3+2 EGGciting Easter Email Templates

Exciting Easter Email Templates

Spring is officially here in the northern hemisphere, and that means Easter is not too far along the way. For many retailers, Easter campaign plannings are well underway with many egg-citing spring promotions. For those marketers who are still brainstorming ideas, we have prepared a number of fun spring and Easter email templates ready for your use. After logging into your ContactPigeon account, simply customize the template and hit send to kick off the Easter spirit?

Happy Easter Email Templates for eCommerce

1. Easter Bunny Sketch

A sketch of cartoon bunny in pastel colors brings out all the childhood charm associated with the Easter festivity. It immediately brings us back to the nostalgic memories of Easter egg hunts and egg-rolling games of those early spring days. Use this campaign to captivate your audiences’ memory of Easter, thereby building a stronger brand association with your business.

Easter email templates: Happy Easter Bunny
Easter Email Templates #1: Easter Bunny Sketch

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2. Easter Bunny Ears

This Easter email design draws on the light-hearted humor of the two most well-known symbols of Easter. We suggest going with the campaign if you would like a few jolly laughs to go along with your product promotions. Click in to see how the bunny ears wiggle in the template.

Easter Email Templates #2: Bunny Ears

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3. Happy Easter

A simple “Happy Easter” goes a long way. Not to mention the exciting offer that may go with the greeting. The simple sketch of a bunny outline, along with a greeting and a strong promotional message will be sure to make your customers “spring” into action.

Easter Email Templates #3: Happy Easter
Easter Email Templates #3: Happy Easter

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4. Spring Sale

With the breath of warm spring breezes, we gladly swap out our heavy coats and jumpers with more colorful skirts and blouses. This is now the perfect time for some spring cleaning, or for many budget-conscious consumers, seek out great deals from the season as retailers prepare for their summer inventory. The pop of pink and red against the refreshing pastel green background is the perfect companion for your spring sales promotions.

Spring email templates #4: Spring Sale
Spring email templates #4: Spring Sale

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5. Spring Arrival

What better way to communicate the arrival of spring other than a bouquet of spring flowers? We love the refreshing blend of pink, purple and mint green in this template. Use this creative to go along with your new arrival or special spring promotions. The email template is well suited not only for outdoor, garden products, but apparels with similar spring color themes as well!

Spring Email Templates #5: Spring Arrivals
Spring Email Templates #5: Spring Arrivals

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Tip: check out some of the best Easter campaigns we’ve seen to get inspired for your Easter marketing.

Ready to kick off your Easter email campaigns?

We hope the 5 spring and Easter email templates created a spark of inspiration for your next email campaign. If you like to brainstorm on more creative easter campaigns ideas, we suggest you have a look at some really amazing print ADs for Easter.  Easter marketing ideas and subject lines, check out our previous post here.

Happy Spring, and all the best for your Easter campaigns! ?

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