The Anatomy of The Perfect Campaign Performance Dashboard


An omnichannel marketing strategy is a must in today’s marketplace. But with the volume of marketing channels, business owners need data to make clever decisions. Using a campaign performance dashboard offers valuable insights into each campaign so business owners can leverage that to change their marketing strategy for increased success. With this information, a business owner can allocate resources to their most successful marketing channels and refine their messaging with each new campaign to best resonate with their target audience. A campaign performance dashboard presents valuable metrics in one location, saving time spent sifting through multiple analytics reports. It is

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Use Real-time Web Analytics to Boost Real-time Marketing

Actionable insights with real-time web analytics

In the first part of this series on live web analytics articles, we wrote about the importance of focussing on customer experience, highlighting that a data driven approach employing real-time web analytics is essential. We went on to outline the major benefits afforded by monitoring real-time traffic along with real-time retargeting and promotions. In this article, we extend the analysis to examine in greater detail at how live web analytics tools such as ContactPigeon’s analytics underpin this. Real-time Marketing There is nothing new about real-time marketing. It first gained the attention of marketing professionals back in the 1990s when the

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