How Nonprofits Use Email Marketing to Drive Donations


Do you ever think how you can change the world? Well, not trying to be pessimistic but, no one can change it in a day. With holidays getting closer and closer everyone tries to share whatever they can offer, to show more love and affection. This doesn’t occur to individuals only, but also to nonprofit organizations, that during the last month of the year, usually, receive up to 31% of donations and are accumulating 12% in just the last 3 days of the year.

This increase doesn’t happen by chance, that’s why we took the initiative to unveil through this article how Nonprofits use email marketing to drive donations.

Nowadays, with the constant interaction of social media and email marketing, we see how nonprofits become more and more active. Volunteers, donators or even simple followers and visitors can like, follow, share, post an image… while at the same time, you collect powerful data.

This data will contribute to creating personalized campaigns that will increase your donations. How do these organizations make it happen, though? It’s simple, nonprofits have mastered email marketing techniques to drive donations.

For Nonprofits, email marketing is extremely important and a great investment to make as it helps communicate the organization’s efforts keeps your volunteers and donators in touch with you and finally gets you more press, which raises further donations and awareness for your cause.

There are many advantages of using email marketing to drive donations and the most crucial of all is that through your campaigns you communicate your organization’s vision and mission.

Have a look below at our top fundraising example ideas that will drive donations and eventually gather more visitors to grow your list!


Welcome them aboard!                                                                            

Once someone becomes a  member of your nonprofit organization and proceeds to a donation, why not use this opportunity to send a welcoming email to express how grateful you are for their contribution to the cause you are fighting for? Everyone likes to feel important especially when you support a particular social cause by doing something good in this world.

With a marketing automation platform, like (we’re a little bit biased here) ContactPigeon, you will have the ability to trigger an automated email message welcoming those people who will be part of your accomplishment.



 A nice welcome email example from Unicef

Invitation to Events (Event-ations)

Does your nonprofit organization supports or sponsors events? Have you ever planned one of your own? Then, you understand the significance in sending an email marketing campaign to your subscribers and invite them to be a part of it. They will be very happy to support your cause, not only by donating but also by socializing with people the share the same vision.

You can provide them with the option to donate at the actual event or add a clear Call To Action button on your email marketing campaign that will direct them to your online donation page.

Thank you messages

Every year comes to an end and this makes everyone contemplate whether they have met their goals. All of us are going down memory lane to see if we’ve been naughty or nice so Santa can have us covered. Well, if Santa only existed…  (Keep kids away from this blog post please).

The main reason your nonprofit organization is operating smoothly is because of your donors and volunteers, who stood by your side and helped you reach your goals. This is why you need to thank them at every chance you get and this is the perfect way  to show your gratitude.

With ContactPigeon’s automation platform you will be able to set a rule that will trigger a thank you email every time someone joins your mailing list or when they proceed to a donation. This is the ideal time of the year for you, not only to send your Season’s Greetings but also your kindest thanks!

Remind of previous donations

A nice way to make your supporters feel special is a reminder of your appreciation on their previous support. People who have believed in your cause would be happy to donate again and by sending an email campaign in which you will display your nonprofit organization’s progress this year will make them feel engaged.

People love seeing numbers and growth, especially when they have contributed to it, so don’t forget to show the results of your past donation campaigns. Besides numbers, show your members the impact they had in someone’s life with the amount of their donation.

Big-heartedness makes a difference, so remind them that you wouldn’t stand where you are now without their support and feel free to ask for a donation again! And remember… everyone’s heart is a little bit bigger during festive seasons, take advantage of it!

Become a  Storyteller

Your subscribers will most probably understand what you are fighting for the minute they see your ad or your website. What will intrigue them though to follow you, learn more about your organization and eventually proceed to an actual donation? You have to tell a story, your story.

You can use this idea to set an email marketing campaign in order to come closer to your users by explaining which was your initial goal and why you decided to make your dream reality. Tell them where you started from, what was your original plan and which steps led you where you stand now.

Apart from your very own, you can share a story of the positive impact your nonprofit organization had in the environment or a specific group of people, by the donations you accumulated via various events. Share this with an email marketing campaign and watch your numbers grow. After all… sharing is caring!




Nonprofits use email marketing to drive donations, join the ContactPigeon family!

With ContactPigeon’s ιntegration this can be an automated ongoing process that eventually will be used to set up influential email marketing campaigns for your nonprofit to drive up donations.

ContactPigeon has your back, as it makes it so easy for you to create your own segmentations and can help you keep your donators, volunteers and followers separated into lists based on their interests. The exact criteria depend on you. What you need to do?

Create these lists, design your email marketing campaign and set an automation that will be triggered at the right time. Holidays are almost here, so don’t think too much, use this festive opportunity to build relationships with people who have expressed their interest in your cause, so start planning.

Sign up to ContactPigeon today and learn more about how email marketing will help you attract more attention and find your nonprofit organizations’ next donors.



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