14 Must Have Shopify Apps for Automating Your Store Processes [2024]

9 Must Have Shopify Apps

The online marketplace is also expected to be more competitive than ever in 2023. That’s why e-commerce store owners need to continuously explore new technologies and promotion tactics in order to create a competitive advantage against competitors in the industry. Shopify Tool Stack is a collection of Shopify apps that help you stay competitive by providing assistance and automation with all processes of running your Shopify store — particularly with automating sales.

Check out these 14 must-have Shopify apps that can boost your sales and make you more competitive.

Shopify Apps for managing your inventory, shipping, and tracking

Shopify app #1: Syncee – Automate Your Product Import and Management Process

Shopify Apps for Automation: Syncee
Shopify Apps for Automation: Syncee

Syncee is an all-in-one inventory management application that helps webshop owners run businesses more easily. Syncee connects you with your suppliers and shippers in order to make import and management automated and simple — and save you money! They have a number of plans depending on the number of products in your store. Plans start at $19/month and run up to $249/month for enterprise solutions.

Shopify app #2: Out-Of-Stock Police – Automate Your Stock Management

Shopify Apps for Automation: Out-of-stock-police
Shopify Apps for Automation: Out-of-stock-police

Out-of-stock Police help to automate your stock management by pushing your out-of-stock items down automatically without affecting your ranking in search engines. It makes it easy to manage temporary out-of-stock items without taking the page down altogether. It’s free for up to 199 products and then $5.99 or $9.99 per month at the next two levels.

 Shopify app #3: Veeqo – Automate Back Office Management

Shopify Apps for Automation: Veeqo
Shopify Apps for Automation: Veeqo

Veeqo helps omnichannel retailers automate their entire back office processes. Manage orders, ship to customers, sync inventory across multiple sales channels in real-time, view detailed reports and take tight warehouse control – all in a single platform. Pricing starts at $160 per month for up to $700K in turnover.

Shopify app #4: Aftership – Automate Your Delivery Tracking and Management

Shopify Apps for Automation: Aftership
Shopify Apps for Automation: Aftership

There are some great Shopify apps for managing your shipments. Aftership makes it easy to keep tabs on shipping and deliveries in order to improve customer service and minimize mistakes. You can send proactive delivery updates to customers with SMS integration, use hundreds of different couriers and even set up a branded tracking page to engage customers after sales! The basic package is free and then you can escalate to Premium for $10/month or Enterprise for a custom price.

Shopify Apps for growing website traffic

Shopify app #5: Plug-in SEO – Automate Your Organic Traffic

Shopify Apps for Automation: Pluginseo
Shopify Apps for Automation: PluginSEO

Plug-in SEO helps over 90,000 small businesses improve the search engine performance of your site in order to drive more organic traffic. You can sign up for free and the app will check your site and determine if you have any issues that are worthwhile to fix. It’s the perfect way to make sure your site is working as hard as it can to get more customers for you.

Shopify app #6: SEO Doctor – Automate Your SEO Diagnostics

KudoBuzz SEO Doctor
Shopify App for Automation: KudoBuzz SEO Doctor

SEO Doctor by KudoBuzz provides on page SEO diagnostic report, along with a smart algorithm that pinpoints the issues you can fix with a few simple clicks. Key areas of focus include Broken Link management, image optimization and a few exciting features around backlink recommendations. Best of all, you can get started with all the basic tool for free.

Shopify app #7: Kit – Automate Your Traffic From Facebook and Instagram Ads

Shopify Apps for Automation: Kit
Shopify Apps for Automation: Kit

Kit can create highly targeted social ad campaigns by writing, building and posting the ads for you! It’s a perfect way to leverage social to direct traffic to your site — and it’s all automated. You can also promote a discount code and send thank you emails to customers. Plus, it’s free — definitely one of the most popular Shopify apps out there!

Shopify app #8: The Advanced Google Shopping Feed

The Advanced Google Shopping Feed creates a fully-fledged product feed which will be updated daily to ensure the information is up to date. The file can be used for advertising your products, on Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Facebook, or any other platform which requires a product feed. The feed will include all the product variants and it is fully optimized for Google Shopping. Each variant will have its particular product details such as its own image, title, description, and other attributes. The app has a 14-days free trial and the paid plan starts at $7/month.

Shopify Apps for automating sales

Shopify app #9: ContactPigeon – Automate Your Revenues With a Complete Marketing Automation Suite

Shopify Apps for Automation: ContactPigeon
Shopify Apps for Automation: ContactPigeon

ContactPigeon is a complete e-commerce Shopify app that includes campaign automation, visitor segmentation, on-site retargeting, analytics and more. It doesn’t require any IT skill and is super fast to set up and start boosting your sales immediately. Monthly plans start from $165/month to custom pricing for larger enterprise packages.

Shopify app #10: ReferralCandy – Automated Customer Referral Program

Automated Shopify Referral Apps: ReferralCandy
Automated Shopify Referral Apps: ReferralCandy

Referral Candy lets you reward your customers for sharing with their friends, netting you new sales and marketing through word of mouth. Affiliate and referral programs can be tricky to manage, but Referral Candy has tools to help you automate the tracking, reporting, rewards & payout process. Referral Candy for Shopify also integrates with other popular tools like Recharge (for subscription businesses) and AdRoll (for retargeting ads). Referral Candy runs at $49/month.

Shopify app #11: Wishpond – Email Marketing, Landing Pages & Contests

Shopify app for automation: WishPond
Shopify Apps for automation: WishPond

Wishpond offers a big suite of marketing tools for your Shopify store, varying from email marketing, to landing page creator and engaging contest widgets, as well as referral marketing features that can help your business grow. They offer numerous integrations and their plans start from $49.

Shopify app #12: Smile.io – Automate Your Customer Loyalty Program

Shopify Apps for Automation: Smile-io
Shopify Apps for Automation: Smile-io

With Smile.io, you can set up rewards programs, referral incentives, and loyalty points in order to boost customer retention. Customers can earn points with purchases or by referring friends, which drive your sales and customer loyalty up. It’s a super easy interface and it lets you create fun programs that will entice your customers. Plans start at $59/month up to custom pricing for enterprise-level clients.

Shopify Apps for automating content

Shopify app #13: Yotpo – Automate Your Product Reviews

Shopify Apps for Automation: Yopto
Shopify Apps for Automation: Yopto

Product reviews are a great way to entice more buyers to try out your product. With Yotpo, you can automate your product reviews in order to maximize the number of buyers who are leaving reviews. It offers built-in review functionality via email, leading to maximum conversions. It can also collect any type of content from a customer or curate it from social media. The basic plan is free, then prices increase depending on what extra features you would like.

Shopify Apps for automating backups and system stability

Shopify app #14: Rewind


Shopify Apps for Backups: Rewind

Creating a backup for your Shopify store is a long, laborious process. Not only is it time-consuming, you also do not have an option to backup specific data or items. Rewind is a Shopify app that automates this process by creating a backup of your store everyday. This way, when something does go wrong, all that you have do is click a button to restore everything. Rewind comes with a 7-day free trial and pricing starts at $3 per month.

Automation is a top eCommerce trend

In 2019 eCommerce revenue surpussed $3 trillion, making it a great time to have a store live online. If you run a small company, you know that producing a great product is only half the battle. Getting your product sold is the point where you know you are really in business! Launching and selling a product on Shopify is a key milestone in your career as a business owner. Once you have your items listed in an e-commerce store, you have begun the marathon (not the sprint!) of bringing in revenue and maintaining your brand over the long haul. That’s why leveraging great technologies available on the market, particularly those available as Shopify App, is key in enhancing your overall e-commerce results, not to mention preventing some sleepless nights worrying about things left undone.

Process and sales automation is a must for 2021 since it makes processes so much more effective than traditional marketing. Triggered campaigns have a significantly higher conversion rate of 26.2 percent compared to the average of 5.3 percent for all email types. The more processes you can automate in your Shopify store, the better chance you will have of targeting the right customers at the right time. Use these Shopify apps to help get an edge on the competition in the year to come!

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