11 Romantic Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines to Steal

Valentine's day email subject

When it comes to email marketing, consumers scroll, swipe and click their way through hundreds, if not thousands, of messages each day. Consequently, the gap for capturing customer’s attention is narrowing considerably.  Throw in a consumption-driven event like Valentine’s Day, when nearly every business out there is jumping into the marketing frenzy, and you’ve got your work cut out for you. What all eCommerce Managers should also keep in mind is that Valentine’s Day is the 2nd largest commercial day in the US, so you should totally spend some time on designing your Valentine’s email marketing strategy (btw, check out our Valentine’s Day email marketing guide!). That’s why having attention grabbing Valentine’s Day email subject lines make all the difference.

To rise above the noise, it’ll take a combination of creativity, targeted messaging, timing, and intriguing lead-ins to get a consumer to pause for more than a second and notice your product or service. To spark a few inspirations, we’ve gathered some great ideas for 11 Valentine’s Day email subject lines to attract your ideal consumers. We’ve gone back and forth between messages for men and women since both are targets, so feel free to swap a “he” with a “she,” or vice versa, for your campaign (except for the last two).

1. Flowers Wilt and Chocolate Goes Straight to the Waist. We Can Do Better.

Why not take on the old standbys by offering up a better solution? Consumers are always on the lookout for new, fresh ideas for gift-giving holidays. And, this works for anyone who isn’t selling flowers and chocolate.

2. Give Her Something That’s Profile-Picture Worthy

Let’s face it, in today’s world, nothing is real until it’s posted up on social media. If you’re selling experiences, such as a remarkable cruise, getaway package or even dining experiences, appeal to the social media crowd. Get your customers to imagine the incredible photo opportunities they’ll have along the way.

3. Want a Gold Medal in Gift Giving?

The Winter Olympics are all over the airwaves, so why not tap into this marketing potential without having to pay the hefty price tag for those Olympic rings.

4.  Create a Moment That Lasts a Lifetime

No, this idea is not particularly new. But in today’s fast-paced world, where things are increasingly fleeting and disposable, appealing to the consumer’s sense of impermanence may work in your favor. Whether you’re selling jewelry— or digital camera, tap into memory-making as a way to pitch it.

5. You Won’t Believe How Much He’ll Love This

Yes, it’s clickbait. And it helps if you do have a product or service to back it up. Nothing annoys consumers more than not delivering on a promise. But, if you’ve got the goods, clickbait does work.

6. Send a Little Self-Love on Valentine’s Day

Not everyone is in a happy relationship and this holiday serves as a bitter reminder. At the same time, movements that embrace the power of self-love are picking up steam. Why not tap into this by empowering the consumer to choose him or herself this year?

7. It’s Slightly More Romantic than a Vacuum Cleaner

All too often, marketers try and shove a square peg into a round hole when it comes to relating their products to the holiday at hand. Let’s face it, if you’re selling hammers and nails, just say so and be honest. Consumers appreciate honesty, and there are plenty of practical-minded folks out there who will like your idea.

8. Use emojis

We don’t really have a subject line for you here, but emojis are replacing words at a dizzying speed. They’re fun, eye-catching and a creative combination can undoubtedly make your email stand out from the crowd. Before adding emojis to your subject line, however, double check with Urban Dictionary that you’re not saying anything inappropriate.

9. Roses are Red, Violets Are Blue, Why Not Give Him Something Shiny and New?

It’s hokey and hokey still works. Old-fashioned sentiment can bring a nostalgic smile to many faces and not every consumer is a millennial. Come to think of it, to millennials, this may be all new!

10. Show Her It’s About Love & Respect

This Valentine’s Day falls during a critical time when women are voicing themselves through the #metoo and #timesup movements. Now may not be the time for messaging that pushes forward a coddling tone. Instead, use an approach that underscores the value of women. Perfect for gifts – outdoor experiences, travel, sporting equipment – that aim to empower your significant other and show off some individualism.

11. This is the Day He Deserves This

Since women are demanding more respect, they’re more likely to show it in kind. And this subject line works for almost any product or service, from snowblowers to a fancy dinner.

Ready to Wrap Up that Valentine’s Day Email Subject Line?

No matter which retail sector you’re in, a well crafted Valentine’s Day email subject can help your email campaign jump out from the crowd this February. Ultimately, the key is knowing your audience and how your product or service fits in.  Be honest, be fun, and if you tap the current social mood, be on point. We wish you luck with your upcoming Valentine’s Day marketing efforts.

For more ideas around Valentine’s Day campaign, check out our earlier post. We also have 8 free email templates you can easily grab and start customizing for your next campaign.


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