8 Facts About Ecommerce Marketing Automation That Will Make You Think Twice


Marketing automation usually refers to a platform with associated tools and analytics to help develop a lead nurturing strategy.

In short, it enables you to automate your marketing so you can shift your energy to more cerebral tasks and strategic thinking.

It can be a super valuable tool for nurturing prospects since the relevant and personalized content helps convert these prospects into leads and then customers.

More companies are realizing the power of marketing automation for e-commerce, whether selling event tickets, services or products online.

Marketing automation can range from email marketing to lead management and everything in between. Check out the following facts to see why adopting marketing automation is a no brainer to e-commerce success.

1. Increasing sales revenue is the most important goal of marketing automation

53% of companies listed increasing sales revenue as the most important objective of marketing automation, followed by lead nurturing (43%) and customer engagement (37%).

2. 63% of companies that outperform their competition use automation

About two-thirds of companies that outperform their competition are using marketing automation. That’s because it helps you prioritize certain tasks and prevent any leads or prospects fall through the cracks. Automation is a great way to get an edge in your industry.

3. Ecommerce businesses can customize marketing automation

You can set up your marketing automation to be customized for every customer. This means sending personalized emails to each recipient, even if you have hundreds or thousands, that speak to them directly with tailored rewards and promotions.

Customized marketing can bring in considerably more revenue than email blasts. Plus, you can control who gets what type of content and when.

4. Marketing automation improves your conversion rate exponentially

Using marketing automation causes conversion rates to increase by an average of 53%. Customers appreciate the personalized communications which instill a sense of being valued and cared for, which leads to more sales.

5. You benefit from analytics and reporting

52% of marketers view analytics and reporting as the most useful feature of automation. You will receive detailed reports that offer insights into your customer behaviors and your e-commerce marketing tactics.

Which customers are opening your emails? Which ones are clicking through to your site and purchasing? All of this information is valuable for future marketing campaigns.

6. Two-thirds of small businesses use automation

68% of top-performing small businesses use marketing automation in their digital strategies. These are the companies that enjoy larger revenue growth, more conversions and better overall customer satisfaction in their e-commerce business.

7. Small businesses using automation earn 50% of revenue from returning customers

It’s easier and more cost-effective to get repeat sales from current customers than it is to acquire new ones. Small businesses that use automation earn 50% more revenue from existing customers, as opposed to the 30% for businesses who don’t use automation. This means you can cut down on the cost of acquiring a new customers.

8. E-commerce marketing automation allows for cross-selling and up-selling

E-commerce offers abundant points of engagement with customers, and marketing automation lets you leverage these touchpoints for the best results.

Instead of just sending standard confirmation and follow-up emails, you can cross-sell and up-sell in more strategic ways, thus resulting in increased sales.

If you run an e-commerce site and are interested in marketing automation campaigns, get in touch with us today!

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