50 Father’s Day Statistics No Retailer Should Miss

father's day statistics

In the post-COVID-19 era, businesses are becoming more data-driven, and one of the most profitable days of the year is just around the corner: Father’s Day. This year, the big day is June 19th which means that you have no time to waste. So we compiled a list of Father’s Day statistics every retailer should know to get you properly prepared and give you a taste of what your consumers need this year. These statistics will provide insights that can help eCommerce professionals, retailers and marketers make smarter business decisions, gear up, and earn a portion of the billions of

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Best Father’s Day Campaigns: 24 cases we will never forget – ContactPigeon | Blog


Father’s Day campaigns have gained even more popularity following the worldwide impact of the pandemic. While we should appreciate our parents every day, the challenging COVID-19 era and its social distancing measures have motivated us to express our gratitude to our family members. According to the NRF, in the US, 75% of the population seem to agree with that idea and wish to celebrate Father’s Day. Moreover, the Federation suggested that in 2022 the total spending was expected to reach the incredible amount of $20.1B and that goes to show that retailers should really be prepared for this day. In

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