Easter eggs with adult surprises inside. Not a bad way to celebrate Easter. 

Best Easter campaign #12: Marmite’s love-it-or-hate-it chocolate Easter Egg

Why we liked it:

Marmite was already an ambiguous brand, consumers either love it or hate it, and there is no in-between. The Marmite Flavor Chocolate Egg is here, and even if people are not ready for something like this, the brand urges us to try it! 

Best Easter campaign #13: Haribo’s #HuntTheDoubleYolker challenge

Why we liked it:

Haribo UK took it up a notch with the egg hunt and got families looking for the double yolker egg in their Starmix packages. The brand promoted the challenge through its social media and its packages to engage with its audience and give them a chance to win a family holiday. 

Best Easter campaign #14: The Co-op Good Egg hunt 

Why we liked it:

Co-op, one of the biggest co-operatives and the UK’s fifth-largest food retailer, created a really nice Easter campaign in 2016. The YouTube campaign was featuring an actor that was setting up different experiments with the aim of encouraging passers-by to help others in their community. The brand solidified and strengthened its positioning as a community-based company, initiating a feel-good egg hunt and rewarded everyday people that cared for others. 

Best Easter campaign #15: Nisa’s cross-channel campaign with Cadbury


Why we liked it:

We love co-branded campaigns and this one surely deserves a spot in this article. This cross-channel endeavor between Nisa Retail and Cadbury was directed at shoppers that were encouraged to locate Easter treasures in Nisa stores, take a picture and send it to the retailer’s social channels.

On the one hand, Cadbury and Easter are synonyms by now, and the chocolate Goliath never ceases to amaze. On the other hand, Nisa boosted its engagement, converting digital consumers to physical foot traffic and vice versa, which is the definition of omnichannel. The cross-channel campaign included organic and paid social, influencer marketing, onsite content, and email marketing.

Best Easter campaign #16: Tesco’s Easter campaign with Google Street View


Why we liked it:

This may be an old campaign, but a decade ago this idea was pretty brilliant. In 2013, Tesco launched a kind-of-AR-with-some-Pokemon-Go-vibes Easter egg hunt. The gist was to invite its customers to visit the dedicated page, enter their postal code, and initiate a virtual egg hunt via Google Street View. Using a branded radar, the customers had to locate on the map three eggs or the special golden egg and win big prizes.

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Hopefully, this article served its purpose by providing tons of inspiration, but do not forget that the rest is up to you. As the next steps, we would recommend taking a look at our Easter marketing ideas to design the perfect marketing mix that will match your brand’s goals and philosophy.

ContactPigeon’s expertise is trusted by hundreds of brands in Greece and Europe and its advanced all-in-one platform can surely prove useful to your marketing strategy and growth. Without a doubt, we can help you take advantage of the holiday’s momentum, and upgrade to a complete omnichannel customer engagement plan. If you wish to maximize your profits and make a worthwhile long-term investment for your brand, don’t waste time and book a free 30min consultation with our trained specialists today.

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