210+ Fairytale-ish Christmas Email Subject Lines for the Holidays


The holiday season has arrived and children are listening for the jingling bells of Santa’s sleigh as Christmas is fast approaching, even being restricted at their homes due to the crisis[delete this]. Storefronts and display windows will not remain empty this year, as we are not expecting to see any more lockdowns this holiday. However, to be on the cutting edge, brands and eCommerce marketers need to finetune their holiday marketing campaigns more than ever before. Christmas continues to be the most profitable holiday for the eCommerce industry. During the 2023 holiday season, Christmas sales in the US are forecasted to reach a new record high of $1.1 trillion. According to Deloitte’s projections, 2023’s eCommerce holiday sales are expected to increase by 10.3% to 12.8% over 2022. So, as an eCommerce manager, how can you bring the Christmas spirit home, help your customers forget the strange facts of 2020 & 2021 and eventually increase your holiday sales? In this post, we’ll go over a few tips on holiday email marketing that will help you improve your Christmas email catchy marketing campaign, including some creative ideas on how you can use happy Christmas email subject lines to boost your conversions this year. Ready, set, ho, ho, ho!

Why your business needs Email marketing at Christmas

Santa might receive wish lists, but how he executes his purchases is entirely up to how you reach out to him. To avoid him checking his list twice this Christmas season, capture his attention with your first channel of communication – email. In fact, email accounted for over 20% of online sales during the holiday period in 2017. Still, need convincing that email marketing holds the key to your online store’s success? Consider that Statista estimates that the email marketing revenue is going to get as far as approximately 11 billion when 2023 comes to its end. Therefore, having a solid email marketing campaign with creative Christmas email marketing subject lines is key to ensuring your products are wrapped and waiting under the Christmas tree this holiday.

How can you be sure that Santa does all of his shopping at your eCommerce store? Cookies and milk won’t be enough. Two key factors to a successful email campaign are great happy holiday email subject lines and automation.

happy holiday email subject lines - gift ideas

Blasting your email list with your holiday sale isn’t the solution to achieving results this Christmas. After all, what’s the use of sending emails if no one actually opens them? The majority of email recipients decide on whether to open an email purely based on the subject line, so you need to personalize your subject lines as much as possible, even if it is a Christmas sale subject line. This is why a top priority for your holiday email campaign is to create an eye-catching and attention-grabbing holiday email subject. Let’s check out some holly-jolly happy holiday email subject lines to jingle-bell-rock out your Christmas email campaign!

210+ fairytale-ish Christmas email subject lines for a happy holiday

We did our best and we gathered 150+ of the most successful holiday subject lines to help your email sales reach the sky (or Santa! 🎅🏻). Depending on the type of Christmas email campaign you will adopt, you may grab some free inspiration from the following email Christmas subject lines:


Get a Headstart from your Black Friday/Cyber Monday email subject lines

Getting a jump start on filling Santa’s sleigh

Why it works: Promotes your brand’s Black Friday sales. Creates value, offers savings, free give ways/door busters draw customers to your site and also can create a FOMO-like atmosphere, which drives up sales.

  1. Okay, You Can Put Down the Drum Stick…Our Black Friday Sales Have Officially Started.
  2. Black Friday DOOR BUSTERS End Today! Don’t Miss Out! (include countdown clock)
  3. If You Open One Email This Black Friday…
  4. It’s Better to Give AND Receive: Get an Additional 10% Off all (your section of products) when You Shop Our Cyber Monday Sale!
  5. From Black Friday till White XMAS
  6. [Sales Alert] All of our Black Friday, Cyber Monday & XMAS offers

However, Christmas email subject lines are just the start. You also need to be sure that once they open that eye-catching email, your customers will find relevant information that caters to them specifically.

Tip: check out image generators to skyrocket your email campaigns.

Promotional email subject lines for Christmas:

A. Cheerful Christmas savings emails with discounts or freebies.

Why it works: They promote sales and savings, and the more personalized the emails, the more value they add. Holiday shoppers are always looking for mind-blowing deals, so show them you have what they’re looking for with your sales email subject lines.

  1. Save 15% with Promo Code: Christmas2023
  2. We’re Feeling Merry. Santa Gets Free Shipping on Christmas Orders!
  3. Our Gift to You, (Name). Happy Holidays! From, (Your Brand) (Thank you/Free Giveaway)
  4. Jingle, Jingle Our Christmas Sales Have Begun! Earlybirds Get Additional 10% Savings!
  5. We’ve Made Our List, Checked it Twice, (recipient name) Gets 30% Off Our Christmas Sales!
  6. Sign Up to receive 12 Days of Christmas Savings! (Offer daily specials with opt-in)
  7. 🚚 Free Santa Shipping till midnight!
  8. 🛷 Ho Ho Holiday sales are ON!
  9. 🎅🏻 [FREEBIE] XMAS stickers on each new order!
  10. ❄️ It’s snowing sales ❄️
  11. The best XMAS Sales storm you’ve seen
  12. 🎁 You were a good boy/girl indeed (ideal for segmented lists)
  13. 🎄Jingle, Jingle
  14. Santa is coming! 🛷⏩➡️
  15. Santa’s list has sales for you 🎅🏻✔️
  16. XX days of sales until Christmas
  17. Rockin’ around with our XMAS offers
  18. ❄️A storm of sales for a white XMAS
  19. 🎉 Oh YES, XMAS is only 2 weeks away, HOORAY! 🎉
  20. -XX% to Jingle all the way ✨
  21. 🎁 XX% off for your XMAS gifts
  22. Your last chance for our XMAS offers…
  23. Holidays special offers are still here
  24. XMAS came early along with our offers 🎉
  25. Elves have been working hard this year… check their offers🧝
  26. Sales sweeter than candy cane 🍬 
  27. Holy sales for the holy nights ✨
  28. We wish you a Merry Christmas and happy sales here! 
  29. Chubby sales like chubby Santa 🎅🏻
  30. Holiday shopping with pre-holiday sales✨🎉
  31. All you want for Christmas is here 🎁
  32. With these sales, you won’t even wish for snow ❄️
  33. Every day’s a holiday with our Christmas offers!
  34. 🎅🏻 Santa Claus Is Comin’ to you with -XX%🎀
  35. 🎁 Christmas sales, the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  36. Have a Cozy Little Christmas with our XMAS offers! 🎉
  37. 🎁 Our sales are the gift that keeps on giving 🎀
  38. 🎅🏻 Santa, Can’t You Hear Us? -XX% special offers 🎉
  39. 🎀 Holiday Sales that are spreading so much cheer 🎉
  40. Let’s make the whole year Christmas with our offers! 🎅🏻
  41. 🎉 Christmas won’t be the same without these sales!
  42. 🔔 Bells on bobtails ring! Sales are here 🛷
  43. 🔔 Jingle all the way these sales won’t go away 🎄
  44. ✨ Oh, what fun it is to ride on the sales’ sleigh 🛷
  45. 🎅🏻 Get this sale before Christmas day! 🎀
  46. 🎉 Rockin’ around the Christmas Sales! 🎄
  47. ❤️ Hearts will be glowing with our -XX% offers!
  48. 🎄Let’s sing Merry Christmas and a happy holiday sale! 🎉
  49. 🎀Open & find our XMAS sales Fa La La La La La
  50. 🎁 Presents and cards will be here sooner with these offers…
  51. 12 Days of Christmas, 12 Days of Sales 💝


B. Spreading the holiday cheer with emails with gift proposals.

Why it works: They make gift-giving easier. Offers savings and solutions/purchase suggestions with outstanding gift card email subject lines.

  1. Don’t Forget to Stuff Their Stockings! Get 15% Off Site-Wide!
  2. It’s the Night Before Christmas…Shop Our Last Minute Gift Ideas!
  3. All She Wants for Christmas is (brand)
  4. From: Santa’s Helpers: Save 15% on (Toys, games, children’s gifts) at the Top of Kids’ Wish Lists!
  5. Still Looking for the Perfect Gift? Shop Our Holiday Guide For (Your Product)
  6. Here’s What is Missing from Under Your Christmas Tree…
  7. Countless 🎁
  8. 🎁 The best gifts, for the best people.
  9. For Him/Her 👨👧
  10. For your Santa 🎅🏻
  11. The best gifts for your XMAS tree 🎄
  12. The best gift for YOU 🎁
  13. Gifts even better than Santa’s 🎅🏻
  14. The perfect XMAS gift guide is here 🎁
  15. Make gifts Santa style 🎅🏻
  16. Looking for XMAS shopping inspiration?
  17. Spread the joy this holiday🎉
  18. [brand] is your secret Santa 🎅🏻
  19. Perfect gifts for her 🎀
  20. Perfect gifts for him🦸‍♂️
  21. Gifts for your beloved ones 🎁
  22. Knock Knock… Santa is here! 🎅🏻
  23. 🎅🏻 Santa is recommending…💝
  24. 🎁 Our gift list 🎁
  25. ✨Spread happiness this XMAS 🎁
  26. Santa will come early this year 🎅🏻
  27. Rudolph nose best 🦌
  28. YOU are Santa’s favorite 🎅🏻
  29. All you want for Christmas is [product]💝
  30. Spread love and joy with [brand]
  31. XX ideas for your secret Santa 🎅🏻
  32. Giving gifts & exchanging cards this Christmas? 💝
  33. The greater Christmas gift is here! 🎁
  34. Santa’s here bearing gifts 🎅🏻
  35. You won’t ask for much this Christmas, this gift list has it all!🎁
  36. Christmas Eve must find you with these gifts 💝
  37. ☃️ Top gift picks from Frosty the Snowman ☃️
  38. 12 Days of Christmas with more than 12 gifts 💝
  39. Star of night guides you to the perfect gift 🎁
  40. 🎉 Spread joy to the world with these gifts 💝
  41. 💝Sending joy to the world🎁


Are you ready to fill your stocking with exciting eCommerce marketing ideas for this Christmas season? Here’s how you can optimize your Christmas email marketing:

XMAS Party Invite email subject lines (RSVP):

  1. You are Invited! [XMAS Party]
  2. [RSVP] We’d love to have you 🙂
  3. An XMAS night to remember…
  4. Would you do us the honor?
  5. [INVITATION] What do you do on {date here}
  6. [PARTY ALERT] We can’t w8. U?
  7. 🎄 🎉 We will be there. U?
  8. 🎉🎄🍸😋 XX/X at YY:YY
  9. 🥂 Party like the year is about to end 🥂
  10. Are you parting with us? 🥳
  11. 🎉🎄🍸 See you there 👀
  12. Celebrate with us 🎊
  13. Are you ready to party? 🎉🎄
  14. Rockin around the XMAS party🥂🎄
  15. 👀 Looking to party? Here we are 🍸
  16. Welcome 2023 at our party🎉
  17. We’d love to see you there 🎉🎄
  18. 🎉🎄 Come as you are 💯
  19. 🥂🎄 Let’s say goodbye to 2023 as we should
  20. Naughty or nice, come to party 🎉🎄
  21. 🎉 Party like it’s Christmas 🥳
  22. 🥂 There’ll be parties for hosting but also attending 🎉
  23. 🎈We are waiting for you at the Christmas party hop 🪩
  24. 🎄Christmas white party 🥂
  25. 🎉Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas party 🎄
  26. 🎄Oh Christmas Tree there’s a party in here 🥳🎈
  27. ❄️Baby it’s cold outside come to our party🥳
  28. 🎄Mistletoe hung where you can see our XMAS party🎈
  29. Let the Christmas spirit ring, party with us🥳

Wishes/Thankful Christmas email subject lines:

  1. The most honest Thank You 💌
  2. T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U
  3. ❤️ We have a crush on U
  4. It was all YOU
  5. Have an awesome New Year!🎇
  6. Happy 2023!
  7. From the depths of our hearts…
  8. Words are just not enough…
  9. Have a very Merry Christmas 🎉🎄
  10. 🎄 🎇Merry Christmas! ❤️😁
  11. Best wishes to the Best people❤️
  12. May all your Christmases be bright✨
  13. Have a Merry Christmas baby 🎇

Yearly Recap email subject lines:

  1. The best year of our lives
  2. What a year…
  3. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
  4. X {metric here} in 365 days
  5. VERY proud 😁
  6. We couldn’t make it without you


Optimistic email subject lines:

  1. Better things are ahead of us
  2. 2023 will be better 😀
  3. You got stronger ❤️💪
  4. Look at You!❤️👏
  5. You are the brightest star 🌟

Highly engaging Christmas Email Subject Lines per Industry

XMAS Email Subject Lines for Fashion retailers

  1. Unwrap Style: Our Exclusive Christmas Collections Are Here!
  2. Dress to Impress this XMAS: Festive Fashion Finds Await!
  3. Santa’s Secret Style Guide: Get the Perfect XMAS Look
  4. XMAS Glamour & Glitz: 30% Off Party-Ready Outfits
  5. Holiday Cheer in Every Stitch: Discover Our XMAS Wardrobe
  6. Warm Wishes and Winter Wardrobes: Exclusive XMAS Deals Inside
  7. Jingle All the Way to Savings: XMAS Fashion Must-Haves
  8. Upgrade Your XMAS Sweater Game: Limited Edition Styles
  9. Festive Fashion Frenzy: Steal the Spotlight this XMAS!
  10. XMAS Couture: Find the Perfect Gift and Outfit Here!

XMAS Email Subject Lines for Pet retailers

  1. Furry & Festive: XMAS Gifts for Your Four-Legged Friends 🐾
  2. Paws & Presents: Treat Your Pet to a Merry XMAS!”
  3. Santa Paws Is Coming to Town: Get Ready for XMAS Joy!
  4. Feline Festivities: XMAS Surprises for Your Kitty 🐱
  5. Dog-Gone Good XMAS Deals: Toys, Treats, and More 🐶
  6. Meow-y XMAS: Find the Purr-fect Gifts for Your Cat!
  7. Jingle Tails: XMAS Delights for Your Furry Companions
  8. Pet-Approved XMAS Cheer: Discover Our Specials Today
  9. From Our Pack to Yours: XMAS Treats and Toys Await!
  10. Ho-Ho-Ho-Pup: XMAS Happiness Starts Here 🎅🐕

XMAS Email Subject Lines for Grocery retailers

  1. Savor the Season: Fresh XMAS Delights Await You!
  2. Stock Up on Joy: XMAS Grocery Deals for the Feast
  3. From Our Aisles to Your Table: XMAS Dinner Essentials 🍽️
  4. The Ultimate XMAS Grocery List: Find It Here!
  5. Taste the Holidays: Gourmet Goodies for XMAS Feasting
  6. Cooking Up XMAS Magic: Exclusive Grocery Discounts
  7. Festive Flavors Galore: XMAS Staples and Surprises
  8. XMAS Recipes Simplified: Grab Your Ingredients Now
  9. Shop, Cook, Savor: XMAS Grocery Savings Inside
  10. Celebrate with Flavor: XMAS Feasts Start Here!

XMAS Email Subject Lines for Cosmetics retailers

  1. Glow All the Way: XMAS Beauty Essentials Are Here ✨
  2. Unwrap Radiance: XMAS Skincare & Makeup Must-Haves
  3. Shine Bright This XMAS: Glamourous Cosmetics Await
  4. Merry & Makeup-Ready: XMAS Beauty Bargains Inside
  5. Holiday Glamour: Discover Our XMAS Cosmetic Treats
  6. XMAS Beauty Countdown: Daily Deals for Festive Looks
  7. Lipstick & Lights: Get Ready for XMAS with Our Collection
  8. Gifting Gorgeous: Find the Perfect XMAS Beauty Sets
  9. Cosmetic Wonderland: Your XMAS Beauty Destination
  10. Look Your Best this XMAS: Exclusive Beauty Saving

XMAS Email Subject Lines for Tech retailers

  1. Upgrade Your XMAS: Tech Gifts for Everyone on Your List 🎁
  2. Tech the Halls: Unwrap the Latest XMAS Gadgets!
  3. Gadget Wonderland: XMAS Tech Deals You Can’t Miss
  4. XMAS Tech Extravaganza: Find Your Perfect Gifts Here
  5. From Smartphones to Smart Homes: XMAS Tech Bonanza
  6. The Future of Gifting: Discover Our XMAS Tech Specials
  7. XMAS Tech Wishlist: Make Your Dreams Come True
  8. Santa’s Gadget Workshop: Exclusive XMAS Tech Savings
  9. Digital Delights for XMAS: Shop Now and Save Big
  10. Tech the Season to Be Jolly: XMAS Gifts Await You!

XMAS Email Subject Lines for Home Furniture retailers

  1. Home for the Holidays: XMAS Furniture Savings Inside 🏡
  2. Deck the Halls with Style: XMAS Furniture Trends Await
  3. Furniture Elegance for XMAS: Upgrade Your Decor!
  4. Cozy Up this XMAS: Furniture Deals for Every Room
  5. XMAS Living Room Makeover: New Furniture, New Memories
  6. Dining in Style: XMAS Furniture for Gatherings
  7. Sleep in XMAS Comfort: Bedroom Furniture Specials
  8. Holiday Home Refresh: Exclusive XMAS Furniture Offers
  9. XMAS Cheers to Cozy: Discover Our Furniture Discounts
  10. Furniture Wonderland: Transform Your Space for XMAS!

Let’s Help You Scale Up

Add some twinkle lights and optimize your Christmas email marketing campaign!

As we said above, holiday email subject lines are only one component of any successful Christmas email campaign. Marketing automation is also key as it moves you beyond mass emails to a system that allows you to segment, retarget, track, analyze, and make corrections. All you need to do is use your best Christmas subject lines, address your customer by name, recommend products they have either viewed or purchased in the past, anticipate upgrades for future shopping trips, and ho, ho, ho! A stellar automated marketing campaign with all wrapped up with a bow on top!


5 Christmas newsletter ideas you can send this Holiday (+bonus)

  1. Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales campaign [SALES]: Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring you massive traffic so don’t let this opportunity go away. Embed to your Black Friday campaign your XMAS offers or signature products to boost awareness and reach.
  2. Promotional Email [SALES]: The normal-traditional Christmas newsletter campaign you should definitely send at least 1 time/week, to promote your Xmas offers and gift proposals
  3. XMAS Party/Event RSVP [PR]: It’s Christmas! Why not host an event for your partners and customers? It’s the best time of the year to actually chill a lit bit and focus on building relationships, not (actively) selling.
  4. Wishes/Thankful [PR]: It’s always very sweet and human to express your feelings and this is really nice when it happens from brands as well. The humanization of a brand is one of the best forms of communication in relationship marketing and greatly strengthens the bonds between a brand and its customers. It’s free, it’s easy and 100% humane so don’t skip this type of XMAS email campaign this year. To add extra value to the thankful emails or the ones regarding wishes for a happy holiday, try using a group photo of your team to create a more personalized message and intimacy towards your business.
  5. Gift Guides [SALES]: Help  your customers pick the gifts they want to give out this year and simultaneously achieve some cross selling, by sending them gift guides based on gender, age or preferences. By providing your customers with inspiration and helping them choose their Christmas presents, you also create added value for your brand and positively affect your customer loyalty.
  6. Yearly Recap email [PR]: They say that if you don’t look back to what you’ve achieved you don’t know what your progress is. So doing a yearly recap and communicate the most important milestones and memorable moments of the year is a great PR tactic which actually builds trust and authority to consumer’s mind. You always feel proud when you are supporting growing companies, right?

BONUS: Thirsty for more? You can discover more out of the box holiday newsletter ideas to grab some more inspiration, at this dedicated article of ours.



Stocking bonus: Marketing automation tips for your Christmas email campaign:

  • Add some cinnamon and spice to your regular cart abandonment emails with relevant Christmas copies. (Cart abandonment is a major driver of lost revenue for holiday sales)
  • Implement the Christmas subject lines in each email automation you set up.
  • Design festive Holiday-themed pop-ups to capture emails/promote your seasonal offers.
  • Use attention-grabbing holiday-themed, GIFs. Think pets. Videos of cats and dogs interacting with products are a major Christmas seller!
  • Use a festive holiday color palette for your email templates, you can put those together with an email template creator easily.
  • Add holiday emojis to your text to add some sparkles –> ? ? ? ? ? ? (check here for a more comprehensive emoji guide for the holidays!)


Next Step: Discover more useful Holiday Marketing resources


T’was the night before Christmas: Wrapping up…

To make this Christmas the most wonderful time of the year for your eCommerce shop don’t leave out these creative Christmas marketing lines from your holiday email campaigns. In order to grow your sales, you need to have a solid Christmas email marketing strategy, and the success of that strategy relies greatly on implementing happy holiday email subject lines along with relevant, targeted, and personalized content. Add marketing automation to your holiday wish list to trigger timely and effective emails to keep your customers engaged with your brand. It’s the season to shop and ContactPigeon combines behavior and eCommerce data in one easy-to-use eCommerce marketing automation platform to help e-shop managers evolve, grow their shops, and increase sales.

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